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PORTABLE BATCH PLANT Unveiling its All-Pro 5 portable batch plant, at 5-yd. capacity, the manufacturer emphasizes how a smaller-footprint model reduces


Unveiling its All-Pro 5 portable batch plant, at 5-yd. capacity, the manufacturer emphasizes how a smaller-footprint model reduces installation and operating costs. Also introducing a series of advances for its All-Pro 12 portable batch plant, the company affirms that the compact All-Pro model lineup offers ready mixed producers significant operational and productivity benefits.

The 8-ft.-wide All-Pro 5 delivers the same features as the larger All-Pro 12, product engineers note, and especially suits applications where maneuverability and reduced size are primary considerations. The All-Pro 12 batch plant features truck charging from any angle within a 180-degree arc, improving vehicle flow and simplifying site preparation. Other features include a column-free drive-through structure for truck loading; a larger single- and split-compartment silo; large aggregate storage bins; an overhead automatic recycling truck dust collector; and, a patented Lo-Pro recirculating cement batcher.

The All-Pro portable batch plant features a gate discharge-style aggregate batcher and batch transfer conveyor with Lo-Pro cement batcher suspended overhead, resulting in a reduced overall height as compared to conventional gravity plants. Also maximizing productivity, the manufacturer adds, are quick-response load-cell systems for both cement and aggregate weighing to speed the batching process. Thus, output capacity is 150 to 200 yd./hour with the standard 30-in. mixer-charging conveyor or 250 yd./hour with the optional 36-in. conveyor.

The silo is expandable from the standard 400-bbl model to a 1,230-bbl single- or split-compartment unit. Aggregate storage-bin capacity can expand from 60 cu. yd. up to 160 cu. yd. Additionally, two higher-capacity overhead truck mixer dust-control systems are offered as alternatives to the standard overhead plant-mounted PJ-980D. Reportedly easy to set up and operate, the prewired and preplumbed All-Pro plant arrives with factory UL-listed panels in fewer truckloads for reduced shipping costs. Con-E-Co


Complementing its 400-psi Powerlite pinner, the company’s new GS865E SuperPinner has been introduced to U.S. and Canadian markets. Weighing 9.7 lb., it reportedly can shoot _-in. to 29/16-in.-long concrete pins. It features a sequential trip trigger, reversible belt hook, safety lock-out mechanism, easy jam clear door, one-step loading, and LED low-battery indicator. The GS865E holds 40 pins in the magazine and comes with battery, charger, and carrying case. Applications include installing metal track as well as steel and sill plate to concrete. Max USA Corp.


Eyeing fall prevention for maintenance or plant staff accessing or servicing tanker manholes, the manufacturer is offering a retractable set of hand rails as an optional feature on its recently developed pneumatic trailer line, or as retrofit kit for all existing trailer makes. The tubular aluminum rails are operated by an air valve located forward of the rear fenders; when raised, they are securely locked into position. When retracted, they fold into a locked position lower than the manhole height. As an added measure, when the rails are raised, the brakes on the truck-trailer are locked to prevent any movement until the handrail is lowered. MAC Trailer Mfg.


Company’s 2009-2010 Extended Product Catalog showcases its full equipment line, from loading-rack and fall-protection solutions to accessories designed for safety, transportation and processing markets. Among catalog highlights are G4 Series Gangway systems, manufactured by a metal-stamping technology using mainly aluminum parts, which are stamped out in a tool-and-die process and formed by bending into the required shape Û eliminating the need for welding Û to create a stronger, yet lighter gangway that is smoother to operate, product developers affirm.

Additional loading-rack and fall-protection solutions detailed in the catalog include:

  • Permacable Horizontal Lifeline System comprises a synthetic, lightweight cable strung between L- or T-shaped supports along railcar sidings. Weather-, chemical- and corrosion-resistant, it can support up to four workers at a time. The orange cable turns a bright red when it wears, alerting the operator of the need for replacement.
  • Track-Mounted Gangways slide horizontally to the location requiring access to a vehicle’s topside, making it suitable for trucks with multi-compartment hatches. The solution can be combined with a new platform or retrofitted to an existing system.
  • Safety Cages suit facilities where operators need to access a tank truck or railcar top more than six feet off the ground, where fall protection systems are required. The safety cages are offered in a variety of sizes and configurations to fit job demands.
  • Portable Access Units for locations where permanent platforms aren’t practical roll into place and extend over the railcar or tank truck to offer fall protection and flexibility in either railcar or tank-truck loading/unloading applications. SafeRack, LLC


