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ELECTRIC, INTERNAL COMBUSTION LIFT TRUCKS Cat Lift Trucks announces addition of five new electric counterbalanced and internal combustion (IC) pneumatic


Cat Lift Trucks announces addition of five new electric counterbalanced and internal combustion (IC) pneumatic lift-truck families to its current product lineup in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Several new product enhancements also will be offered as part of existing Class 4 and 5 lift-truck product lines.


2ET2500-2ET4000 three-wheelmodels range in capacity from 2,500 to 4,000 lb.; and, four-wheel EPC3000-EP4000 lift-trucks offer 3,000- to 4,000-lb. capacities. Manufacturer-cited features of both series include:

  • Full AC design for improved performance and extended battery life
  • Standard fingertip controls to ensure precise load handling
  • Easy-to-read, cowl-mounted display panel
  • Five-level, preprogrammed performance mode selector, allowing adaptation to multiple applications

EPC5000-EP6000 models offer 5,000- to 6,000-lb.-capacities; EP7000-EP10000 model capacities range from 7,000 to 10,000 lb. Product engineers note that both lines feature:

  • AC power and durable components to ensure powerful performance in a variety of applications
  • Full-suspension seat and fully floating cab design to help reduce shock and vibration
  • Anti-rollback features for both loaded and unloaded conditions to help retain full speed control on ramps


P8000-P12000/PD8000-PD12000 IC models include 8,000- to 12,000-lb. capacities. Among manufacturer-cited features are:

  • Standard two-speed forward and one-speed reverse transmission
  • Proprietary PurePower engine
  • Intuitive premium instrument panel for monitoring diagnostics and maintenance needs
  • Convenient maintenance for daily inspection Û no tools needed
  • Options to customize the lift truck, including panel cabs, fingertip control, and productivity packages


The 3,000- to 6,500-lb.-capacity 2C3000-2C6500 series comprises IC cushion-tire lift trucks; and, the 2P3000-2P7000/2PD4000-2PD7000 family includes 3,000- to 7,000-lb.-capacity IC pneumatic tire models. Upgrades noted by product engineers include:

  • EPA-compliant purePOWER engine, aligned with a single-speed powershift transmission, for lower emissions, decreased operating costs, and reduced downtime over engine service life
  • LCD/LED display panel with operator passcode protection and key indicators for fluid and fuel levels and travel direction
  • Optional fingertip hydraulic controls for precise control with minimal motion
  • Full-suspension swivel seat option, which turns 12 degrees to the right, allowing more natural movement for the operator when traveling in reverse
  • Optional rear handle with horn button to provide better operator support and easy access to the horn when driving in reverse


The company’s earth-retaining stabilization system is used to tie back historically sensitive walls or in situations where preservation of a project’s historic nature is the priority. Accordingly, the highly versatile stabilizing system offers a solution tailored to meet specific requirements of each structure, product developers affirm, including historical landmarks, harbor and sea walls, museums, churches, and bridges. It suits such difficult ground conditions as sand, gravel, clay, limestone, and broken brick.

Implementing the system begins with inspection of the structure by client engineers, who assess the problem and pass all relevant details to the manufacturer for review. After suggestions are offered to the client, in view of the original structure and ground conditions, ground anchors are installed at the site to provide stability, while voids and gaps within the structure are bridged using a cement-like grout. Cintec Canada


Its line of premium-efficiency fan motors offers operational and energy cost savings, plus green benefits to dust-collector users, Farr Air Pollution Control (APC) asserts Û at a price comparable to conventional motors. Now standard equipment on all new Farr Gold Series cartridge dust collectors, the fan motors also may be ordered from the company for replacement or retrofit applications.

The premium-efficiency motors are designed to meet or exceed requirements of the more stringent Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA), effective December 2010. Manufactured by Baldor, the motors feature larger-diameter copper wire, more iron and premium-grade steel, superior bearings and components said by product engineers to achieve cooler operation and greater efficiency for decreased power consumption and early return on investment. Also, because they run cooler, the premium-efficiency motors can be used with variable frequency drives (VFDs) for optimum fan speed control and energy savings; and, longer service life compared to standard-efficiency products further contributes to sustainability, Farr APC affirms.

The new product line includes 3- to 50-hp models to suit various fan designs, airflow capacities, and voltage requirements. Multiple fan motors can be used to achieve additional capacities. Û


Designed to reduce recordable hand injuries that can occur in construction and mining operations, the manufacturer notes, ProSeries R3 heavy-duty gloves offer a combination of safety and comfort. Among R series features that reduce hand fatigue while providing critical protection are an oil-resistant, synthetic-leather palm; red silicone pattern on the palm to increase grip and visibility for effective hand signaling; reinforced thermoplastic finger tips to reduce pinches; knuckle protection and thermoplastic rubber back-of-hand ribs to guard against bumps and bruises; and, Kevlar along thumb and index finger to reinforce a key wear area. Long Neoprene cuffs are available to prevent debris from getting into the glove, and reflective piping on the cuffs enhances visibility and safety. Sizing from small to 3XL ensures proper fit. West Chester Holdings, Inc.