Online tool assists LEED Professionals maintain, build credentials

Source: Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI), Washington, D.C.

An interactive online tool, CMP Wizard helps LEED Professionals understand their Credential Maintenance Program (CMP) requirements and explore continuing education options. The maintenance requirements ensure LEED AP and LEED Green Associate credential holders stay current with the ever-evolving body of knowledge around green building, GBCI contends, and helps them select from a variety of options they have for earning credits.

GBCI’s credential maintenance program offers eight flexible options for earning hours that range from working on LEED projects to reading case studies to taking professional development courses. LEED Professionals can often earn hours while performing activities they are already doing for their jobs. LEED APs looking to take advantage of the limited-time opportunity to enroll into the specialty credential will find relevant information on prescriptive CMP requirements and testing options in the CMP Wizard.

On heels of the Better Buildings Initiative President Obama announced in February, “Green building is a critical element to a jobs creation program,” notes GBCI President Peter Templeton. “Professionals who are knowledgeable about green building and the LEED process are today, more than ever, being sought after by employers, clients and project teams.”  —