Truck Tracking Systems

SAFEFREIGHT TECHNOLOGY This company introduced fleet management software and system that focuses on improving traffic safety and reducing accident risk.


This company introduced fleet management software and system that focuses on improving traffic safety and reducing accident risk. The new SmartFleet GPS fleet management system incorporates a vehicle-mounted GPS tracking device with an accelerometer that accurately measures g-force and communicates fleet safety alerts to fleet managers when unsafe driving events occur. An optional, in-cab mounted mentoring device can also be incorporated to let drivers know when they have exceeded safe driving thresholds and scores their driving skill level at the end of each trip.

Developed in consultation with the Israeli Defence Forces and proven by Fortune 500 companies in Europe, SmartFleet Manager is a fleet management software that offers real-time visibility of fleet operations through an internet application. Critical location and condition information is gathered through a vehicle-mounted device, communicated wirelessly, and served to customers through this vehicle-to-internet application. Information can be accessed on-demand from any internet enabled computer or device.


This integrated software solutions firm announced Nextel-based GPS truck tracking. Keystone GPS allows producers to track their trucks and update their customers order status, maximizing fleet usage. The addition of Nextel phone support allows producers to quickly communicate with their drivers using the walkie-talkie feature or via short text messages. The provider also has redesigned its website to focus on Keystone, the first integrated software solution for the ready-mixed industry. Quick Support allows customer support technicians to diagnose problems by connecting directly to a user’s computer through the internet, allowing them to see firsthand any issues.


Specifically designed for the bulk construction industry, Trakit Time & Attendance 2.0 is a fully integrated and automated payroll solution that streamlines processes and improves accuracy by allowing material producers and haulers to leverage GPS and mobile devices to capture accurate and new blocks of time, while enabling drivers and employees to clock in and out right from their truck to maximize productivity. This hosted solution features triple back-up, including one off-site, to ensure payroll data security.

The Time & Attendance module becomes the company’s time-keeping tool, and the clock-in happens when employees actually fire up their vehicles, get behind the wheel, and log into the system during what is essentially the beginning of the real work they’re paid to do. If these salvaged minutes are multiplied by the number of employees in the company’s workforce, it serves as a dramatic illustration of just one of the many quantifiable benefits. Documentable data provided by customers consistently reflects a conservative average savings of 8 percent in labor/payroll costs, with some companies claiming savings upwards of 50 percent.

Version 2.0 comes with several additional tools, including time-off scheduling and administration, improved rule customizations, exception-based timecard management, and improved audit trails.


A provider of intelligent driving solutions released the latest version of its fleet-management vehicle tracking technology, Fleet Director 7. With this release, fleet managers gain advantages such as improved fuel savings, vehicle efficiency, driver productivity, loss prevention and, in many cases, lower insurance costs and higher satisfaction among fleet operators’ customers. The system offers GPS-based tracking, vehicle and driver monitoring, dynamic routing with real-time traffic data, and advanced navigation.

Fleet Director locates, tracks and monitors the position and operation of fleet vehicles, giving fleet managers visibility into operations Û delivering cost-saving efficiencies such as real-time tracking of vehicles from the desktop, automatic route optimization and detailed reporting for decision support and efficient regulatory compliance.

Fleet Director combines SmartNav satellite navigation, real-time traffic information, stolen vehicle tracking and comprehensive reporting tools used to monitor mileage, vehicle use and alert managers to unauthorized use and unsafe driving behavior. The latest release, Fleet Director 7, extends core capabilities with Teletrac SmartNav fastest route real-time navigation, dynamic dispatch Û managing workflow between dispatchers and drivers Û and at-a-glance dashboard report summaries with data drill-down.

In Fleet Director 7, the manufacturer integrates the latest color touch-screen technology with two-way messaging and voice-prompted navigation, resulting in communications with drivers becoming more efficient and effective. Drivers can instantly notify dispatchers regarding key information Û including jobsite arrivals, departures, availability, breaks, start and end times, work order numbers, customer information and job details. All messages are automatically time- and date-stamped and archived for record keeping and analysis.

This follow-up to Concrete Products’ August 2009 In-Transit Tracking Special Report collects details on companies manufacturing devices that offer vehicle location, status, and driver management tools, while offering producers the data needed to maximize productivity in real time.


Dallas-based Texas Industries, Inc. recently launched a new customer-service initiative with the introduction of ReadyTrac product-tracking system, thus making the company the first major ready-mixed supplier in Texas to offer real-time delivery status information for individual concrete orders. While truck-tracking software has been available for many years, TXI decided at last that excessive loadout operator time was spent fielding customer calls regarding truck arrival or departure. The number-one reason customers call us is to get status updates, explains TXI Vice President of Consumer Products James Rogers. Since we have a Trimble system GPS on our trucks already, the innovation with ReadyTrac is that customers can access certain information about their deliveries online.

Although ReadyTrac does not show precise vehicle position on a map, it lets TXI customers know when the truck has been ticketed, whether it’s at the plant, when it loads out, or whether it’s en route to the job site. According to Rogers, future system enhancements may include the ability also to monitor job-site crew productivity and profitability. Presently, TXI has no plans to market the technology to other companies or even outside of Texas, yet touts the value it delivers internally. ReadyTrac saves time for customers and our crew. When we allowed a few customers to test out the system, they embraced it immediately, Rogers says. And, when the system went down, they told us they can’t live without it.


Doran Manufacturing and DriverTech have reached a collaborative development agreement to integrate the Doran 360 tire pressure monitoring systems with DriverTech’s Windows-embedded onboard computing and mobile communications system for truck and trailer fleets. By integrating the tire pressure monitoring capability into the DriverTech TruckPC, tire pressures for tractors and trailers can now be monitored in both the truck cab and at fleet headquarters in real time. While tire pressure was previously the sole domain of the driver, now the responsibility can be shared for improved management of fleet assets.

Control of tire-related problems is a major concern for fleets of all sizes, because low tire pressures reduce fuel efficiency, and significantly shorten the service life of tires. In addition to saving maintenance and operating costs, real-time monitoring of tire pressures allows drivers and fleet managers to coordinate scheduled repairs to avoid costly (and potentially catastrophic) roadside breakdowns and improve the overall safety of the fleet.