Tool selects, optimizes concrete building systems

Source: Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute, Schaumburg, Ill.

Set for a (January 18–21) World of Concrete debut, CRSI’s Reinforced Concrete Explorer is the online centerpiece of a conceptual-stage building system selection and optimization resource. It is programmed to help project teams maximize the ultimate value, efficiency and durability of a building, and presents users opportunities for exploiting the structural frame to reduce costs, increasing speed of construction, improving sustainability, and ensuring quality outcomes.

Within Reinforced Concrete Explorer’s step-by-step evaluation process, users are prompted to answer project-specific questions and consider a wide range of approach options. Tool-enabled evaluation will highlight opportunities in the pre-construction phase, during construction and throughout building service life. Additionally, Reinforced Concrete Explorer will familiarize architectural and structural engineering students with important non-technical concerns that, in practice, will influence the performance, sustainability and overall value of their projects.

Supporting the interactive web tool is a companion guidebook and an introductory one-hour seminar suitable for university lectures, speaking engagements and in-house “lunch & learn” programs offered free-of-charge CRSI Regional Managers. Beginning in February, the web-based guide will be available at