Fabricated from recycled resin, EcoStud is designed for furring out block or poured concrete walls. It provides a thermal break when attached directly to exterior concrete or block and does not rot, rust, corrode, support mold or termite growth. The product suits all forms of insulation, e.g., fiberglass bat, blown-in cellulose, and extruded polystyrene foam. When used with spray-applied, high-density closed cell foam, it ensures a continuous moisture barrier and insulation package, the manufacturer affirms. Superior Polymer Products


The PH150-C ExStik features a flat-surface electrode design to provide on-the-spot pH measurements, the manufacturer affirms. Moreover, the kit’s waterproof/dustproof design (IP570) floats in water and protects the meter in wet environments. In addition to a flat-surface electrode, the test assembly includes a protective sensor cap, sample cup, plastic stand to help keep the meter in place, 3-ft. extension cable with weighted probe guard, plastic bottle, four 3V CR2032 button batteries, 48-in. neckstrap, and carrying case.

The PH150-C’s extension cable with electrode-protecting probe guard facilitates readings on flat concrete, product developers note, as the rust-resistant metal weight helps keep the electrode in contact with wet surfaces. The test kit’s Renew indicator signals when to replace the electrode, and a CAL alert informs the user when it is time to recalibrate. The PH150-C ExStik meter includes a dual display with numerical readout and analog bar graph. The memory function records and recalls 25 sequentially tagged readings, allowing detection of changes over time. One-, two-, or three-point calibration automatically recognizes buffer solutions, and the kit features simultaneous pH and temperature displays. Extech Instruments


Part of the Lenton line of concrete reinforcement products, supports suit tilt-up, precast and cast-in-place slab and deck construction. The line, including Rebar Chairs, Slab/Beam Bolsters and Wagon Wheels, works with all types of reinforcing steel, e.g., stainless, black and epoxy-coated rebar.

Featuring a natural color to blend in with the concrete, the manufacturer notes, the rebar supports are strong, lightweight, and chemical resistant. Packaged in heavy-duty, UV-protected poly bags for ease of movement on the job site, they are specified whenever corrosion-free support is required. The company’s entire product line qualifies as CRSI Class 1 bar supports.

Rebar Chairs are constructed of high-impact polypropylene and feature a minimum bearing strength of 400 lb. each. Larger sizes include an arch for placement over lower bars in the mat. Slab/Beam Bolsters, featuring legs of high-impact polyethylene, provide minimum strength of 400 lb. per lineal foot (600 kg/m). Strength is enhanced by a supporting crossbar containing plastic-coated, high-strength steel wire. Wagon Wheels are constructed of solid yet flexible polyethylene. Erico


Noting third-quarter availability, the manufacturer affirms that new Bobcat M-Series skid-steer and compact track loaders feature the most significant design changes undertaken by the company since it introduced the skid-steel loader 50-plus years ago. M-Series models comprise the S630 skid-steer loader and the T630 compact track loader; the S650 and the T650 (available in August); plus, additional models to be unveiled in the future.

The S630 has a 2,180-lb. rated operating capacity (ROC) and a 7,707-lb. operating weight. The S650 has a 2,690-lb. ROC and an 8,327-lb. operating weight; T630 has a 2,230-lb. ROC and a 9,015-lb. operating weight; and, T650 has a 2,570-lb. ROC and an 9,440-lb. operating weight.

Among features said to distinguish its M-Series loaders, the manufacturer cites a cab-forward design that brings the operator closer to the work area and provides better overall visibility. Additionally, a larger door reportedly improves visibility and facilitates entry and exit of the machine. Also improving comfort and working conditions, the company notes, are increased window sizes on cab sides, rear and top; best-in-class pressurized cab to keep interior clean; new engine mounts, reducing noise by more than 60 percent and decreasing vibration; greater availability of adjustments to the seat; and, Selectable Joystick Controls that move up and down with the seat.

