Aci Titles Tackle Fire Safety, Nanotechnology

Helping concrete industry professionals stay abreast of latest information and technology, the American Concrete Institute (ACI) announces its release

Helping concrete industry professionals stay abreast of latest information and technology, the American Concrete Institute (ACI) announces its release of six new publications and CD-ROMs. All publications can be ordered by calling 248/848-3800 or visiting the ACI web site at

  1. Nanotechnology of Concrete: Recent Developments and Future Perspectives (SP-254) consists of ten papers presented at a technical session sponsored by ACI Committee 236, Materials of Science of Concrete, at the ACI Fall 2006 Convention in Denver, Colo. Papers collected in the 164-page volume [Order Code: SP254.PR] include Nanotechnology in Construction: A Roadmap for Development; Nanotechnology and Concrete: Research Opportunities; Molecular Engineering of the Cohesion in Neat and Hybrid Cement Hydrates; and, Use of Atomic Force Microscopy and Nanoindentation for Characterization of Cementitious Materials at the Nanoscale. Price: $79.50 (ACI members $48.00)

  2. Troubleshooting Concrete Construction (SCM-17(08)) covers materials and proportioning of concrete; reinforcing and prestressing steels; concrete production, placing, finishing, and curing; and, formwork design and construction. Specified in the 245-page document [Order Code: SCM1708.PR] are methods for treatment of joints and embedded items, repair of surface defects, and finishing of formed and unformed surfaces. Separate sections are devoted to architectural, lightweight, prestressed, mass, and shrinkage-compensating concretes. Also included are provisions governing testing, evaluation, and acceptance of concrete, as well as acceptance of the structure. Price: $98.50 (ACI members $59.00)

  3. Guide for the Analysis, Design, and Construction of Elevated Concrete and Composite Steel-Concrete Water Storage Tanks (371R-08) presents recommendations for materials, analysis, design, and construction of concrete-pedestal elevated water storage tanks. Included in the 41-page manual [Order Code: 37108.PR] are guidelines for both all-concrete and composite tanks, i.e., a steel water storage vessel supported on a cylindrical reinforced concrete pedestal. Price: $65.50 (ACI members $40.00)

  4. Designing Concrete Structures for Fire Safety CD-ROM (SP-255) aims to present latest research on concrete fire performance. Included on the CD-ROM [Order Code: SP255CD.PR] are 10 papers reviewing results from both experimental and numerical studies targeting a range of aspects from material properties at elevated temperatures to optimum solutions for overcoming spalling in high-strength concrete members exposed to fire. Price: $68.50 (ACI members $41.00)

  5. Internal Curing of High Performance Concrete: Lab and Field Experiences CD-ROM (SP-256) contains papers presented at the Fall 2007 American Concrete Institute Convention in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. Featured on the CD-ROM [Order Code: SP256CD.PR] are discussions by an international gathering of engineers and material scientists on such topics as laboratory research, case studies, and practical applications related to internal curing of high-performance concretes. Price: $56.50 (ACI members $34.00)

  6. FRP Stay-in-Place Forms for Concrete Structures CD-ROM (SP-257) consists of 11 papers presented in two special sessions sponsored by ACI Committee 440 at the ACI Spring Convention in Los Angeles. The technical papers published in this collection [Order Code: SP257CD.PR] cover both open and closed fiber-reinforced polymer forms, including those for bridge decks, concrete-filled tubes, and girders, addressing relevant aspects such as surface preparation, bond aspects, fatigue, constructibility, confinement, and field applications. Price: $65.50 (ACI members $40.00)