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RAW MATERIAL INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Allowing users to predict when deliveries will be necessary and thereby take appropriate action, system developers


Allowing users to predict when deliveries will be necessary and thereby take appropriate action, system developers note, SiloWeigh.Net is an inventory management and control solution that enables monitoring of material weights in widely distributed silos or vessels. Silex bolt-on sensors, installed on each silo leg, are connected to a digital transmitter located on the storage unit, allowing long cable runs with no loss in accuracy. Transmitters on all silos are joined in daisy-chain fashion via a digital multi-drop cable, which terminates at an indoor DAQ unit capable of accepting inputs from up to 40 silos.

Connected to a local computer network through Ethernet cable, the DAQ unit communicates with a host computer containing the SiloWeigh.Net software. In turn, the software acts as a web server, allowing any computer on the network to view and interact with the DAQ unit. Readings are stored on the DAQ unit and collected for display. If the host is unavailable, data is retained for later pickup.

In addition to SiloWeigh.Net‘s previous bar-graph display, accessible at any time, new features include trend graphs and metrics such as time between refills, time from low level alarm to refill, and weekly usage. Optional alarms allow horns and lights to be activated; and, pinch-off valves prevent overfilling. Further, silo pressure switches can signal when filters need to be changed. Scale-Tron Inc.


A local high-intensity LED readout, standard on Model RH and RHX bin level indicators, enhances their rotary paddle design, described by the manufacturer as the most resilient technology used to detect a wide variety of powders and bulk solids. Model RH suits ordinary electrical locations, and Model RHX is appropriate for hazardous areas [agency approval pending]. Moreover, the company’s Just Level service reportedly incorporates decades of process measurement and control expertise to anticipate and meet customer needs. BlueLevel Technologies


The Tracinator is a compact, highly portable, one-tire wheel wash solution that provides dirt removal for light conditions, or where a complete, heavier-duty wheel-wash system is not practical or budgeted. Suitable for mobile operators or short-term construction projects, the Tracinator is designed to flush itself clear of debris by attaching a 2-in. hose from a water truck or fire hydrant and placing the clean-out valve in the open position. The Tracinator can be used independently or in conjunction with the company’s Neptune automated wheel wash and disinfecting systems.

Providing maximum ease of installation, the wheel wash system can be configured with a set of hinged ramps; or, it can be installed in-ground, flush with the existing road. In the latter case, a trough must be excavated on the open port side of the unit to allow rinse water to be directed away from the system. Innovative Equipment Solutions


The company’s new product line for the precast industry includes HDPE High Stack Chairs available in 1-, 1_ -, and 2-in. covers. Stackable to facilitate use with multiple-layer, heavy-duty mesh and rebar applications, all three chair models are designed to accommodate up to #6 bars. Spillman Co.


Reinforcement spacers for concrete pipe and manholes are now offered in tangle-free packaging. The spacer-on-a-stick concept is designed to fit an ergonomic Spacer Handling Cart for convenient transport. Accordingly, spacers are removed from the carton on tangle-free handling tubes and placed on storage arms affixed to the cart, which is wheeled directly to the job site for improved handling and application efficiencies. Tangle-free rebar-tie clips and spacers are available for single-cage, double-cage, and box-cage reinforcement. HawkeyePedershaab


The new Equipment360 software program tracks maintenance schedules for equipment, such as trucks, bulldozers, and loaders, allowing companies to manage their entire maintenance operation to reduce costs and increase utilization of each piece. By helping users perform timely maintenance, system developers note, the software program reduces downtime, lowers fuel consumption, avoids costly jobsite repairs, and enhances equipment resale value. Performance metrics in Equipment360 identify unreliable equipment that should be unloaded.

The program maintains an itemized cost history for each piece of equipment as well as a work order-management system that provides a framework for capturing labor and parts costs; and, it stores the information in an easy-to-find format. After mechanics enter their time directly into the system, thus avoiding errors and double entry, their timecards can be reviewed and approved before electronic export to the company’s accounting department.

Providing a full Î360-degreeÌ approach to managing equipment, company officials affirm, Equipment360 is offered with a money-back guarantee that carries a single caveat: recommended training must be completed. If the customer returns the product for any reason within 12 months after purchase and subsequent training, the cost of the software will be refunded in full. HCSS


HeatBank mats and cables convert off-peak electrical energy into a reservoir of radiant heat stored within a building’s foundation, allowing significant energy savings. Once stored, the uniform, nondrying heat radiates throughout the building during peak energy periods as a supplement to standard heating systems.

HeatBank dual-conductor storage cables Û UL-listed for earth thermal storage applications Û and mats are placed into the sand bed beneath a building’s concrete floor slabs. Each heating zone requires an adjustable sensing thermostat to control floor temperature at an appropriate setting, as well as a pre-set thermostat to ensure heating cable temperature does not exceed design requirements. EGS Electrical Group


W500 is the newest addition to the company’s portfolio of waterproofing admixtures, designed to protect concrete from damage caused by moisture and corrosive materials. While it is a cost-effective and flexible solution suitable for varying levels of waterproofing protection, both above and below grade, W500 is specifically designed for less-critical waterproofing applications where a full-service approach is not required. It is also effective as a secondary line of protection alongside traditional waterproofing measures, such as membranes, for projects with complex waterproofing challenges. Complementary use of W500 strengthens overall structural integrity to enhance building lifecycle, product developers affirm.

W500 is based on the company’s core integral admixture technology, which seals internal capillaries responsible for water penetration in concrete. In addition to reducing water absorption and dissolved salts infiltration, the admixture forms a protective coating around steel reinforcement for corrosion protection, even in cracked concrete. Dosed at one gallon per yard of concrete, W500 applications include water containment reservoirs, sewage- and water-treatment plants, secondary containment structures, underground vaults, extra protection for walls and slabs, tilt-up walls, precast components, architectural water features and fountains, bridges, dams and highway infrastructure. Hycrete Inc.


The company’s expanded line of low-profile rough-terrain vehicles now includes an all-new STM55LP trailer-mounted forklift. Features the three-wheel-drive loader shares with the manufacturer’s four-wheel models include maximum visibility and a roomy operators’ platform, product engineers note. Moreover, it is easily transported to any work site. Reportedly easy to operate, quick and nimble, the STM55LP helps improve loading times. Sellick Equipment Limited