Central Concrete early adopter of Climate Earth water usage-tracking system

Sources: Climate Earth Inc., San Francisco; U.S. Concrete Inc., Houston; CP staff

San Jose, Calif.-based Central Concrete Supply Co. is one of the premier users of Climate Earth technology measuring and managing operations’ and supply chain water usage. A web analytics portal enables administrative or plant staff to interact with dashboards, charts, reports and supporting information that make up what Climate Earth describes as “environmental intelligence.”

Water savings in Central Concrete operations will be tied back to financial and organizational goals; the supply chain management function identifies water-intensive activities and supports sustainability goal prioritizing and procurement decisions. Climate Earth staff manages data collection and computation, offers insight on environmental intelligence, and provides recommendations for lowering a range of business’ target impacts.

In an early-2010 move to quantify greenhouse gas emissions related to mix designs, Central Concrete became the industry’s inaugural user of the Climate Earth environmental business intelligence system. The decision was partly tied to carbon accounting requirements Webcor Builders, a key northern California general contractor, attached to project submittal packages.

“We believe this [latest technology adoption] to be another industry first, and a key stepping stone to begin reducing our product’s water footprint,” affirms Central Concrete V.P. and General Manager Jeff Davis.