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PTO FUEL LOGGER A data logger with GPS and radio communications, the ST-950 Service Tracker gauges power take-off fuel consumption at a worksite, providing


A data logger with GPS and radio communications, the ST-950 Service Tracker gauges power take-off fuel consumption at a worksite, providing equipment fleet operators data for state fuel tax rebates, and additional tax credits under consideration at the federal level. In addition to PTO time, the ST-950 nets a range of customized data logs, including equipment hours and location, plus idling versus work. It also generates dump-load, seat-belt and travel logs, all without cellular communications fees. The device can also be configured with a proximity switch to record number of drum revolutions on a mixer truck.

Developer OEM Data Delivery notes that in a truck fleet installation, a go pod unit can be placed at the entry of a plant whereby PTO time and other logged data are automatically captured. Providing wireless, paperless and hands-free performance, the tracker generates management reports nightly and delivers them via e-mail and easy-to-read web reports. Data logs reportedly upload into any major back office system and integrate seamlessly with accounting software.

Billed as a features-rich, flexible technology, the ST-950 has a service-alert capability that enables management to schedule maintenance when it’s most beneficial. It can be used in conjunction with an OEM Data Delivery Fuel Tracker unit to monitor, in real time, dispensing of fuel and other consumables into specific equipment or vehicles. The ST-950 joins the wireless communications-enabled ST-900 Service Tracker, providing PTO time and other data on demand over a cellular network. OEM Data Delivery


Workhorse II is a web-based risk-management and compliance program designed to assist operations in conforming to state and national laws, including OSHA and DOT regulations. Subscription-based, it allows tracking of assets, repair and maintenance scheduling and costs, personnel, accidents, injuries and compliance to regulations. Workhorse II is delivered via a network and assists in managing critical employee data, e.g., driving history and dates for commercial driver license renewals. Craig Safety Technologies


Engineered for mixers and other vehicles with partial or full off-road duty cycles, the ADZ Series is a non-torque reactive suspension with a parallelogram trailing arm design. Offered in 23,000- and 26,000-lb. capacities, it is engineered for independent single-suspension mounting that allows for single-, tandem- or tridem-axle truck or tractor applications. In high center-of-gravity applications, the new suspension exhibits a 27 percent increase in roll stiffness compared to the company’s existing AD suspension, whose applications include mixers and dumps.

The ADZ eliminates components to significantly lower weight, reduce maintenance, and improve durability. The Integral Lower Module, for example, is reportedly the industry’s first one-piece setup that includes cast equalizing beams permanently assembled to the transverse beam with no fasteners. In contrast to traditional torque rod and track bar arrangements, the ADZ’s V-Rod Upper Control Arm directs lateral forces towards the crossmember and frame rail junction. The new V-Rod design results in improved bushing life, uniform roll rate, and a lighter-weight crossmember.

Other features include: EZ-Align Non-Welded axle realignment, simplified pinion angle-setting capability, Bolt-on or Weld-on axle adapters and multi-functional pivot bushings for improved ride comfort and handling. The ADZ Series is designed to provide a linear roll rate through the permanent connection of the trailing arms and transverse beam. The suspension’s linear roll rate characteristics improve handling and steering, product engineers note, while enhancing driver comfort and confidence Û chief considerations in high center-of-gravity applications, such as those encountered with front- and rear-discharge mixers. SAF-Holland


Billed by the manufacturer as a new super-single, mixed-service tire that enhances performance and helps lower cost-per-mile, the G296 MSA features an optimized footprint for better traction in steer and drive positions, more wearable rubber on the tread for improved mileage, and special compounding to help reduce cuts, chipping and tears. The tire also is available [in 425/65R22.5 size] with DuraSeal Technology, which seals up to ∫-in.-diameter punctures in the repairable area of the tread (not sidewall punctures).

Developed for heavy on- and off-road applications, including mixers, dump and concrete pump trucks, the G296 MSA is available in 385/65R22.5 [load range J], 425/65R22.5 [load range L], and 445/65R22.5 [load range L] sizes. The tires offer 23/32-in. tread depth Û up to 4/32-in. more tread depth than the manufacturer’s previous super-single, mixed-service models. Moreover, the new tire is lighter than its predecessor, company officials report, providing up to a 7 percent weight savings, depending upon tire size. In addition, G296 MSA’s all-steel, four-belt package is constructed to handle multiple retreads, the manufacturer notes.

The G296 MSA is the only super-single to offer built-in puncture sealing, product engineers affirm, making it especially suitable for applications where construction debris can cause flats. DuraSeal Technology employs a gel-like, solvent-free compound built into the inner liner of the tire to seal punctures in the tread up to ∫-in. Û no need to repair the tire until it is retreaded. Goodyear

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The new RT3000 and RT4000 Twin Shaft Mixers offer a compact footprint and 4- and 5-yd. output, respectively. The mixers feature high turbulent mix zones; control panels with soft start mechanism; thick, premium chill cast tiles and paddles; discharge doors with two independent hydraulic rams; top doors with safe interlocks; drop-down, galvanized viewing platforms; twin, heavy-duty gear boxes directly driving mixer shafts; over-sized auto-lubrication chambers; and, four-minute cycle jetwash system.

