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COLORING ADMIXTURES Rheocolor L liquid coloring admixtures for decorative concrete are based on a patented formula that offers 50 new colors ranging from


Rheocolor L liquid coloring admixtures for decorative concrete are based on a patented formula that offers 50 new colors ranging from warm reds and golds to cool grays and browns. Suited to ready mixed or precast, the new admixture line helps create a distinctive look and texture, product developers affirm; and, the four Rheocolor L base colors Û light red, medium red, yellow and black Û can be used to make a wide range of custom tints.

Added during the batching process, the integral coloring admixtures reportedly exhibit rich coloration from any angle and provide color uniformity, fade resistance and long-lasting vibrancy. Their particular chemistry allows for what company officials describe as excellent batch-to-batch color consistency and accuracy, plus quick dispersion into concrete. Additionally, the company’s advanced CAM [color admixture measuring] Colormaster System enables easy, accurate, and economical dispensing of the liquid coloring admixtures. BASF Construction Chemicals, Admixtures Systems Div.


A new Auto Caller ID feature for the Command Alkon Commandseries product line streamlines order entry for dispatchers. When an incoming call is received by the dispatcher, the device displays a pop-up prompt on the dispatcher’s monitor, which the user can choose to ignore or click on to access Commandseries.

If the call is from a telephone number already in the database, the caller’s name and order history automatically will be displayed before the dispatcher picks up the phone. When the caller’s telephone number is not in the system, a Contacts screen appears with the incoming phone number populated in the appropriate field.

Auto Caller ID features include:

  • Automatic customer lookup for contacts whose telephone numbers are in Commandseries

  • Display of expanded customer order history information on an updated Order Prefix screen, if the contact is associated with a Customer Code

  • New Order Entry screen for the displayed contact, easily opened with the click of a button

  • Automatic display of new Contacts Screen for easy data entry, in the event the caller’s telephone number is not recognized by the system

  • New ways to manually search for a contact within Commandseries, i.e., by phone number and by name

  • Easy integration with the VoiceGate call-processing technology

Auto Caller ID for Commandseries was developed in conjunction with VoiceGate, an innovator since 1980 in the voice processing, call logging, and instant wireless messaging industry. Command Alkon


The latest additions to the F-Series lineup, product engineers announce, L45F and L50F mid-sized wheel loaders feature patented Torque Parallel loader linkage for smooth, parallel lift, high rollback torque, and reliable power throughout the lift range. Moreover, they add, separate power steering and load-sensing hydraulic pumps ensure full steering power, regardless of the load on main hydraulic pumps; and, oil flow on the load-sensing pump automatically adjusts to work demand, resulting in lower fuel consumption during lighter jobs, plus increased component life. Additionally, 100 percent axle differential locks facilitate synchronized tire spin for optimal traction.

Both the L45F and L50F are powered by Tier 3-certified water-cooled turbo-charged Volvo D5 4.8-liter engines. The L50F engine also includes an air-to-air intercooler. Both achieve high torque at low engine speeds, the manufacturer affirms.

Fully hydrostatic transmissions reportedly allow smooth shifting and direction change under full load, prolonging the life of the brakes. To achieve high load capacity, both models incorporate a heavy-duty articulating frame, whose front and rear components are designed for maximum ground clearance, while high-quality steel provides durability, stress resistance, and stability. Volvo


The Iso-Lok Doc Combo combines the features of a lockable document holder with those of a safety lockout station and group lockout box. Securely keeping both Permit to Work documents and lockout equipment in the same unit, all aspects of lockout safety can be controlled and monitored from one central location, the manufacturer notes.

Designed to hold up to 15 keys, padlocks and multi-clasps, the lightweight aluminum box features a durable finish, a tray for dropped-in keys, and removable hooks to hold padlocks inside. Additionally, up to five Permit to Work documents can be stored in the clear Perspex cover sleeve, as well as 10 more in a compartment behind the unit.

After necessary padlock(s) for the job have been removed, the sleeve is secured by up to seven supervisor padlocks. Once the intended isolation is in place, padlock keys are dropped into a slot on top of the box and held until work is complete; the supervisor then opens the Doc Combo, and the lock-out can be safely removed. The unit comes with a pad of 10 Permit to Work documents and can be arranged for left- or right-handed operation. Castell Interlocks


According to the manufacturer, Flexpipe assembly components enable companies to conveniently create custom workstations, carts, and racks. The modular handling system comprises resin-coated steel tubes, steel connectors, conveyor rails and wheels, and various accessories that can be assembled with a simple hex key. Flexpipe advantages cited by the company include simplicity, flexibility, multifunctionality, safety and reusability for businesses seeking continuous improvement, cost reduction, and better ergonomics. Martins Industries


For convenient safety compliance and preventive maintenance, company representatives note, Checker inspection check-list books are available for all industries. They expedite inspection of generators, pumps, compressors, welders, standard fleet vehicles, and construction equipment such as wheel loaders, dump trucks, cranes and hoists, skid steer, and fork lifts.

