2010 Drivers Of The Year

The 14th annual Driver of the Year program salutes Johnney Hilliard of Redi-Mix Concrete in Euless, Texas. Also recognized are finalists Charlie Davis

The 14th annual Driver of the Year program salutes Johnney Hilliard of Redi-Mix Concrete in Euless, Texas. Also recognized are finalists Charlie Davis of Lafarge Aggregates & Concrete, Alpharetta, Ga.; and, Armando Orantez of CalPortland’s Tucson Division. The honorees were selected by a panel of judges Û assembled by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association’s Operations, Environmental, and Safety Committee Û on the basis of multiple criteria, including competence and service skills; number of years without an on- or off-site accident; and, customer and colleague testimonials. During a presentation ceremony at the mid-March 2010 NRMCA Annual Convention in Austin, Texas, a $5,000 check from the Truck Mixer Manufacturers Bureau was awarded to the Driver of the Year, and each finalist received a $500 TMMB prize. Program cosponsors Concrete Products and NRMCA commend these outstanding professionals for their expert workmanship in an industry that could not thrive without the precision and enthusiastic effort they exemplify.



Johnney Hilliard’s record as a mixer truck driver throughout 42 years, including more than 31 years for Redi-Mix Concrete, is impressive: no at-fault vehicle accidents and not a single rejected load. Yet, even perfect numbers pale next to the glowing report of supervisors, customers and coworkers who attest to his generous application of wide-ranging job skills, such as fleet and plant mechanic, loader and drag line operator, and bulk cement and aggregate delivery professional in addition to mixer truck driver. He also participated in the construction of two concrete plants.

Recognized as the 2009 Redi-Mix Delivery Professional of the Year, Hilliard serves as a role model for his team, providing leadership at the plant and in the field. Customer Tony Clark of RAC Concrete affirms, In 18-plus years doing business with Redi-Mix Concrete in the Dallas and Ft. Worth metroplex, one driver stands out in my mind for his driving skills, ability to follow directions, leadership as it pertains to helping other drivers, overall professionalism, and courtesy to myself and my staff. That driver is Johnney Hilliard.




What makes Charlie Davis an exceptional concrete delivery professional is a winning combination of superior driving skills and safety awareness. While able to outmaneuver most of his peers as the most skilled concrete truck operator I have observed, and I have overseen tens of thousands of yards of concrete placement in my 26-year career Û in the words of customer Mack Goff of Anderson Construction Co. Û Davis nevertheless operates as a team member whose chief priority is safety. Accordingly, he has accrued 11,523 safe days, i.e., more than 31 years without an accident or injury. Add to that achievement a courteous Îcan-doÌ attitude and one is not surprised to learn that Davis is a driver often requested by name.




The testimony of CalPortland Transportation Manager Gary Dykman suggests that Armando Orantez is nothing less than an ideal employee, whose expertise derived from 34 years on the job Û without a vehicle accident or injury Û has been put to good use on behalf of fellow drivers. Serving on a policy and procedure committee, he represented the drivers in helping to establish company rules and guidelines. Moreover, when the truck foreman is not available, Orantez ably fills in by tackling jobs and assisting coworkers. Yet, his self-reliance is impressive, as he needs no supervision, never gets lost or calls for help in the field, and is unfailingly punctual. Drivers of his caliber are hard to find, Dykman emphasizes, and I feel very fortunate to have him working with us.