Silo Eco-Home Stores Abundant Green’ Cred

The two-year anniversary in May 2009 of a tornado strike that nearly leveled Greensburg, Kan., marked the town’s opening of Silo Eco-Home. Built with

The two-year anniversary in May 2009 of a tornado strike that nearly leveled Greensburg, Kan., marked the town’s opening of Silo Eco-Home. Built with reinforced concrete walls equal to catastrophic wind loads, the 1,200-sq.-ft. demonstration residence likewise features sustainable construction and Îgreen’ features. Among contributors to the project were local ready mixed producer Heft & Sons and Dryvit, a West Warwick, R.I.-based exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) manufacturer.

Dryvit’s Barbara Catlow affirms, We share Greensburg GreenTown’s dedication to environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, so we were delighted to donate 40 pails of Mojave E Finish for the concrete structure’s exterior to Armour Homes, the Florida-based builder of Silo Eco-Home. The product Û 40 percent lighter than traditional finishes Û contains 20 percent post-consumer recycled glass and will provide superior durability for years to come.

Over stucco and concrete, the manufacturer asserts, Mojave E provides better performance characteristics than standard elastomeric finishes. It is a premixed, 100 percent acrylic-based product that reportedly offers flexibility, ease of application, and better crack resistance. At 40 percent less weight, Mojave E’s patented formulation provides the volume and coverage area of a standard Dryvit DPR finish.

Energy savings extend beyond applicators’ exertions, the manufacturer emphasizes. Especially when used as part of an Outsulation system, Dryvit adds, Mojave E finish offers enhanced performance and energy efficiency. Moreover, the product’s recycled content contributes to environmental stewardship, as its light weight saves fuel and reduces transportation costs.

Available in standard and custom colors, Mojave E provides surface color and texture for Dryvit systems. It can be applied over other properly prepared substrates, such as exterior masonry, stucco, precast or cast-in-place concrete. Also suitable for interior applications, the finish can be applied by trowel, hopper gun, or pole gun-type sprayer. Mojave E Finish is shipped in 40-lb. pails yielding an approximate coverage of 120 sq. ft.


Greensburg GreenTown is a nonprofit group organized to help the western Kansas town rebuild with sustainable construction after a devastating EF-5 tornado swept through in May 2007. As part of that endeavor, the Chain of Eco-Homes project entails building up to 12 model houses in Greensburg, each constructed as a living laboratory that features various building techniques, energy-efficient features, and green products and services within a range of prices and sizes. Each unique structure will serve as both informational center and lodging where people can experience green living firsthand. The Eco-Homes also will be monitored to determine actual energy savings and demonstrate the performance of each type of construction technology under real world conditions.

Chain of Eco-Homes in Greensburg will be the first such project nationwide. Playing a vital part in the town’s resurgence following the tornado, the model homes will be a key element in developing eco-tourism in the vicinity. As local residents gain an opportunity to learn about sustainable construction to build their own houses, visitors will provide revenue for the community and GreenTown. Furthermore, partnering with local builders during construction stands to stimulate the area’s green building industry.