Concrete Equipment & Products 2, May 2010

FUNDAMENTAL PHYSICS DRIVE SINGLE-BEAM, SHUTTLELIFT GANTRY New rubber-tired, single-beam SB Series gantry cranes from Shuttlelift Inc. concentrate loads


New rubber-tired, single-beam SB Series gantry cranes from Shuttlelift Inc. concentrate loads directly under the frame, eliminating potential stability concerns operators might encounter with rough-terrain or crawler cranes, a reach stacker, or forklift. With a material-handling advantage based on what Shuttlelift officials note is fundamental physics, the model also features a) an articulated pivot trunnion, which enables the frame to flex with uneven terrain and eliminates additional strain on the machine’s structure; and, b) planetary drives, ensuring the equipment will move smoothly under acceleration or deceleration Û augmenting operator’s precise control of load.

The SB Series can manage 30- to 100-ton loads and suits single-point picks such as septic tanks and modular precast cells. To do the same with an ISL gantry, for example, you would need a spreader frame to bring the unit to a single pick point, says Shuttlelift Director of Industrial Sales Kurt Minten. The single-beam gantry, on the other hand, is ideally suited for this sort of task. These principles apply to tandem Û increasingly common with precast components being fabricated in longer lengths Û as well as single-point pick applications, he adds.

If you’re using the single-beam gantry crane in a tandem pick, as with bridge beams, you’ll receive the same benefits, explains Minten. Plus, SB Series cranes can be used in conjunction with a conventional rubber-tired crane that may already be on site, regardless of brand.

Compact size and smooth maneuverability position the SB Series to act as an alternative to a permanent overhead bridge crane, maximizing use of indoor and outdoor space. Instead of spending significant resources on a building’s foundation and structure to accommodate an overhead crane, then investing in separate outdoor lifting solutions, Minten notes, a plant can use a single-beam gantry crane both indoors and out.

The SB Series has a wireless remote control as standard, allowing the operator to maintain a distance from the load while visually inspecting its outside parameters. Bottom beam-mounted winches provide visibility and safety, as operators can inspect wire revving and perform maintenance without having to climb high ladders or rent access equipment. Maintaining a single-beam, rubber-tired gantry crane is as easy as maintaining a vehicle Û simply keep the wire ropes lubricated and regularly change the oil and filters, Minten contends. Û 920/743-8650;


An air actuated, slide gate system with remote control is available on 1-, 2-, and 3-yd. Crete Hawg concrete buckets. It enables operators to fill forms in precise increments, activating clamshell gates from points of their choice. Optional features for the wireless remote or manual Crete Hawg buckets include forklift pockets; splash guard lip; 1/4 yd. or 1/2 yd. extensions for 1- or 2- and 3-yd. models; flexible, 36-in. long discharge hopper; 8-in. elephant trunk, up to 10-ft. long, for the hopper; and, 84-in. long side discharge chutes. New Hampton Metal Fab


Besser Co. has announced a value line of concentric or eccentric cone, riser and base forms Û fabricated in up to 72-in. diameter with 1/4-in. thick steel Û as a lighter weight, more economical alternative to conventional forms of 3/8-in. plate. Light Duty wet cast manhole forms are available in virtually any size or shape, utilizing one-piece overhead strip, two-piece or rollback jackets.

Light Duty jackets or outer forms for manholes, risers and bases have channel rib reinforcing, robust lift eyes, and adjustable locks for ease of operation. Mated edges on the standard jacket’s two pieces yield a smooth, tight joint. Also available are single-piece jackets, which ease overhead stripping, and use a combination jacket expander and lock to hold open during stripping. The mechanism then closes the jacket before the next pour.

Besser offers Light Duty cores or inner forms for concentric and eccentric manholes, rises and bases. The one-piece members are fabricated with a single opening and have a core seam with beveled, mated edges for a smooth, tight joint. An internally mounted core collapsing device locks and unlocks the core; a half-turn of the locking bar collapses the core for easy stripping from cured product. Û 800/530-9991; 989/354-1000


Air-piston UH, UHVM and VGVM models deliver powerful linear vibration with impact or air-cushioned pistons for reduced noise level. The vibrators’ reported durability, portability, and adjustable frequency suit forms, hoppers, bins, and chutes, i.e., anywhere a permanently mounted vibrator can impede production.

UH and UHVM models are available in 1∫-in. or 2-in.-diameter piston versions; each has adjustable, high-frequency vibration for maximum efficiency. The UH and UHVM 1∫-in. vibrators are equipped with identical alloy steel stud mounting heads, allowing the products to be used interchangeably. Sleeve-type mounting brackets, which can be welded where vibration is required, permit the vibrator to be moved from bracket to bracket.

On concrete forms, the VGVM air-piston vibrator attaches readily to any structural member, the manufacturer asserts, as its serrated jaws bite firmly on metal or wood. Frequency and amplitude are controlled by adjusting the air supply. Since the piston is the only moving part, maintenance is held to a minimum. Cleveland Vibrator Co.


Formulated with resins, the company’s two-component waterborne polyurethane coatings offer an eco-friendly solution for removing graffiti from concrete. Since painting over graffiti leaves a patchwork design on the structure, and applying a polyurethane coating to completely remove graffiti typically entails use of resins that contain a high level of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), product developers point to an alternative: two-component waterborne polyurethane resins formulated to produce an ultra-low VOC coating that provides the chemical resistance necessary for quick and easy cleanability. In addition to ultra-low VOCs, high chemical resistance, light stability and easy cleanability, the company notes, its resins can be formulated to obtain a high gloss or matte finish. Bayer Material Science