Surface treatment

The three-step/three-component Hydrostop Restore & Protect system, product developers note, will repair and extend the life of aging concrete infrastructure and buildings; suits above-grade concrete structures exposed to harsh environmental conditions; avoids immediate replacement of deteriorated, but sound structures; and, reduces long-term maintenance costs.

The system, they add, also imparts water repellency, protecting the concrete and steel reinforcement inside; provides resistance to waterborne contaminants and chemicals such as sulfates, chlorides and acid rain; improved aesthetics with even texture and color, plus resistance to stains, mildew or moss formation; is easy to install and does not require specialized equipment; and, takes the guess-work out of specifying by offering a systemized solution with products and instructions that are designed to work together.

Hydrostop components, by application sequence, are a) step 1, non-shrink waterproof grout formulated with company’s Krystol waterproofing technology; b) step 2, light gray cementitious polymer topping that provides a durable barrier covering the entire concrete surface and supplied as a pre-measured kit (one part dry powder and one part liquid polymer); c) sealer, a water-based sprayable liquid that dries invisible and contains an optimized blend of high-performance silane and siloxane compounds.

Kryton International,