Axim develops WR, AE agents and methods for roller compacted mixes

Source: Axim Italcementi Group, Middlebranch, Ohio

Axim has announced two admixture developments for roller compacted concrete: A synthetically manufactured, water-reducing and set control agent, Catexol MegaPact is formulated to impart greater flexural strength, better uniformity, increased durability, and reduced shrinkage characteristics, thereby easing placement and augmenting compaction.

A proprietary dispensing system that pre-conditions air-entraining admixtures, including Catexol A.E. 360, creates stable air bubbles for introduction to stiff concrete mixes produced in pug mills. In RCC production, pug mills are unable to generate stable air bubbles due to the production process and mixes’ slump-free properties, Axim notes. The dispensing system addresses the condition and allows for uniform, air-entrained RCC, especially using an agent like A.E. 360, formulated for low to zero-slump concrete.  —  330/966-0444