Safety Par For The Course At Pennsy Supply

As part of its commitment to safety, Harrisburg, Pa.-based Pennsy Supply recently set up a ‘driving range’ comprising 18 ‘holes’ marked with flags, like a golf course, through which drivers maneuver a variety of vehicles to obtain their scores

As part of its commitment to safety, Harrisburg, Pa.-based Pennsy Supply recently set up a Îdriving rangeÌ comprising 18 ÎholesÌ marked with flags, like a golf course, through which drivers maneuver a variety of vehicles to obtain their scores. The course required approximately 200 man hours to install. Pennsy Supply Assistant Driver Supervisor Mike Holley served as construction manager for the project, which will be used by truck drivers of Pennsy Supply and McMinn’s Inc., a sister company based in Lancaster, Pa.

Twelve of the 18 obstacles require operating the trucks in reverse. According to Pennsy Supply Transportation Manager Ken Stambaugh, some of the toughest jobs involve backing up long, narrow, winding paths to cell phone towers; thus, the course was designed to include this obstacle. The majority of construction vehicle accidents occur while backing up, he reports. So, we encourage our drivers to use a GOAL approach Û Get Out And Look.

If a new driver feels they cannot maneuver the truck safely up the path, we’ll send someone out to spot them. Passing experience on to new drivers is crucial to maintaining a safe crew, Stambaugh affirms.

A Tuscaloosa, Ala., facility recently occupied by Bomanite franchisee Jeffco Concrete Contractors comprises more than 50,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space and 6,000 sq. ft. devoted to offices. An architectural and decorative concrete paving and flooring supplier for 25-plus years, Jeffco Concrete incorporated many of its offerings throughout the new building to create a showcase for customers and prospects in the Southeast. A 300-sq.-ft. imprinted concrete display runs along the side of the building; and, office and warehouse space transformed into a showroom enables patrons to view colors and experience firsthand the company’s decorative concrete systems. Besides providing a tangible display for consumers, Jeffco officials note, the arrangement facilitates one-on-one consultation with industry specialists.

Jeffco Concrete became a licensed Bomanite Franchise Partner in 1988 and has grown to over 65 employees since its founding in 1983. For residential and commercial architectural concrete applications, the company provides colored and imprinted concrete; monolithic exposed-aggregate structural concrete, incorporating select materials such as granite, glass, marble, limestone, pebbles, shells and Bomanite’s Aggretex; stained concrete using PatÀne Artectura; Micro-Top flooring systems; epoxy floor systems; concrete polishing, grinding and floor preparation; as well as pattern layout and decorative sawcutting.


Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI) announces the winners of its biennial CRSI Design Awards program, which has honored excellence in site-cast and conventionally reinforced concrete structures for 35-plus years. Selecting winners across six construction categories involved evaluating entries on the basis of multiple criteria, including aesthetics, innovation, engineering achievement, functional excellence, and economy of construction.

The CRSI Design Awards program is open to architects, engineers and contractors; and, eligible structures must be located in the U.S., Canada or Mexico. A complete description of the CRSI Design Awards program and full contest rules are posted at the CRSI website,


Citing a recent American Metal Market report, Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute is alerting concrete and construction interests of additional increases in published prices for stock length rebar. According to AMM published data, effective June 1, stock length rebar prices will have risen by $297/ton since January 2008, continuing an upward trend dating to late 2003. The report advises contractors, owners and developers to consider current market conditions when planning upcoming projects. Because of raw material price volatility, many suppliers of reinforcing steel and other steel construction products may have difficulty providing fixed-cost bids, particularly for projects spanning a considerable length of time.

Rapid reinforcing steel price increases may have also left some fabricators and suppliers with current fixed-price contracts they cannot fulfill without severe financial consequences. CRSI has noted that the extremely rapid, unprecedented and unexpected price spikes are due to global and domestic economic conditions beyond the control of reinforcing steel fabricators and suppliers. This situation could likely create turmoil in the steel fabrication industry, resulting in potential service issues to the construction community. More information on the AMM outlook can be obtained from CRSI’s Darren Szrom, vice president of marketing and communications, 847/517-1200, ext. 36; or [email protected]