Scale-Tron, Italy’s Ocmer Announce Mixer Offerings

Scale-Tron has announced the addition of RG Twin Shaft and SF Planetary mixers as part of an Ocmix product line from Ocmer, the Italian leader in batch

Scale-Tron has announced the addition of RG Twin Shaft and SF Planetary mixers as part of an Ocmix product line from Ocmer, the Italian leader in batch plant equipment. Renowned in Europe and other continents for fast mixing action, Ocmix RG and SF models provide savings on cement for a given quality of concrete, as compared to less vigorous tilt, drum and pan mixers, Scale-Tron affirms.

Additionally, the Ocmix RG Twin Shaft mixer features a strong shell and rugged reliability. Since its belt reducer and two-stage planetary gearbox generate less heat, no separate oil cooler is required, even for 24/7 duty. Standard Ocmix RG features cited by Scale-Tron representatives include more paddles than typically found on twin-shaft models of comparable size; hard-wearing liner plates; positive shaft seals that can last for the life of the mixer; plus, easy-access, single-day shaft and bearing replacement, if needed. Ranging in size from two to 10.5 yards, the twin-shaft mixers yield 80 to 427 yards of compacted concrete per hour.

Options include high-pressure washout; reduced-size discharge door; heavy-duty piggyback aggregate hopper; and, fully galvanized cement and water scales. Combined with Scale-Tron controls, the company contends, Ocmix RG entails one of the lowest lifetime costs in both new and existing plants for precast and other concrete products.

The Ocmix SF Planetary mixer, introduced two years ago in Europe, incorporates the latest technical advances in a well-rounded design that combines a wider-than-usual pan with up to three mixing stars of three blades each to provide fast mixing action and rapid, complete discharge, Scale-Tron asserts. A one-piece, cast-shell gearbox achieves speed reduction with planetary action, resulting in a rugged, long-lasting power train driven by a single motor via hydraulic clutch to eliminate shock load damage, while allowing repeated startup with a full load when necessary. The standard wear liner of 18-mm Hardox 500 is not prone to cracking or breakage common to ni-hard cast iron parts. Hardox 600 is optional.

Standard Ocmix SF features include automatic greasing of critical parts and large, waterproof, hydraulically operated discharge doors. Among SF model options are skip hoist; fully galvanized, heavy-duty piggyback cement and water scales; weighed admixture dispensers; automatic high-pressure washout; and, microwave moisture control.

The planetary mixers, ranging in size from one-third to four yards, yield from 10 to 120 yards of compacted concrete per hour. Implemented with Scale-Tron controls and plant components from allied company McCoy Equipment, Ocmix SF is a rugged workhorse for all types of concrete production in both new and existing facilities, the supplier notes. Û