Hess Engineers Robust Vibration In Small-Board Block Machine

Hess Machinery unveiled its RH 760 Concrete Block Machine at the 2010 Bauma trade fair in Munich, Germany

Source: Hess USA, Pittsburgh

Unveiled at the 2010 Bauma trade fair in Munich, Hess Machinery’s RH 760 is the first small board model (660 x 470mm; 26 in. x 18.5 in.) equipped with patented Variotronic Vibration technology, delivering high-caliber vibration while allowing producers to utilize existing molds. A companion Oil Bath Vibration system eliminates the need for daily vibration table maintenance or re-lubrication procedures. The RH 760 can be installed on most existing foundations and is equipped with an operator-friendly control system.

The machine is capable of producing concrete shapes of the highest strength, Hess engineers note, as it instantly improves retaining wall modulesÌ freeze-thaw durability through a higher rate of air void elimination. Control of unit height, from 30-mm minimum to 330-mm maximum, on the RH 760 is credited to Hess MVA technology, which also allows side release molds to be used with better results. In addition to paving stone and retaining wall block, the model’s vibration technology suits standard cast stone shapes. The RH 760 is likewise set up for face mix unit production. Û Hess USA, 412/963-8030, www.hessusa.com