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PORTABLE MIXING STATION Cement screeds, grout, mortar, texture coatings, sealants, adhesives, and other self-leveling compounds and construction materials


Cement screeds, grout, mortar, texture coatings, sealants, adhesives, and other self-leveling compounds and construction materials can be easily mixed in a short time using the Portamix Hippo PMH 70F mixing station, the manufacturer affirms. The device enables one person to mix, transport and pour directly onto the floor, the company adds, boosting productivity, lowering labor costs, and reducing physical effort.

The PMH 70F features an ÎEasy-roll TrolleyÌ and balanced ÎEasy-tilt CradleÌ, which allow the user to pour, accurately place and spread up to 20 gallons (four- or five-bag batches) at a time. The specially shaped mixing bowl eliminates pockets of unmixed product for improved mix consistency, plus easier cleaning; and, the bowl’s spout permits pouring into small containers without mess or waste. The tilting cradle is balanced for easy operation. Additionally, the mixing motor can be reverse-mounted for alongside mixing in smaller containers.

The Hippo is supplied with two mixing paddles, featuring a special helix ribbon and side bars, to lift and shear product efficiently and thoroughly. The 8-in. paddle diameter provides increased peripheral speed, eliminating the need for high-rpm mixing and helping deter flash curing. The PMH 70F has a 16 Amp/1800 Watt, two-speed motor and operates at a load speed of 140 rpm and 470 rpm. It has a full-brim capacity of approximately 20 gal. or 290 lb. Equipped with heavy duty casters, the PMH 70F moves freely on level floors, and wheel covers ensure that the casters remain free of screed splatter. CS Unitec


Deck-O-Shield is a ready-to-use sealer/water repellent for natural stone, concrete and masonry surfaces. It is especially suitable for weatherproofing and protecting waterfalls, decks, porches, patios, and walkways around pools, including mortar joints, concrete, brick, concrete block, and stucco. Limiting water penetration into structurally sound, crack-free surfaces, the product also will inhibit penetration of salts into the surface, reducing whitening or staining. Another Deck-O-Shield advantage, the manufacturer notes, is that surface color or tint will not be altered after its application. Moreover, the water-based and low-VOC product is listed by GreenSpec, a directory of environmentally friendly, green building technology. W. R. Meadows, Inc.


The new Zetolan Plus advanced concrete equipment protection solution comprises a noncorrosive formula that prevents adhesion of concrete splatter to all metal and painted surfaces. Additionally, the manufacturer notes, continuous use of the compound dissolves hardened concrete buildup to effect removal of residue over time without degrading rubber or plastic components.

A light coating applied to any wet or dry surface exposed to concrete will prevent adhesion for up to 24 hours. Suited to all types of concrete mixers, pumps, chutes, and buckets, Zetolan cuts end-of-day cleaning time and labor costs, as it promotes equipment productivity and reliability. Further, it will not affect or interfere with concrete mix properties. The eco-friendly compound is nontoxic, VOC-free, and highly biodegradable. Advanced Concrete Technologies, Inc.


To secure structural and architectural elements in precast concrete forms, the manufacturer introduces two glue gun systems, available in an electric-only extrusion (TEC 3200) or pneumatic-electric (TEC 6300) model. Each hot melt spray gun system comes with several feet of pneumatic and/or electric cord, as well as adhesive in a hot melt cartridge. The applicators are used by connecting the glue-gun to an air and electrical supply; and, adhesive is melted on demand as the pneumatic piston pushes glue cartridges through the melt chamber and sprays it directly onto the precast form.

The TEC hot melt applicators replace commonly used double-sided tape, solvent-based adhesives, bolting, nailing, silicon or other fastening systems, the company asserts, allowing precasters to use new materials, set forms faster, and produce parts at less cost. The spray gun systems bond to wood, foam, most plastics and metals, as well as to epoxy and metal concrete forms, thereby eliminating the need to drill holes for mechanical fasteners or wait for other types of adhesives to cure. The hot melt glue guns comply with worldwide industrial and safety standards.

The TEC 3200 is a high-output, 400 W all-electric spray gun system that applies adhesive in a bead or dot format. To facilitate successful bonding of foams, the unit houses a solid-state, plug-in adjustable temperature controller and high-efficiency heater to apply adhesive at temperatures of 202_F, 319_F, and 355_F. A nonstick (Teflon-like) PTFE barrel, easy-action trigger, and flow-adjustment options reportedly allow smooth and precise free-flow adhesive application. Melt rates are up to 5_ lb. per hour. The gun is loaded with 1Ê-in. adhesive cartridges.

The TEC 6300 is a self-contained 500 W electric-pneumatic applicator that requires compressed air and electricity to operate. It has a flow adjustment feature on the back that allows various spraying patterns and coating widths for optimum flexibility and smoother, more precise and safer application, product developers affirm. It reloads using 1Ê-in. cartridges. The applicator reaches its maximum operating temperature of 356_F in 10 minutes and can deliver up to nine pounds of molten adhesive each hour.

