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INFERN-O-THERM BUILDS HEAT RECOVERY INTO TANK EQUATION Addressing rising fuel-cost and environmental concerns, Infern-O-Therm Corp. has developed a water-heating


Addressing rising fuel-cost and environmental concerns, Infern-O-Therm Corp. has developed a water-heating system using flue-exhaust gas to preheat incoming water in direct-fired tanks. The patent-pending design features a heat exchanger bolted to the exhaust stack with circulation of incoming water through the exchanger, allowing entry into the water tank at an elevated temperature.

The system can be installed on new tanks during fabrication or as a retrofit kit for existing Infern-O-Therm and competitor units. It includes an insulated stack heat exchanger with supply and return ports; water circulation pump; 150-lb. slip-on flange (to be welded to stack); thermometer; electric control panel (NEMA 4); hose and fittings (length to be determined); and, 24-hour time clock.

During filling of the tank, 50_-55_ incoming water circulates through the stack economizer, taking heat from the exhaust gas to increase water temperature prior to circulation to the storage unit. Tests have shown an increase in incoming water temp from 50_F to 82_F at a flow rate of 47 gpm (400 burner). Stack temperature was reduced to 180_.

The preheated water then flows through a spray bar in the tank, enabling the direct-fired system to heat the water as in normal operation. After the tank is full and the burner fires to maintain tank temperature during evening or down times, the circulation pump directs water from the hot tank through the heat exchanger and back into the container.

The Btu of the system will vary, depending on burner size rating and the length of fire-tube installed in the tank. In a setup incorporating an HW-15-400 Infern-O-Therm unit with a 465_ gross stack temp, the economizer raised incoming water temperature by 32_ at a flow rate of 47 gpm. This rates the economizer at 700,000 Btu or six gallons per hour of fuel oil. Û


The latest addition to the company line includes 60-plus aluminum boxes and an assortment of fully adjustable steel truck racks for job-site vehicles. Available in March 2009, the new line of truck boxes and racks will be licensed by Thule, a leading manufacturer of vehicle carrying solutions backed by a lifetime warranty.

Constructed of thick 0.08-in.-grade aluminum, the truck boxes feature a one-piece design that reportedly helps prevent structural collapse of the industrial-grade containers over time. A patented, fully foamed lid provides a solid insulated core for added strength and rigidity. To prevent bending or jamming, the locking mechanism is enclosed; and, over-sized push-button locks enable one-hand access and key lock protection. The truck boxes are available in a range of sizes and styles that can be mounted in various locations in the truck bed.

Heavy-duty industrial-grade steel racks carry up to 1,800 lb. by means of heavy-duty SteelTruss load supports that connect the rail, cross and leg bars. Designed with 2-in.-square steel tubing, the racks are said by product developers to offer 20 percent more steel than traditional round tubing; and, for increased durability, they are equipped with double load bars, which reportedly carry up to 40 percent more load than traditional single bars. DeWalt


For expanded application capabilities, the recently launched Primaax EX system offers an enhanced version of the Primaax heavy-duty, vocational truck air suspension that reportedly improves durability and performance while delivering substantial weight savings. Refinements in the Primaax EX system include enhanced joint integrity and durability, improved handling, increased air spring capacity, greater disc brake compatibility, and improved resistance to torque rod bushing walk-out, the manufacturer notes. Accordingly, Primaax EX suits a variety of construction applications, including concrete mixers, dump trucks, heavy-haul tractors, and truck-mounted cranes.

The air suspension system features cast austempered and shot-peened ductile iron support beams that integrate attachment points for greater reliability. Its geometry features a new frame hanger and torque rod configuration said by product engineers to provide increased roll stiffness and minimal roll steer for improved handling.

Primaax EX will be available at most major truck manufacturers in capacities ranging from 23,000 to 26,000 lb. for single-axle, 46,000 to 52,000 lb. for tandem-axle, and 69,000 to 78,000 lb. for tridem-axle applications. Hendrickson


Renew by QC is a line of nonhazardous, ultra-low-VOC, water-based penetrating concrete staining products free of acid or acrylic. According to the manufacturer, the products effect rejuvenation of colored surfaces or plain gray concrete by minimizing discolorations without altering surface texture.

