Act Enters Third Decade

A leading provider of turnkey concrete mixing and batching plant equipment, Greenland, N.H.-based Advanced Concrete Technologies (ACT) closed out 2009

A leading provider of turnkey concrete mixing and batching plant equipment, Greenland, N.H.-based Advanced Concrete Technologies (ACT) closed out 2009 celebrating its 20th anniversary. Since its early introduction of some of the first entirely automated concrete production systems outside Europe, company officials assert, ACT has become a major supplier serving a broad spectrum of North American producers Û precast, pipe, block, paver and architectural concrete fabricators, ranging in size from multinational to privately held businesses. Its full-service solutions, which incorporate German-engineered Wiggert & Co. and W∏rschum GmbH mixing and batching technology, have enabled customers to produce what ACT officials note are quality concrete components with less labor, reduced waste, and greater profitability.

In 2007, new ACT corporate headquarters were dedicated to accommodate the company’s expanding North American market. Besides housing corporate offices for key management, administrative, and sales staff, the facility serves as a hub for all customer service, on-line technical support, parts warehousing, and an industry-first P3 operator-training school.

During the past 20 years, notes ACT President Max Hoene, Innovations in construction techniques and the introduction of new types of high performance concrete have required increased precision and automation in mixing and batching systems. ACT has been at the forefront of that movement.

Consistent with the company’s aims to deliver productivity, improve plant performance, and provide flexibility to offer value-added products, he says, ACT has pioneered and refined technologies in widespread use today:

  • Fully automated turnkey concrete mixing and batching plants Û delivered prewired and tested
  • Advanced high-shear planetary mixers that provide better cement dispersion, higher quality concrete, and shortest mix-cycle time
  • Twin-shaft mixers engineered to efficiently deliver high output
  • Precision batching technology to ensure accuracy Û especially critical for SCC, dry-cast, value added, and ultra-high strength mix designs Û and minimize waste for greater savings
  • Microwave technology that enables effective moisture control for mix consistency and plant operation with unattended control rooms
  • North America’s first automatic high-pressure mixer-cleaning systems for lower plant labor costs and improved plant safety
  • Weight-based pigment and admixture metering that results in precision batching of small-quantity components
  • PCS control system that provides comprehensive production statistics data, enabling accurate tracking of production, and cost data to make informed decisions
  • Industry-first P3 Operator Training Program as part of customer partnering services

The driving forces of competition and technology will not allow us to rest on our past successes: we need to continually innovate, Hoene emphasizes. In order for ACT to stay ahead, we will continue to strive to produce the most efficient, versatile and reliable equipment systems÷to meet the ever-increasing expectations and changing needs of our customers and [their] customers, who demand better quality with shorter delivery times at a competitive product price.