Equipment & Products, June 2010

HESS ENGINEERS SMALL-BOARD BLOCK MACHINE Hess Machinery unveiled the RH 760 Concrete Block Machine at the 2010 bauma trade fair in Munich, noting that


Hess Machinery unveiled the RH 760 Concrete Block Machine at the 2010 bauma trade fair in Munich, noting that the small-board model enables producers to transition to the company’s technology, likely using their existing molds. Hess Variotronic Vibration equips the RH 760 to produce 60-mm paving stones and face-mix pavers, company engineers note, plus higher-strength segmental retaining wall units using less cement than standard mix designs. The model also features Rapid Mold Changing Systems and MVA technology, reducing cycle time while yielding improved product quality, especially evident in unit height control.

Hess USA, Pittsburgh, 412/963-8030,; Hess Machinery Ltd., Ontario, 905/575-4440;

Trapped key specialist speeds block machinery safety system delivery

Castell Interlocks Inc. has implemented a process allowing standard machine-guard safety devices to be coded at the final, rather than initial, stage of production. End coding enables the company’s interlocks to be fitted uncoded to machinery and remain there until commissioned. The coding scheme can be changed until commissioning, when an authorized engineer codes the system. As a result, standard products now can be held as stock with distributors and machine builders, speeding up the supply chain.

The system relies on a coded tablet that is inserted into the lock. Once inserted, the tablet cannot be removed or recoded, which guarantees the system’s integrity and safety. Tablets can be provided within 24 hours of being defined and requested.

Previously, trapped key interlocks resulted in delayed production until each code within the system was defined, limiting flexibility for alterations once locks had been fitted. Similarly, as each unit was individually coded at the start of the manufacturing process, replacement stock required a full set of duplicates to be kept as spares. Essentially, each component was a special order and, as such, came with an extended lead time. Û 859/341-3075;


Through proper mold alignment, cycle by cycle, Rampf Molds’ new Flexway technology offers multiple product engineer-cited benefits: longer mold service life; protection against mold and machine wear; reduced waste product; and, finished masonry units with finer, more closed surfaces.

Flexway works with slip technology, allowing the tamperhead near the end of every cycle to float laterally in the mold bottom. It holds the tamperhead precisely where the mold bottom finished the cycle before tamperhead removal, thus ensuring alignment for the next cycle. Large rubber brushes are used as the connection system between the tamperhead’s floating portion and the portion that attaches it to the machine. Û 301/791-6880 (U.S.); 705/720-7300 (Canada);

Load-bearing grout

The newest addition to the company’s line of construction-grade grouts is 588-10K, a hydraulic cement-based, precision, nonshrink, load-bearing material designed to transfer load effectively and safely. It is a noncorrosive, nonmetallic, mineral-based precision grout, developed for high initial and ultimate flexural and compressive strengths, the manufacturer notes. The new grout reportedly ensures nonshrink performance under wide-ranging conditions for both interior and exterior applications. Mixed quickly on the job site as needed, product developers add, 588-10K offers excellent workability for easy placement by pouring or pumping.

It suits grouting soleplates, bridge seats, precast columns and beams, steel column pads, precast beams, and segmental bridge elements. Additionally, 588-10K can be used for anchoring guardrails, signposts, bridge seats, anchor bolts, guide wires, and dowels. W. R. Meadows

Software suits masonry distribution

Information technology developer offers retail, distribution and accounting modules as front counter-to-back office Universal Mason Supply Software. Newest to the platform is the UAS Brick & Block Production module, unveiled at 2010 Icon Expo. Following creation of Mix Design Types and Block Setups, users can enter production orders, track and report on materials consumed, cubing, culls, mix yield, production labor, and overhead.

Brick & Block joins established modules. A Point-of-Sale entry screen provides quick calculation of block or pavers for desired wall area or pavement square footage. Before printing a detailed receipt and logging a transaction for pick/delivery tickets and accounting, the POS module displays number of bundles, section, bands, and stock units.

Universal Mason Software enterprise features cover automatic inventory or printed inventory conversions, pallet & product return controls, and full back-order tracking. An Inventory Control & Purchasing platform provides tools to manage stock replenishment, drop-ship orders, and parts flow. An Auto Generate Purchase Orders feature streamlines procurement, while keeping full order control under a manager. A Scale Interface for yards handling raw materials captures load and tare weights, computes net product weight, transfers seamlessly to Point-of-Sale to expedite checkout, and identifies sale ticket with vehicle information that has not been completed in POS. Accounting modules include accounts receivable and payable, general ledger and bank reconciliation.