M-Series’ long-lasting productivity is attributed to higher standard flow and pressure on the hydraulic system; removable hydraulic hose guide to protect hose and facilitate changing and routing attachments; increased tractive effort by 15 to 20 percent; hydraulic couplers mounted on front plate to protect hoses and couplers from damage; and, lower rear frame extending beyond the tailgate to protect the machine from obstacles, scrapes and bumps. Simplified maintenance is achieved though hydraulic sight gauge and end-greased pivot pins. Bobcat Co.


The latest addition to the company’s line of soil reinforcement and composite geosynthetic products, Neoweb is a honeycombed, cellular confinement system (geocell) that, when filled with soil, stabilizes soft ground and reinforces pavement structures. Making the way soil is reinforced a faster, smarter, and more cost-efficient process, product developers affirm, it is a sustainable solution that is simple to deploy, yet highly durable. Applications range from paved and unpaved roads and railways to slope reinforcement, earth stabilization, and channel erosion protection, as well as retention projects to landfills and reservoirs.

Especially suited to roadway projects subject to stringent load-capacity, aggregates, durability and cost-containment requirements-even in the face of construction on weak soils-Neoweb reportedly has been proven to reduce infill quantities by up to 50 percent utilizing inferior local fill materials or recycled material. This in turn have saved installation time, labor and costs while reducing projects’ carbon footprint. Neoweb meets ISO 9001:2000, CE and other international quality standards for materials, workmanship, and all manufacturing processes. For easy customizing to specific projects and applications, cell heights range from three to eight inches; and, sections are tri-folded, shrink-wrapped and palletized for shipment. Strata Systems


Videos now available on the company’s website detail proper and effective use of Slick-Pak pumping products and Super Air Plus air-entraining admixtures. A video on Fill Flow, which increases volume and optimizes consistency of flowable fill (CLSM), soon will be added to complete the initial series.

Each video provides a snapshot of the product in use, accompanied by customer testimonial at the jobsite and instructional commentary. Product developers emphasize that the video series is intended to aid viewers in quickly understanding and assessing the benefits for concrete operations of using premeasured powdered admixtures in patented water-soluble bags. Fritz-Pak


Easy-to-use color packets recently have been added to the company’s resurfacing product line, formulated to add texture and provide a durable, decorative finish for interior or exterior hardscapes. Now, users can choose from 30-plus contemporary colors for any type of vertical or horizontal concrete surface, old or new.

The color pack is mixed into Instant or Heavy Traffic Resurfacer liquid and applied to achieve color and surface effects without need for staining. On a clean, porous hardscape lacking visible cracks or unsound concrete, the Color Pack/Resurfacer mixture helps achieve a stamped look upon pouring and troweling. Pressure on the trowel determines finish coarseness. If using a hopper gun and air compressor, standard air pressure for optimum finish is between 15 and 35 psi.

Suitable for patios, walkways, garage floors, driveways and lanais, Instant and Heavy Traffic Resurfacers provide adhesion and resist mildew as well as skids. Additionally, the Heavy Traffic version is resistant to freezing, thawing, and the wear of vehicular traffic. H&C Concrete Stain


The Model C1-2 Spirofil Bulk Bag Filler provides a solution for users aiming to fill bags by weight. If the bags are filled with content intended for resale by weight, the C1-2 Spirofil includes a load-cell mounted weigh platform that can be NTEP approved. [The National Type Evaluation Program is based on National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Handbook 44. NTEP approval is not required if bag contents are to be used internally.] Filling rates of up to 20 bags per hour are possible with integral roller conveyors and other options allowing further system automation.

The Bulk Bag Fillers are designed to ensure bags are filled in a dust-free manner, the manufacturer notes, without spillage and to the desired weight. Filling is achieved through an inflatable neck seal, while bag contents are monitored by the weigh batch controller, which closes the filler valve as soon as the desired weight is reached. An annulus around the filling spout facilitates escape of displaced air from the bag either through a filter sock, an integral filter unit, or a central dust collection system. Bags are filled erect and upright for greater stability and safer handling, storage and transportation.

The C1-2 model offers the option of automatic 1) operation of the bag hook latches, 2) deflation of the neck seal, and 3) operation of powered rollers; therefore, upon reaching the targeted weight Û other than manual removal of bag neck from fill head Û the bag is automatically detached from the filler and placed on an accumulating conveyor. The process can be accomplished to the front or one side of the filler to suit a given layout.