TEC Bond Precast Hot Melt Adhesive formulations provide strength against shear to prevent elements from moving about on the form as concrete is flowing and keep inserts from shifting. It remains tacky for up to three minutes in the event more precise positioning is required. Since recrystallization of the TEC Bond Hot Melt occurs over an eight- to 10-hour period, maximum bond strength is achieved during the set-up and pour stage, the manufacturer notes, yet the adhesive is easy to clean off the form when precast components are removed. Solvent-free application also assures employee health and safety. Power Adhesives


Potentially alerting the operator to an impending two-block condition, the iVISOR mentor EI65 indicator system for mobile cranes provides a continuous display of actual and allowable load, boom angle, boom length, radius, and parts of line. As setup and calibration are completed via a user-friendly console, system developers note, operators can conveniently preset limits for all geometric and load variables, providing an audible and visual warning when limits are reached, plus additional information while operating in areas of limited headroom or proximity to buildings or electric transmission lines.

The iVISOR mentor EI65 incorporates BestView-Adaptive display control for optimal readability, the company affirms. The system incorporates CANbus technology for all sensors. Load is measured with either an SKM running line tensiometer or a dead-end force transducer. The iVISOR mentor EI65 meets industry standards for indicating devices as a new system and as an upgrade to existing EI65 technology. Hirschmann Automation and Control, Inc.


A new-generation digital indicator replacing the company’s Gauge Buster product line, Gauge Buster 2 suits concrete and construction applications, offering automated, repeatable, ASTM-compliant test methods that are easily recorded and shared with Library Information Management Systems (LIMS), networks, and other resources. The new indicator features a higher-speed processor and USB (Universal Serial Bus) port for faster data transfer, as well as enhanced signal conditioning for higher accuracy. It also accommodates USB flash (thumb) drives for data transfer, troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Gauge Buster 2 includes a two-line x 16-character display, 24-key tactile keypad, and new high-speed electronics board packaged in a 8.6-in.-high x 9.4-in.-wide x 3-in.-deep enclosure. It employs the latest electronics to achieve greater accuracy, higher speeds, and more capability, product developers affirm.

GageSafe, an optional PC-based program, is used for data exchange with Gauge Buster 2, simplifying operations and allowing rapid location of preprogrammed test methods and other stored information. Besides providing all capabilities offered in earlier product iterations, Gauge Buster 2 and GageSafe are able to:

  • Print tabular test results and XY graphs to an HP-compatible printer with USB port
  • Write test results and XY data to a USB flash (thumb) drive for viewing in the GageSafe data exchange program. Once results and XY data are stored on a computer running GageSafe, data results and graphs can be viewed, printed and exported into common spreadsheet programs.
  • Write test methods and calibration data to a USB flash (thumb) drive for viewing and editing in GageSafe
  • Upload test results and XY data via a USB cable into GageSafe for viewing, plotting and exporting into common spreadsheet programs
  • Upload test methods and calibration tables via a USB cable to host PC running GageSafe
  • View/edit/create test methods and calibration data in GageSafe
  • Download test methods and calibration data from GageSafe to the Gauge Buster 2 indicator via a USB cable
  • Load test methods and calibration data stored on a USB flash (thumb) drive into the Gauge Buster 2 Indicator
  • View XY plots in real time in GageSafe via a USB cable connection

When combined with the MegaForce Automatic Loading Valve, Gauge Buster 2 automatically controls loading rates and measures the compressive strength of concrete cylinders, cubes and beams according to ASTM C39, C78, C109 and C293 specifications, as well as other standards. It is available as a machine-mounted unit, a battery-powered portable, and a portable Calibration Unit designed to certify materials testing machines. Admet, Inc.


The most advanced ultra-sonic test system for accurately identifying basic characteristics of coarse-grained materials, the manufacturer affirms, the V-Meter MK III is widely used and accepted for quality control and inspection of concrete. It can measure and correlate concrete strength, identifying also honeycombs, voids, frozen concrete, cracks and other nonhomogenous conditions. Features include direct digital readout of transit time; built-in wave form display on LCD; daylight-visible display; rugged, splash-resistant case; simple calibration, no special bar required; portable, lightweight unit with battery and A-C power; conformity to ASTM C-597, BS 1881-203 and other international standards; RS-232 output for uploading to computer; and, signal and trigger output. Direct readings indicate calculated P-wave velocity and S-wave velocity, calculated modulus of elasticity, and Poisson’s ratio. James Instruments Inc.


Based on testing at some of the world’s most rugged work sites, the manufacturer notes, its outerwear collection is designed for maximum warmth, comfort, durability, and ease of movement. The Heavy Worker Jacket features two expandable front pockets with snap closures, fleece-lined hand-warmer pockets, two chest pockets (also with snap closures), and an arm pocket that accommodates a pencil or pen. A phone can be secured in the inside pocket. The jacket has triple stitching on all seams and reinforced bar tacks at pull-and-tug points. A 5-oz. poly-fill lining provides warmth without bulk; and cuffs, waist, and shoulders (front and back) are reinforced with extra-strength Cordura to prevent wear. Bellow construction in the back and sleeves provides freedom of movement, even when layering. The longer back and adjustable waist offer added warmth and comfort. Available colors include khaki/black and navy blue/black. Bl¬klâder