Six-Pronged Solution Colors Ready Mixed

A developer and supplier of pigments, admixtures and fibers for the concrete industry, Interstar offers what the company terms a “fully integrated, one-stop solution” for all decorative coloring needs

A developer and supplier of pigments, admixtures and fibers for the concrete industry, Interstar offers what the company terms a fully integrated, one-stop solution for all decorative coloring needs. The six-part Interstar Business Solutions (IBS) program reportedly provides essential business elements Û from products and services to affordable financing Û for a successful turn-key colored-concrete operation.

  1. Pigments Û Patented A-grade GranAstar granular pigments are derived from free-flowing, low-dust, granular synthetic iron oxide formulated for use in automatic dispensing systems. Available in a wide array of tints, they are said by the manufacturer to offer the advantages of easy dispersing; maximum coloring power; permanent color resistant to weathering and sun bleaching; plus, safety for the environment. A satisfied IBS user, Harold Boldt of Inland Concrete Ltd. observes that customers have responded to the variety, vibrancy and consistency of color afforded by GranAstar pigments.

  2. Megastar Dispenser Û Interstar’s pigment dispenser was reportedly created especially for GranAstar color granules. It features four removable, 4,000-lb.-capacity hoppers; heavy-duty steel frame; weighing unit accurate to ± 0.5 lb.; low-level bin sensors; and, a PC-controlled system. Trilingual software logs jobs, tracks truck and order ticket numbers, records the amount of pigment dispensed, and prints reports for every batch. According to the manufacturer, the dispenser offers multiple advantages, including greater efficiency and productivity, improved product quality, reduced waste, improved safety, expanded color range, and lower cost compared to liquid pigments.

    Norm Kuntz of Burnco Rock Products Ltd. reports that the Megastar dispenser has reduced cycle times to one to two minutes. Adds Inland Concrete’s Boldt, the Megastar perfectly suits a seasonal business, as the dispenser can be shut down in fall and restarted in spring with no heating, no circulation, and no maintenance required throughout the winter months. The efficiency of operations, he also confirms, is a significant boon for business.

  3. Decorative Concrete Products Û To make concrete a work of art, the company asserts, Stainstar Acid Stain, NStar Non-Reactive Stains, Hardstar Color Hardener, and Releasestar Colored Release for stamping concrete are offered. Manufacturer-cited benefits include expanded market share and customer loyalty due to a greater range of available products.

  4. Marketing Û Besides professionally printed color charts, product information flyers and brochures, IBS provides sample kits of colored concrete as well as signage for mixer trucks. Producers thereby incur little or no cost for marketing material to increase brand recognition, Interstar notes.

  5. Customer Support Û Personalized service is provided by experienced and knowledgeable customer service and technical support teams, the company affirms, who can offer expertise in color matching or other technical matters.

  6. Financing Û The Megastar dispenser is offered at a low monthly charge. Moreover, depending upon the amount of pigment purchased annually, it might be obtained at no cost: the agreement is based on length of leasing period as well as volume of GranAstar pigments purchased. Manufacturer-cited benefits include no capital investment, free parts, life-time warranty, and a low leasing rate. Û