Universal Mason Software also interfaces with scanning and swipe devices that read or capture driver’s license or credit cards, barcodes and electronic signatures. Rounding out the masonry yard program is a management reporting and quick-view Financial Status Dashboard. Û Universal Accounting Software Inc., Edgewater, N.J.; 800/536-1633;


Castia Stone is a manufactured stone veneer system blending Old World charm with modern technology, notes Southlake, Texas-based Concrete Results, Inc., to offer eco-friendly, easily installed siding that provides an effective barrier against the elements. Castia Stone’s innovative rainscreen design creates a continuous _-in. airspace between the stone cladding and building structure; ventilation and drainage through the bracketing system thus ensure that a building remains free from dry rot, mold, and trapped moisture. Mortarless application and a clear, water-repellent sealant on the exterior surface further enhance the system’s protective function.

Castia Stone is available in a variety of dimensions, colors, textures, and richly crafted mouldings, including fluted columns, to complement any architectural style, the company emphasizes. Moreover, integral color permeates the stone for durable aesthetics, aided also by a built-in flexibility that prevents cracking. Û


The TENV Vector Duty Motor line is designed for use in applications where energy efficiency and 1000:1 constant torque ratio are required, product developers assert. Engineered specifically for inverter duty and suitable for any application that requires constant torque over a wide speed range, e.g., conveyors, cranes and hoists, and extruders, the product line reportedly offers frame-size flexibility and precise speed control. Further, it is IP55 severe-duty rated, ensuring protection against dust and water damage. Additional standard technical features include constant horsepower operation to 150 percent base speed at 40_C ambient temperature, thermostats (one per phase), C-face mount with feet, spike-resistant wire, and all cast-iron construction. WEG Electric Corp.

Small-capacity water chillers

Improved line of chillers for concrete production includes stationary, mobile, or combination chiller-heating system models with capacities sufficient for 200 to 1,300 yd./day. They operate on eco-friendly R-410A refrigerant and rotary scroll compressor for up to 6 percent greater efficiency versus chillers using R-22 refrigerant.

The chillers incorporate a durable, all-aluminum truck-type radiator condenser coil. Compared to a traditional coil, it reduces operation 25 percent with a more compact footprint, and refrigerant charge by 60 percent. A special epoxy coating protects the coil from concrete dust corrosion.

Chillers have an EER (energy efficiency ratio) up to 10.5; an IPLV (integrated part load value) to 15.3 Û and an EXV (electronic expansion valve), which allows for precise control through all operating ranges. Other features include a new circular fan for up to 50 percent quieter operation over prior models; large LED controls with digital self-diagnostics; scrolling marquee that communicates in simple-to-understand terms; and, rugged structural base that eliminates the need for a shipping pallet. Pearson Systems Inc., 410-827-8027


Chomp! Pull It Out is a water-based cleaning solution that removes oil and grease stains commonly found on pavements. Biodegradable and free of bleach, acid, and phosphates, the stain remover draws out problem spills as it dries. The solution is especially suitable for treating porous surfaces, e.g., concrete, brick, pavers, and masonry, stained by oil and petroleum-based products, including motor oil and transmission, brake and hydraulic fluids. It can be purchased at most Home Depot stores or directly from the manufacturer. Environmental Solutions International


Available on all configurations of Case 621E and 721E wheel loaders, including standard Z-bar, XT tool carrier and XR extended-reach models, the Commodity King option package offers advanced filtration; open differential rear axles for better traction and reduced tire wear on paved surfaces; and, larger and specialized buckets for improved productivity, the manufacturer affirms. Other system components include a reversing fan to help purge screens and coolers; the Case Sy-Clone engine precleaner to extend air-filter life; and, a noncorrugated cooling top screen cover to limit material buildup.

Suited to extreme industrial settings, e.g., batch plants, the package includes cooler enhancements that protect against excessive particulate matter and large-particle contaminants to keep fluid system coolers working efficiently. Sealing the coolers assures air passage through a screen that filters large contaminants; and, wider cooler-fin spacing ensures that materials passing though grill screens also pass through the coolers.

