Web-Based Fleet Management

Promoted as an innovative, next-generation solution, SmartFleet is a web-based portal requiring no internal IT staff that offers real-time management

Promoted as an innovative, next-generation solution, SmartFleet is a web-based portal Û requiring no internal IT staff Û that offers real-time management of a company’s mobile assets, while streamlining operational costs and enhancing customer satisfaction, the system developers affirm. SmartFleet installation provides an immediate return on investment, they add, through a 5-5-10 savings program, i.e., 5 percent fuel savings, 5 percent reduced driver hours, and 10 percent savings on insurance premiums.

To improve operational efficiencies, SmartFleet provides real-time notification alerts as it monitors vehicles, routes and drivers, allowing companies to identify problems and react in a timely, cost-effective manner. Unlike standard GPS systems that provide merely a point on a map, the software designers assert, SmartFleet delivers real-time information that enables management to analyze pertinent performance data for informed decisions to meet business objectives.

SmartFleet suits operations that currently use GPS or are considering a GPS system. It is easily configured to work with any GPS hardware and can be integrated seamlessly with other customer-based operating systems or Enterprise Resource Planning setups.

Additionally, the new fleet-management system captures data that can be customized to meet specific business requirements, allowing management to make decisions on the basis of relevant real-time information. Moreover, the system eliminates duplication of effort, as it provides a one-source solution for the entire supply chain operation. Û DP&CTM Enterprises, www.dpcellc.com