The Twin Shaft joins the manufacturer’s pan and planetary mixers and a full range of stationary and mobile batch plants, including a model for roller compacted mixes. The Rapid line is represented in the U.S. by Standley Batch Systems. Rapid International


The Texas-based concrete plant equipment dealer has engineered a compact valve for new or retrofit installations that enables ready mixed producers to blend regular and temperature-controlled water. A monitor automatically adjusts flow from multiple water sources based on constant temperature readings. In addition to blending hot or cold water with the regular supply, the valve can convey gray water from dedicated tanks or vessels for loads whose specifications permit rebatching. CP-Solutions Inc., 210/659-8867


Using noncontact technology, the 3DLevelScanner measures and maps the material surface at multiple points to detect cone up, cone down, bridging and sidewall buildup, while advanced software calculates a silo-volume estimate more accurate than that of radar or ultrasonic devices, the manufacturer contends. The scanner’s low-frequency, acoustics-based technology reportedly penetrates dust and excels at measuring powders and difficult materials such as fly ash. Its self-cleaning capability further improves performance and reduces the frequency of preventive maintenance. BinMaster


Fleet-management information technology specialist TruckTrax has added work orders and rotating shift schedules to its payroll solution Û PayTrax Time Management Software Û designed specifically for ready mixed concrete and bulk product companies aiming to increase operating efficiency and reduce payroll-related costs. Work orders now can be entered by employees at any time-clock station or by managers at the approval workbench, thereby reducing the payroll-staff burden as work orders are automatically streamed to a corresponding cost center in an Enterprise Resource Planning system. By capturing information at a local level, TruckTrax developers note, companies can eliminate unneeded data entry, reduce payroll department overhead, identify work-force inefficiencies more accurately, and assure employees they are being paid for time logged.

To address complex legal requirements, PayTrax takes into account workers’, crews’ or employees’ rotating shift schedules and implements wages specific to contracts and state or local employment laws. Technology upgrades ensure that the information is tracked and reported to find the most efficient schedule for worker and company.


Mixer Systems Inc. has added 4- and 6-yd. Twin Shaft mixer models. Manufactured at the Wisconsin headquarters with off-the-shelf components for ease of service and maintenance, they feature air purge shaft seals; single-drive motors; heavy-duty cast steel mixing arms; and, hydraulic discharge doors. Their high-volume, high-shear action achieves 60- to 90-sec. mixing times, depending on concrete specifications and companion plant components. The Twin Shaft equipment joins Mixer Systems’ Horizontal Shaft, Turbin XL, and Planetary models, plus custom-engineered batching components and fully integrated batching systems with controls. Û


Green Equipment Solutions, Southern Pines, N.C., has announced XenTx Extreme Emission Control fuel-treatment products, formulated for mixer and dump trucks, plus heavy-duty, off-road equipment. XenTx reduces NOx and particulate matter emissions from engines predating EPA-compliant 2007 models equipped with diesel particulate filters. As a Cetane enhancer that improves engine power, efficiency and fuel economy, XenTx adds lubricity and reduces engine heat and friction.

Splash-mixed directly into the fuel at a recommended treatment ratio of 1:2000 or 16 oz./250 gal., the product has been validated as meeting or exceeding Texas (TCEQ) and California (CARB) emissions standards. Southwest Research Institute testing of XenTx against untreated diesel indicates the product’s potential to reduce NOx and carbon soot emissions by 20-plus percent and 86 percent, respectively; impart fuel savings of 3-5 percent; and, extend oil and filter life 40 percent through improved lubricity. Green Equipment has secured global distribution of XenTx and the companion Synergyn performance oils and lubricants.


Citing significant potential for reducing mixer truck and plant mixer process-water volume and downtime, GrayAgain has developed a product to convert integrally colored mix loads’ rinse water to neutral gray. Hundreds of gallons of rinse water traditionally used in these conditions will be reduced to 10 gallons, the company notes, and time waiting to fill and discharge process water diminished. Following full colored-mix discharge, 10- or 20-lb. water-soluble GrayAgain bags are loaded with 10 gallons of water into truck or plant mixers. Product developers recommend a 10-minute mixing cycle, but note that color neutralization of wall, paddle and fin residue can occur in as little as three to five minutes.

GrayAgain agents are formulated from finely ground iron-oxide pigments and surfactants. A treatment guide covering major pigment manufacturers’ color selections provides recommended dosages. Producers stocking the full treatment line should be able to process 95 percent of the colored residue washout they are likely to encounter. The treatment agents meet or exceed ASTM C 979, enabling producers to use mixers immediately following neutralized rinse water discharge without compromising a new load’s set time, finishing characteristics or air entrainment.