With the Commodity King package, two new bucket options are available. Oversized, light-material buckets [4_ yd. for the 621E; 5_ yd. for the 721E] are designed to boost productivity, while grapple buckets [3 yd. for the 621E; 3_ yd. for the 721E] reportedly facilitate loading and transport of oversized, lightweight materials. Case Construction Equipment


After the new 2009 MUTCD [Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices] mandate took effect in January 2010, Ergodyne announced that its high-visibility Glowear will continue to help keep workers safe and employers compliant. The new standards require all workers to wear ANSI 107 Class 2 or Class 3 high-visibility apparel whenever they are exposed to moving traffic, work vehicles, or construction equipment, regardless of the type of roadway. For these workers, 2009 MUTCD allows the option of an ANSI 207-compliant garment, commonly known as a public safety vest.

All states are required to adopt 2009 MUTCD as their standard within two years. Workers on nonfederal highways have until December 31, 2011, to achieve full compliance with the hi-vis apparel mandate. Û

Pneumatic torque reaction arm

Fully redesigned ReactionArm industrial manipulator is a pneumatic torque reaction arm that absorbs shock, torsional forces, and impact of an attached power tool, torque gun, or nutrunner to reduce injury to workers’ wrists, arms and upper bodies, as well as cumulative trauma disorders. The new design offers lift capacities up to 500 lb. with a torque capacity up to 2,212 ft./lb.

The new design also lowers balance forces, giving the operator a float feel when moving throughout the work cell, the manufacturer asserts; and, a new middle-joint leveling feature allows the arm to stay in place once positioned. Pneumatically operated, the ReactionArm does not require an air lubricator and needs only 90 psi of clean, dry air.

The manipulator can be mounted overhead or on a trolley, pedestal, wall, or mobile/portable base. The floor-mounted pedestal is provided with concrete anchor bolts, mounting hardware, and leveling jacks for ease of installation (no grout required). The Positech ReactionArm comes standard with a pilot-operated lock valve, minimum lift circuitry, and parallel linkage to support loads beyond end-of-arm. Available options include vertical axis brakes, pistol grip or ergonomic twist grip controls, and remote start circuitry to ensure breaks are engaged prior to vertical torque. Positech Corp.


Described by product engineers as a complete diagnostic, design, and installation service, the Archtec system incorporates latest technology and drilling methods to efficiently and effectively strengthen masonry arch bridges. After a steel bar enclosed in a mesh-fabric sleeve is inserted into the arch barrel of the bridge, a specially developed grout is injected under low pressure. The flexible, woven polyester sleeve restrains the grout flow and expands in diameter, molding to provide a strong mechanical bond.

The eco-friendly system exerts no impact on the natural environment and causes no significant change to the structure’s appearance, thus preserving historical features. Its use imposes minimal, if any, traffic delays and saves energy compared to other construction methods, the company asserts. The Archtec method also reduces the amount of steel consumed by 92 percent and the amount of cement used by 88 percent.

The reinforcing anchor system has successfully strengthened 300-plus bridges worldwide, including the Wisconsin Avenue Bridge in Washington, D.C., and the Pont Telpyn Bridge, located in Wales. Unprecedented flooding last year in the United Kingdom tested the latter, which performed admirably under conditions that demolished comparable structures nearby.

The Pont Telpyn Bridge had originally been scheduled for strengthening in 2006, but torrential floods damaged the bridge before completion. Subsequently, the bridge was totally repaired using the Archtec system, and construction was completed in late 2009. Û Cintec America Inc.,


Designed specifically to match its new DSH gas saws, the company notes, Equidist diamond blades offer improved cutting speeds and long life for higher productivity in most general-purpose concrete and masonry applications involving various base materials, including cured concrete, reinforced concrete, natural stone, hard brick and concrete block. The blades’ cutting performance in the most demanding applications is ensured by engineering with high-quality industrial-grade diamonds and quality-controlled bonded matrixes, product developers affirm. Equidist diamond blades typically outperform standard impregnated segments with as much as 50 percent faster cutting speed, they add, while offering the best service life of any hand-held blade. Additionally, air cooling vents reduce blade wobble during operation for enhanced user comfort with lower vibrations and straighter tracking. Hilti Inc.


Michem Emulsion 47950 is a sacrificial anti-graffiti coating additive that also provides effective water repellency and anti-blocking. It is commonly used as a surface modifier in concrete coatings to reduce or eliminate concrete’s susceptibility to damage caused by weather, equipment, vehicles or foot traffic.

In concrete construction, the manufacturer emphasizes, Michem Emulsion 47950 improves the resistance of finished concrete to water, scuff, abrasion, stains, graffiti, and hot tire pickup. It can also be applied to freshly poured concrete as a curing membrane to control and optimize cure rates. When added to cure and seal formulations, it provides a long-lasting barrier coating. Michelman