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FAUX STONE VENEER, MASONRY RAINSCREEN The company’s newly rebranded Home Slicker Stone & Stucco is a rainscreen product designed specifically for stone,


The company’s newly rebranded Home Slicker Stone & Stucco is a rainscreen product designed specifically for stone, stucco, and masonry applications. Also available is a Blockade Mortar Deflection System for brick wall cavities.

In view of current construction designs that call for manufactured stone to be applied directly against metal lathe, which is placed against the plywood sheathing and water-resistant barrier Û allowing any moisture that penetrates the exterior cladding to become trapped Û building science experts recommend a rainscreen system for walls in masonry applications to allow trapped moisture to drain, the manufacturer asserts.

Providing a continuous drainage and ventilation space, the company adds, rainscreen systems are especially effective in areas prone to excessive moisture, high temperatures, and humidity. Accordingly, Home Slicker Stone & Stucco supplies a vertically channeled matrix that forms the air space, while its breathable fabric blocks mortar from seeping into the newly formed cavity, allowing moisture to pass through.

Additionally, the new Blockade Mortar Deflection System will help keep brick walls free of the deteriorating effects of mold and moisture that can become trapped behind brick exteriors. Preventing mortar droppings from clogging weep holes, the system prolongs the service life brick wall assemblies. Benjamin Obdyke Inc.


The VPE-1 with an electric power station is designed for handling heavy porous blocks and construction materials weighing up to 4,000 lb., the manufacturer notes. It features an oversized vacuum pump with a foam sealed-ring suction pad. Suitable for use in the plant or on a job site, the below-the-hook device is self-contained with an electric vacuum power station.

The VPE-1 is equipped with a remote pendant and features an ergonomic handle, as well as an all-welded steel frame and parking stands to protect the foam sealing ring suction pad when not in use. Also included is a VacGuard control system with a vacuum reservoir and audible and visual leakage warning alarms. Anver Corp.


Solid Rock Carbide SDS Plus drill bits [DW5501 – DW5541] are designed for drilling holes in high-strength and reinforced concrete, block, and pan decking. They feature an innovative bonding system used to affix the carbide tip to the flute, product developers note, providing extreme durability and longer bit life.

Ranging in size from 5/32- to _-in., the Solid Rock Carbide SDS Plus drill bits feature a full-head, four-cutter design that incorporates two times more carbide for five times greater durability than competitive two-cutter bits, the manufacturer affirms. Additionally, the drill bits’ four-flute design provides four separate channels for optimum debris removal and faster drilling. DeWalt


Steel chamfer provides what the manufacturer notes are clean, straight, beveled edges for precast panels. Product is easy to weld or silicone in place, creating a tight seal against the casting surface. Moreover, cleanup is quick, and the durability of steel allows repeated use. One-, _-, and Ê-in. chamfer and reveal strips can be shipped immediately. For even easier set-up, magnetic steel chamfer and reveal strips also are available. Hamilton Form


Designed to handle cured concrete products, new Model CGCS grabs automatically adjust to the load size within a given range. Capacities range from 551 to 2,200 lb. The grabs are available with serrated steel cams or polyurethane pads to grip the load without damaging the surface. All models have an easy to release manual latch.

Additionally, new Model UGC handle clamps feature multiple load ranges to increase their versatility, as the machined pad surface grips the load. Models are available with a carrying handle only (Model UGC-150) or with a carrying handle and lifting lugs. Capacities range from 330 to 551 lb. Caldwell Group


The CEL-350 dBadge micro noise dosimeter is designed to measure an employee’s noise exposure throughout the working day to uncover hazardous areas and assure compliance with OSHA, NIOSH or ISO (European) regulations. Features such as a built-in display, cable-free architecture, simultaneous measurement of both OSHA and ISO parameters, and faster battery recharging Û all contained within unobtrusive, 2-oz. housing Û permit a small size without compromising performance, product developers affirm.

Attached to the employee’s shirt, overalls or hardhat, the CEL-350 dBadge can be worn comfortably all day Û no microphone cables or other external equipment are required. The instrument is operated with only two buttons located on its side; and, auto-calibration for setup is performed with any standard acoustic calibrator. Once in operation, the unit captures a time history for every noise event, including average noise level and peak value, which is logged in one-minute values for later analysis. Its 64kB memory stores up to 180 hours of data. Casella USA