Made especially for use with existing, unsealed, interior or exterior concrete and other cementitious surfaces, Renew by QC provides four environmentally friendly concrete staining products that reportedly are easy to use as well as low-maintenance with excellent recoatability.

  • Renew by QC Solid Color Concrete Stain is a polymer-modified, water-based solid concrete color stain that penetrates the surface of concrete, forming an opaque, breathable finish that does not require a sealer.
  • Renew by QC Translucent Stain is a translucent stain used over the Solid Color Stain in contrasting color to produce an antiquing effect.
  • Renew by QC Primer is a primer used when applying only Translucent Stain.
  • Renew by QC Color Additive is a color enhancer for use with Translucent Stain.

For Solid Color Stain, Translucent Stain, and Color Additive, standard tints can be chosen from the QC Color Hardener color chart.

Renew by QC products can be used to create specialty decorative designs with stencils. Applications include high traffic areas, patios, theme parks, resorts, city buildings, pool decks, and driveways. QC Construction Products


Chemthane 2261 spray-applied coatings are specifically engineered for corrosion protection of galvanized steel structures. The 100 percent solids, zero-VOC, fast-cure coating is applied in a single coat directly to a prepared substrate, using a multi-pass technique. The two-component system contains no solvents, and no primer is required.

Using Chemthane 2261 significantly extends the service life of galvanized steel structures, the manufacturer asserts. The fast-set, spray polyurethane is applied to grit-blasted (2 mil profile) galvanized steel for ground level protection against damage during installation or mechanical impact while in transit. The coating’s high impact strength is expressed in a Shore D hardness of 75.

Moreover, Chemthane offers outstanding corrosion protection when applied directly to the substrate at thicknesses from 18-40 mils, company officials note. It provides good microbe and chemical resistance, they add, further preventing the development of steel corrosion. Chemline Inc.


At World of Concrete 2009 in Las Vegas, concrete material crushing will be demonstrated with an Eco-Crusher BF model excavator-mounted jaw crusher bucket. Concrete and demolition contractors will observe how the Eco-Crusher scoops and crushes material that contractors typically pay hundreds of dollars per truckload to haul away, the manufacturer notes.

The Eco-Crusher line includes BF60 for 18,000-lb. or larger excavators; the BF70 for 28,000-lb. or larger excavators; BF90 for 48,000-lb. or larger excavators; and, BF120 for 68,000-lb. and larger excavators. The newest bucket, a heavy-duty HD90 for 58,000-lb. and larger excavators, is well suited to crushing natural aggregates.

Production rates range from 15 tph on the smallest bucket to 99 tph on the largest. The bucket is designed to crush material of 15-in.-minus maximum input thickness for recycle and 10-in.-minus for aggregate into end product within a 6-in. to 1-in.-minus range, depending on bucket size and closed-side setting configuration. Giberson Enterprises


C&W Manufacturing and Sales Co. announces its new Slump Master Generation 3 Safety Inspection Platform, whose patent-pending design, company officials note, affords ready mixed producers innovative means to safely and easily check concrete slump, add fiber, and wash trucks. Built for harsh environments, the Slump Master III reportedly has been designed in compliance with OSHA guidelines for long-lasting durability and user safety.

To be unveiled at World of Concrete 2009, the Generation 3 model constitutes the second redesign of the original Slump Master introduced by C&W in 1997 to create a safe, convenient platform for slump inspection at ready mixed operations. Slump Master III features include:

  • Hands-free pivoting walkway with multi-torsion spring mechanism to automatically lower, raise, and lock the pivot deck as personnel walk on and off
  • Durable galvanized steel construction with innovative meniscus fiberglass decking and sand-infused fiberglass stairs
  • Permanent grit surface on fiberglass stairs and decking for rugged slip- and corrosion-resistant surfaces, plus tapered bars that allow for self-cleaning (no scraping, sandblasting, or painted needed)
  • Single or Double pivot deck available, with the double requiring only one tower, thus creating a smaller footprint
  • Options Û Pallet Rack to hold fiber additives; and, Wash-down Platform for a safe and level area to wash sides of trucks

The versatile Slump Master III can be used with both front- and rear-discharge trucks. Û