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PLASTICIZING, WATER-REPELLENT ADMIXTURES The RheoFIT 900 line of water-repellent plasticizing admixtures is specially formulated to improve production


The RheoFIT 900 line of water-repellent plasticizing admixtures is specially formulated to improve production efficiency and enhance aesthetic appeal of manufactured concrete products, the company notes. The plasticizers used in combination with Rheopel Plus admixture offer greater benefits, i.e., additional efflorescence control, strength, density and absorption, as well as cost savings due to reduced color loadings, typically by 10 to 12 percent.

Addressing any swipe requirements, the admixture line includes RheoFIT 900 for light swipe and RheoFIT 900 S for moderate to heavy swipe. The plasticizers reportedly surpass traditional formulas by dispersing cement, pozzolans and integral pigments, as well as reducing compaction resistance and optimizing material feed and distribution. Consequently, both RheoFIT 900 admixtures increase production rates, plus compressive and flexural strengths, while improving surface finish characteristics through reduced breakage and culls and better color and texture, the manufacturer asserts. They suit applications including concrete block, concrete pavers, segmental retaining walls, hollow-core slabs, concrete pipe and concrete roof tiles. BASF Admixtures Systems


Improved model features a stronger frame, softer nonmarking knee pads, and comfortable straps that secure it in place, allowing users to walk around with ease. When kneeling for long periods of time, whether laying pavers or setting tile, the KneeSeat will protect workers’ knees, support ankles, and provide much needed back relief, company engineers note. Pave Tech Hardscape Outfitters


Hand-held tool for use on ICF consists of a single-phase 115-volt electric vibrator mounted on an aluminum board with handles. After concrete is poured in the form, the tool is applied to the ICF exterior, starting at the bottom and working upward. From the outside, the tool vibrates the concrete inside the form, allowing air to float up and out of the mix, creating a consolidated, compacted structure.

Since voids and honeycombing can affect the structural integrity of walls Û especially in corners and lintels, where strength is critical, and using internal concrete vibrators is difficult as well as damaging to the tool if caught up in rebar Û the ICF vibrator creates strong, energy-efficient ICF walls by addressing such issues to ensure thorough concrete consolidation. Houston Vibrator, Ltd.


The company’s new Adjustable Load Lifter enables cranes to handle a wider range of loads, product engineers note. Featuring a 2-ton rated capacity, the lifter allows adjustments to fit a load, as the lifting bail adapts to the correct center of gravity for balanced handling; the throat opening is adjustable for different load heights; and, the fork spread also can be adapted to loads of various dimensions. Additionally, the Adjustable Load Lifter is equipped with an auto-return bail to hang level when empty, saving time and effort. Caldwell Group


Designed to crush cull block, tile and pipe into reusable aggregates, the manufacturer notes, the high-capacity C-3 Hammermill Crusher turns waste concrete into profit by lowering raw material costs and eliminating the expense of hauling waste to a disposal site. The unit features a heavy-duty, steel-plate main body welded into a solid unit. Engineered for continuous action, its crushing chamber incorporates a replaceable alloy liner. An extra-large throat allows the crusher to be charged via front-end loader.

Providing greater uniformity of processed material, a sizing grate is positioned at the bottom of the crushing chamber, directly below the rotor. Various grate openings are available to produce particle sizes within a range of 11 gradations spanning 1_- to ?-in. Changing from one size to another requires only minutes, the manufacturer affirms. And, the sizing grate, constructed of heavy steel bars, is reversible for extra wear.

C-3 Hammermill capacities are 40 to 50 tons/hour, crushing solid 200-sq.-in. concrete to ?-in. particle size or dry cull concrete block to 3/16-in. with a 75 hp motor.