Concrete Equipment & Products: Part Two | September 2008

PAVER INSTALLER’S STRING COLLAR To help pavement installers avoid time-wasting knots and line resetting, the company asserts, its improved StringAlong


To help pavement installers avoid time-wasting knots and line resetting, the company asserts, its improved StringAlong adjustable collar allows the string line to be removed and put back up without losing proper height. The new string-line collars offer deeper gripping teeth, enabling multiple lines to be attached to just one groove. Moreover, two sets of teeth allow for easier, quicker, and more secure locking of the string line into place, product developers affirm.

Safety orange coloring makes stakes more visible and dropped collars easier to find. StringAlongs fit any ?- to 1-in.-diameter stakes. Pave Tech, Inc.


New SG31 combines a noise-reduction rating of 31 decibels with low cost, light weight and comfort, the manufacturer notes. The hearing protection device is reportedly effective in extreme noise environments, including manufacturing plants and construction sites.

Instead of electronics, the mechanical energy of sound waves is used via patented ZEM technology to minimize sound before it reaches the ear. Accordingly, the company cites multiple benefits offered by SG31 as compared to ear muffs, ear plugs, and ear bands, including:

  • Consistent protection without distortion across all frequencies Û While fully protected from harmful noise, the wearer can discern speech and other important ambient sounds.
  • Significantly less expensive than ear muffs and more cost-effective in day-to-day use than ear plugs
  • Reliable fit and performance, not compromised by glasses and safety goggles
  • Total weight less than two ounces for comfortable wear, even in hot, humid settings
  • No batteries or expensive battery replacement required
  • Adjustable to the wearer’s head size
  • Collapsible Û Folds up to store in a pocket or drawer when not in use

SG31 is available in black or loden green and is supplied with two pairs of replacement cuffs and carrying case.

SensGard SG26, featuring a noise-reduction rating of 26 decibels, is available in a choice of gray, red, blue or orange. It also is supplied with two pairs of replacement cuffs and a carrying case. SensGard


The manufacturer now offers covers for tilt-up and precast panels in addition to its stay-in-place PVC concrete forming systems. The panel covers are made by connecting multiple PVC wall components to form a single unit. The length of panels can be customized by increasing or decreasing the number of wall components.

The PVC covers are used as bases and cast into concrete panels with a maximum height of 30 feet. When the panels are built, their tops are left bare once the concrete is poured. After the concrete sets, the panel covers stay in place, and panels are tilted into position using a crane. They are then welded on to anchors already embedded in the concrete footing to form a structure’s walls.

The panel covers allow contractors the flexibility to custom finish a wall’s exterior concrete surface. Further, the manufacturer notes, the panel covers are easy to clean, finished when formed, and durable. They are available in white, beige, and light grey; and, custom colors are available upon request. The panel covers come in three profiles: flat, corrugated and octagonal. Insulation can be added during panel construction to reduce heating and cooling costs. Octaform Systems Inc.


Among specialty tools the manufacturer offers reportedly to handle any job from small projects to heavy demolition, the new Hooker features a reversed hook Û instead of the traditional Shepherd’s Crook rocker head Û to increase sweepclaw leverage and provide 180-degree travel capacity. It is constructed from drop-forged, spring-tempered steel for heavy-duty use and has sharp, tapered blades for easy insertion and three beveled nail slots for ease in reaching and pulling nails.

In addition, a smaller version of the company’s Superbar Û the Stubby Û is now available. The 12-in.-long tool is said by product developers to suit prying, nail pulling, and smaller projects, complementing 15- and 21-in. XL Superbars in the tool box. For scraping paint and prying molding, the new Bantom Bar is offered in two versions: one angled at 45 degrees and the other at 90 degrees, both with sharpened scraper blades on opposite ends.


The company’s adjustable load lifter allows cranes to safely handle a wide range of loads, as the lifting bail adjusts to the correct center of gravity for balanced handling. The throat opening adjusts for load height, and the fork spread is adaptable on the Tri-Adjustable model. The lifter also is equipped with an auto-return bail to hang level when empty. Models are available in 1- and 2-ton capacities. Construction Lifters


A new four-page Spinner-Grip Fastening System brochure highlights the company’s proprietary flange lock nuts and flange locking bolts. Used in combination, the components reportedly double locking power, increase product reliability and safety, allow longer maintenance intervals and product life, and save money by eliminating the need for other locking hardware. Used separately, the nuts and bolts offer holding power for heavy-vibration applications, the manufacturer affirms.

