Truck Scale

The EPR+ Plus truck scale is available in impervious hydraulic or electronic load-cell types. Featuring durable baked-on, anti-corrosion powder paint,

The EPR+ Plus truck scale is available in impervious hydraulic or electronic load-cell types. Featuring durable baked-on, anti-corrosion powder paint, the legal-for-trade [NTEP] standard EPR+ Plus arrives fully prepared for easy installation, as each scale bridge’s interconnecting load blocks and receivers require no bolts. The system includes factory-assembled DB75,000-lb. stainless steel load cells, which can withstand the weight of up to 150 percent of published load cell capacity. A wide selection of EPR+ Plus capacities, platform sizes, and types suits various applications.

Rodent protection is now standard via integral conduit throughout each scale module. Heavy-duty, no-bolt access covers over load cells and surge-suppression boxes offer protection of all components, yet are easily removed for routine cleaning.

Owing to the company’s Con-Lock system that enables material to flow through I-beams and lock into place, the concrete deck EPR+ Plus arrives ready for pouring of the mix Û no rebar is needed. Every scale includes receiving brackets for installation of optional side rails; and, mounting brackets are flush with the scale deck to accommodate pit-type applications.

A range of weight indicators supports the ability to print and send weight data to a PC. Options such as Ethernet communications or badge readers provide additional truck weight management.

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Separately, for continuous bulk-commodity weighing in a shipping or receiving installation, Cardinal’s 825-CBW offers a compact, yet comprehensive control package, i.e., customer and product identification, single or multiple loading, and ship or receive modes. Control package components are the 825 Spectrum weight indicator; software package designed for continuous bulk weighing; and tape printer.

The 825 Spectrum digital weight indicator offers onscreen ticket configurability, unlimited truck/ID storage, digital fill-control management, color-coded check weighing operations, and simultaneous onscreen monitoring of up to 10 scales. A pair of 32-bit processors and 64 MB user memory help filter truck/ID storage and accumulator data, plus onscreen viewing and/or printing of reports. Users can sort by company name, truck number, fleet, ID, accumulator, time, date, oldest or newest load; and the truck storage database can be shared with a PC for creating, editing, sorting, and billing.

Display features include 640 _ 480 pixel color back-lit interactive touchscreen LCD; color-coded QWERTY keyboard for data entry; pictorial representation of bulk weigher and gates; target weight to be filled; total drafts required; navigation keys combined with intuitive menus for user-friendly setup; and multiple language selection.

Ensuring effective operation are ship or receive modes; single loading, used for set up and loading of one vehicle; multiple loading for unit train handling; and presets related to Target Weight, Draft Size or Number of Drafts, Customer Identification and Next (used when putting in multiple cars).
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