Three system configurations are available: two variations of a two-post design and one variation of a four-post design. In the two-post design, bag loops are supported on twin, horizontal tubular supports or suspended from manually operated latchable hooks. In the four-post design, bag loops are suspended from manually operated latchable hooks.

To suit bags of different sizes, a Spirofil Model C3 Bag Filler features automatic height adjustment. It is available in Fill-by-Volume or Fill-by-Weight versions. Spiroflow Systems


Tampa Truck Salvage provides fleets with used truck parts, emphasizing that good-quality used components can help ready mixed producers keep their aging fleets on the road. In the current economy, with upwards of 50 percent of the industry’s fleet idle, Tampa Truck cautions against the temptation to cannibalize parked trucks rather than purchase additional parts for the working fleet. However, eventual economic recovery will bring a day of reckoning, notes Manager Lex Goldenberg, who advises that securing used parts versus cannibalizing parked vehicles provides a better return on investment over time.

Virtually every ready mixed operation we visit has a number of trucks parked, and many of them now are inoperable, because parts have been robbed to keep the other trucks running, he explains. Yet, while signs of a looming economic turnaround are still distant, little flickers of recovery are evident. Entering the summer, Goldenberg notes, We’re getting more calls than six months ago. Fleet managers are beginning to understand that, at some point, their fleets are going to need to be operational.

Among the used truck parts supplied by Tampa Truck Salvage are large Class 8 cab components, diesel engines of every make and size, transmissions and suspensions. Goldenberg recommends that fleet managers consider the long-term goal of each truck within the fleet. If putting it back to work or selling it are likely options, used parts can help to ensure the vehicle remains an operational unit. Û, 813/247-6801


In view of a hard hit construction industry, Kryton International cites an opportunity for ready mixed producers to achieve higher returns with Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM), an integral waterproofing admixture. Ready mixed producers can command a premium for their concrete, says Kryton CEO Kari Yuers. KIM also opens up a revenue stream by giving them access to dollars that would normally go to waterproofing applicators.

Kryton’s flagship product, KIM is a cementitious chemical admixture introduced directly to the concrete mix, eliminating the need for conventional external waterproofing membranes. It is compatible with most superplasticizers and accelerators, and can be used in mixes containing fly ash, silica fume and slag cement to provide permanent waterproofing for a concrete structure’s service life.

KIM is a key component of the Krystol Concrete Waterproofing System, billed as the first crystalline waterproofing admixture that transforms porous concrete into an impermeable barrier. The waterproofing technology relies on proprietary Krystol chemicals that, when combined with water and concrete, react with unhydrated cement particles to form millions of needle-like crystals. These crystals grow and fill the naturally occurring pores and voids in concrete to permanently block water flow. If cracks form due to settling or shrinkage, incoming water triggers the crystallization process again, even years after the concrete has set.

Additionally, Kryton recently launched the first integral waterproofing certification program designed specifically for ready mixed producers. KIM Certification Û at no cost Û verifies that participants understand proper and effective use of the Krystol system, providing assurance to contractors and confidence to ready mixed suppliers, the company affirms. Û


A leading North American distributor of facilities maintenance supplies, the company offers a new occupational health and safety catalog featuring double its previous product selection, including more safety footwear and clothing, as well as training and reference materials. The catalog is organized by key safety issues and Occupational Safety & Heath Administration standards, facilitating compliance by enabling customers to find solutions for their safety-related needs. It is offered in printed format and online at

In addition to using the new catalog, customers can stay current on latest safety developments Û at no cost Û via the company’s On the Job webinars that feature third-party industry experts addressing critical topics such as arc flash, lockout/tagout, and fall protection. The webinar schedule and archives can be accessed at

Additionally, Grainger’s Inventory Solutions Program helps businesses manage their safety supply inventory, thereby saving time, reducing the possibility of stock outages, streamlining and optimizing inventory. The company also offers access to safety sales specialists, who can connect customers with key safety suppliers to provide technical expertise that includes surveys, hazard assessments, and compliance audits. Û


The 2009 Buyers’ Guide contained an incorrect phone number for this ready mixed and precast batch plant equipment supplier:

Sicoma North America Inc
1465 Savannah Ave., Suite B
Tarpon Springs, FL 34689
[email protected]