Spinner-Grip Nuts and Bolts feature a proprietary conical flange design. When tightened down to the part, the conical-shaped flange flexes; the nut then locks to the base part, rather than to the bolt, without lock washers, flat washers, or locking elements. The self-locking Spinner-Grip Bolt also locks to the base part, product developers note, providing better hold under vibration.

Additionally, the free brochure lists pertinent applications for the Spinner-Grip Fastening System, recommended torque and ordering information with both U.S. standard inch and metric specifications, as well as instructions for ordering Spinner-Grip Bolts made to the customer’s specifications. Jergens, Inc.


Introducing the EZR 21 S mixer, the manufacturer notes that it provides quick and efficient mixing of heavy products such as mortar, flooring compounds, epoxies, fiber-filled cements, ceramics, granulates, pastes and putties. Each 4Ê-in.-diameter paddle features a 8∫-in. working width; and, blades rotate in opposite directions, eliminating counter torque for easier handling, even while mixing up to 200-lb. batches. The contra blade action reportedly provides double the mixing speed.

EZR 21 S mixing paddles are constructed of welded steel and galvanized for resistance to corrosion and abrasion. They mix product from the bottom up to prevent air bubbles from being sucked into the material. A maximum free speed of 680 rpm and an output of up to 1200 lb./hr. allow the unit to handle up to five bags or 25 gallons of material. CS Unitec


Graffiti Shield is a surface-protection system designed to seal previously painted substrates, facilitating removal of aerosol spray paint and permanent markers, as well as dirt, soot, and pollution. Featuring a highly durable clear coating and a spray-on cleaner for building exteriors and walls, it is touted by the manufacturer as one of the most protective systems on the market.

Graffiti Shield is packaged in two containers Û Part A and Part B Û that combine to form a water-based product that can be cleaned from brushes and spray equipment with soap and water. It can be applied to any new or existing solid vertical surface using a brush, roller or airless spray equipment. (It is not recommended for use on bare wood or ceramic tile.) Graffiti Shield Cleaner also is sold separately for removal of most graffiti with minimal effort, the company notes. United Coatings


According to the manufacturer, its DCH 230 and DCH 300 Electric Diamond Cutters offer performance, safety and comfort, proving that cutting and grinding with an all-purpose tool may not be the best choice for every application. Designed exclusively for cutting, both tools feature Hilti Smart Power, an electronic control system that regulates motor power to suit the material being cut and the pressure applied. A 2.6-kW motor and new cutting-depth adjustment mechanism enable the DCH 230 and DCH 300 to reach 3.4-in. and 4.7-in. depths, respectively. The electric cutters suit materials such as reinforced concrete, granite curbstone, slabs, bricks, metal beams, and steel pipes.

Crafted with safety in mind, the DCH 230 and DCH 300 guide away from the operator’s body, offering protection from potentially dangerous debris. Low vibration helps increase operator comfort; and, ergonomic in-line design with grip and cutting blades in the same axis allow more precise guidance with less pressure. Moreover, a key component of DCH cutters is the direct attachment of VC20U or VC40U vacuum cleaners for improved emissions control and operator productivity. Hilti, Inc.


Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks announces the launch of its first Keeps on Running contest, inviting customers to show Mitsubishi forklift trucks that have withstood the test of time. Accordingly, owners who suspect that theirs is the oldest Mitsubishi forklift truck still in operation are encouraged to contact the company.

To qualify, contestants must own and currently operate a small Internal Combustion (IC) cushion-tire Mitsubishi forklift truck with a capacity range of 2,000-6,500 lb. Eligible models include the entire FGC10-FGC33 model lineup, the current ÎN’ Generation, and all of its predecessors. Contestants will be able to upload photos and share facts about their forklift truck, including its company-given nickname and interesting details about how the forklift truck has been used. Photos and applications can be submitted online. Entries will be accepted through November 30, 2008.

Prizes will be awarded to 20 applicants. The grand prize of a new FGC15N-FGC33N Mitsubishi forklift truck will be awarded to the contestant submitting the oldest truck. Runners-up will be chosen at random from all contestants and will receive complimentary Planned Maintenance service for up to one year.

Winners will be notified in December and awarded in January 2009. To review complete contest rules and details or enter the competition, forklift owners/operators can visit


VPRO President Dan VanWieren announces that Concrete Vision Û his Michigan company’s web-based, project-management software solution designed specifically for the precast industry Û has been chosen by Central Pre-Mix Prestress Co. in Spokane, Wash. The producer, a member of the Oldcastle Materials Group, thereby joins companies using Concrete Vision, potentially realizing upwards of $250,000 per year in savings, VanWieren affirms. Û