Pci Names 2009 Big Beam Contest Winners

Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute’s (PCI) Student Education Judging Committee recently announced winners of the Engineering Student Design Award

Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute’s (PCI) Student Education Judging Committee recently announced winners of the Engineering Student Design Award program, also known as the Big Beam Contest. Competing for the overall championship were first-place winners from each of the six PCI zones, along with international entries considered as zone 7.

Organized by PCI’s Student Education Committee Û chaired by Pat Hynes Û and sponsored by Sika Corp., the Big Beam Contest entails fabrication and testing of precast, prestressed concrete beams by student teams under the guidance of local PCI producer members. Prizes are awarded for most efficient design, highest load capacity, and best report, among multiple categories.

The 2010 Big Beam Contest applications deadline is March 15, and test reports are due by June 14. Program information can be obtained by contacting PCI Education Director Alex Morales, 312/360-3219, [email protected].

2009 big beam overall winners

First place Û Oregon State University, Corvallis (Zone 1)

Faculty advisor: Keith Kaufman

Student team: Jordan Bernhardt, Michael Craven, Tengfei Fu, Jake Goebel, Derek Manwill, and Ben Mealue

PCI producer: Knife River Corp., Harrisburg, Ore. (Dusty Andrews)

Award: $2,000 and other prizes

Second place Û University of Texas, Austin (Zone 2)

Faculty advisor: Oguzhan Bayrak

Student team: James Foreman, Jeff Gauthier, Ashley Heidenreich, Amy Heilig, Nancy Larson, Stephen Pool, and Nicholas Richman

PCI producer: Coreslab Structures (Texas) Inc., Cedar Park, (Zachary Webb)

Award: $1,750 and other prizes

Third place Û Iowa State University, Ames (Zone 3)

Faculty advisor: Sri Sritharan

Student team: Sriram Aaleti, Richard Henry, Aaron Shelman, and Zachary Thiemann

PCI producer: IPC Inc., Des Moines, Iowa (Jeff Butler)

Award: $1,500 and other prizes

Fourth place Û University of South Florida team 1, Tampa (Zone 6)

Faculty advisor: Rajan Sen

Student team: James Barnes, Renee Garwood, William Lindecamp, Allen Overby, Jerome Panacci, Chak-Yin Szeto, and Matthew Trowbridge

PCI producer: Standard Concrete Products, Inc., Tampa, (John Robertson)

Award: $1,250 and other prizes

Fifth place Û University of Windsor, Ontario (Zone 7)

Faculty advisor: Sreekanta Das

Student team: Joel Bertie, Carlo D’Alessandro, Steven Gardonio, Brandon Hayes, and Jay Leavoy

PCI producer: National Precast, Roseville, Mich. (Norm Presello)

Award: $1,000 and other prizes

Sixth place Û Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg (Zone 5)

Faculty advisor: Benjamin Dymond

Student team: William Collins, Bernie Kassner, Andy Hardyniec, and Matthew Swenty

PCI producer: The Shockey Precast Group, Fredericksburg, Va. (Nicholas Comforter)

Award: $1,000 and other prizes

Seventh place Û Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wis. (Zone 4)

Faculty advisor: Baolin Wan

Student team: Daniel Stadig

PCI producer: The Spancrete Group, Waukesha, Wis. (Vern Coenen)

Award: $1,000 and other prizes

Zone winners, outstanding report winners, innovative design winners, and associated PCI and Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute producers will appear in the Fall 2009 PCI Journal.