By standardizing and documenting all inspection routines, the checklists help improve safety initiatives and meet compliance inspection requirements, product developers affirm. Additionally, an optional pouch to store and mount each book on vehicle or machine is available for convenient access. With 150 two-copy carbonless sets per book, each one will last six to seven months on a single-shift operation. Devtra, Inc.


The Intelli-Drive Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) system monitors a batch cycle and decelerates the drum’s rotation between batches or when mix time has been exceeded. The result is increased component life; reduced maintenance costs; less spatter (and clean up time), especially on high slump mix and grout orders; and, optimized discharge speed.

The Intelli-Drive VFD, which Con-E-Co announced at World of Concrete 2009, places less stress on rollers, roller track, and pinion and ring gears when in a reduced speed mode between batches. It also lessens wear on items such as the drum liners and paddle liners. When the PLC senses the drum being loaded, it speeds the mixer back up to a suitable mixing speed. Once the mixer begins tilting for discharge, the PLC again slows the mixer’s rotation. The Intelli-Drive VFD system features an automatic operation that is completely independent of the plant operator, allowing for easy installation with any brand of automation or tilt mixer. Û Concrete Equipment Co.;


Hand-held external vibration tool for use on ICF consists of a single phase 115-volt electric vibrator mounted on an aluminum board with handles. After concrete is poured in the form, the tool is applied to the ICF exterior, starting at the bottom and working upward. From the outside, the tool vibrates the concrete inside the form, allowing air to float up and out of the mix, creating a consolidated, compacted structure.

Since voids and honeycombing can affect the structural integrity of walls Û especially in corners and lintels, where strength is critical and using internal concrete vibrators is difficult as well as damaging to the tool if caught up in rebar Û the ICF vibrator creates strong, energy-efficient ICF walls by addressing such issues to ensure thorough concrete consolidation. Overall, it speeds up production, allows easy vibration of critical areas, and requires little cleaning or maintenance, product engineers contend. Houston Vibrator, Ltd.


New, tighter-fitting Quick-Seal Clamp features an overlap design that creates downward pressure on all 360 degrees of the seal. This uniform force creates an even tighter seal, the manufacturer notes, especially for low positive-pressure systems. Since air leakage is minimized with the Quick-Seal Clamp, product developers affirm, fans don’t have to work as hard and customers gain significant energy savings. Additionally, a longer, stronger handle reportedly improves leverage for easier clamping. Nordfab Ducting


Continuing the momentum of doubling its number of locations in four years, Paccar Leasing Co. announces 14 independently owned additional locations throughout California, Connecticut, Illinois, Louisiana, Oregon, Texas, and Virginia. Full-service leasing is particularly appealing, PacLease officials note, as companies consider the vast number of technological changes that have occurred and are about to take place in trucks and truck components. Customers can custom spec medium- and heavy-duty trucks Û including diesel-electric hybrid equipment Û through PacLease to match their transportation needs; likewise, they can improve fleet operations through on-board technology, paperless fuel tax reporting, insurance and fuel purchasing programs. Û


WEG Electric Corp. introduces an efficient motor/drive combination that can significantly increase motor efficiency in applications requiring variable speed and constant torque. WEG’s high-efficiency AC induction motors paired with new CFW11 inverters featuring Vectrue and OptimalFlux technologies are said by system engineers to reduce heat build-up, double service life, and reduce operating costs.

Patented OptimalFlux technology allows a WEG standard, totally enclosed, fan-cooled (TEFC) induction motor to operate at a much cooler temperature. By contrast to conventional technology that maintains a constant flux, OptimalFlux regulates motor flux levels across the entire speed range for cooler operation, particularly at low speeds where an integral fan no longer provides efficient cooling. For inverter efficiency ratings exceeding 97 percent as well as improved motor control and operational function, WEG asserts, its new generation of CFW11 variable frequency inverters features Vectrue technology combining V/F, sensorless vector, VVW, and vector (with encoder) control techniques in one product. CFW11 inverters use intelligent thermal management to protect insulated-gate bipolar transistors [IGBT] and monitor heatsink and internal air temperature. Each inverter is equipped with a heatsink fan-speed sensor that ensures automatic control with added protection.

Further CFW11 inverter innovations include: plug-and-play (connect and use) technology for easy installation and safe operation; a built-in memory card to create functions without use of an external PLC; and, a USB connection for PC and Windows environments. Û