Pervious, RCC admixtures mark chemical giant Momentive’s concrete entry

Source: Momentive Specialty Chemicals, Inc., Columbus, Ohio; CP staff

A company formed in late-2010 from Momentive Performance Materials and Hexion Specialty Chemicals—successors to GE Silicones and Borden Chemical—debuted its HexiCrete product line for producers and contractors at World of Concrete (January 18–21, Las Vegas). Charter offerings are pervious and roller compacted concrete admixtures, zero-VOC Type I & II curing compounds, and a penetrating sealer.

HexiCrete RCC 450 has been shown to improve RCC mix workability, strength development, and load-to-load consistency. Its lubricity reportedly allows for a higher density mix with less aggregate, but no adverse effect on compressive strength. Early sales have been concentrated in Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee; users in the latter include Chattanooga city engineers, who have been at the forefront of specifying RCC pavement for service roads, streets and parking lots.

HexiCrete PC 350 enhances the bond between cement paste and aggregate in pervious mix designs, creating additional strength while optimizing the void structure for improved slab drainage. When used in conjunction with a HexiCrete curing compound, product developers note, PC 350 increases water retention during the critical seven-day curing period—reportedly eliminating the need for plastic sheeting.

The goal behind the HexiCrete family of additives, notes Momentive Business Manager Ken Cargill, “is to bring innovation and new products to the marketplace that offer solutions and opportunities for contractors, specifiers and ready-mix producers. These materials help fill the industry need for products that enhance concrete performance while offering operating and environmental advantages.”   —  866/443-9466;