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CLEANING ACCESSORIES To help users identify appropriate implements for an application, the company has updated its water jet accessory catalog, as well


To help users identify appropriate implements for an application, the company has updated its water jet accessory catalog, as well as its on-line quoting system. The new printed catalog Û larger by 40 percent than the previous edition Û is available at no charge from the manufacturer; and, an on-line version is posted on the company website, www.nlbcorp.com, which also features an updated RFQ section.

Among the new accessories are field-repairable lances and rotating nozzles rated up to 40,000 psi, rotary hose devices, and 3-D tank cleaning heads. The catalog also includes a greatly expanded section for couplings and fittings; application photos and hook-up drawings; plus, all necessary specifications and ordering information. A comprehensive reference section includes nozzle flow charts, thrust and pressure drop tables, and English/metric conversions.

The on-line catalog is posted on the Literature page of the website, conveniently divided into major product sections. At the website’s Accessories page, visitors can request a quote by clicking on a button and following the prompts. Quotes are typically e-mailed within 24 hours. NLB Corp.


The Snake+ overhead anchor speeds installation of threaded rods, the manufacturer asserts, and is among the first mechanical anchors to meet latest International Building Code for strength design [Cracked Concrete]. Saving time, product developers emphasize, it is simply set into a drilled hole and tightened with a _ impact wrench until flush with the ceiling and ready for insertion of threaded rod. The anchor combines the aesthetics of an internally threaded body with the strong holding power of a wedge-bolt anchor, they add. Powers Fasteners, Inc.


BEMF, Salvo, Earth-Line and integrated systems ensure that workers adhere to step-by-step safety procedures, the manufacturer affirms. Guaranteeing that motor-driven equipment, e.g., mixers, hammer mills and pellet mills, has completely stopped before access is granted, the BEMF motion-monitoring device allows immediate entrance after the machine has reached zero speed, the company notes, unlike fixed time-delay systems that can overcompensate run-down times for lighter loads.

To promote safety, the Salvo system employs brake line interlocking to prevent a driver’s departure during loading or unloading. New product design and a complete kit purchase option reportedly increase ease of installation and shorten order lead times.

The Earth-Line electrostatic discharge system prevents explosions due to static charge when handling flammable solids, powders, liquids or gases by monitoring resistance to earth, triggering an alarm sequence, and automatically shutting down operation when a preset limit is exceeded. For complex production lines, the company is able to custom design integrated systems to form a complete machine-to-dock safety package. In high-dust environments, for example, Salvo and Earth-Line systems can be combined to guard against potential explosion hazards and unscheduled truck departures in the loading area. Castell Interlocks


Powered by a 35-hp Vanguard, the MK-3000 concrete saw is designed to leverage the high horsepower available with new air-cooled V-twin engines to offer a compact and lightweight tool with the capacity and cutting depth of traditional flat saws. The Vanguard Big Block powerplant includes commercial-duty features that reportedly increase durability and stretch service intervals, including a multistage cyclonic air filter, full-pressure oil lubrication system, and industrial-grade solenoid shift starter motor. The MK-3000 is also available with the new Kohler Command Pro 35-hp engine.

Due to its light 650-lb. weight, the MK-3000 utilizes a manual depth feed. Two blade configurations are available: 1) a 24-in. blade guard provides up to 9.5-in.-deep cuts; and, 2) a 30-in. blade guard provides up to 12.5-in.-deep cuts. Both models include heavy-duty blade shaft bearings designed to provide long service life, the manufacturer affirms, plus easy access and maintenance.

The self-propelled MK-3000 is easy to operate, product developers note, as a self-contained transmission offers variable travel speeds of 0-220 fpm forward and 0-100 fpm reverse. Crafted from solid steel for long-term durability, they add, three-position, adjustable handlebars provide comfort for a wide variety of operators. The MK-3000’s front and rear pivot system is said to enhance maneuverability and operator control, while wide-set front wheels provide stability for ramp loading and unloading. Additionally, optimized engine placement improves weight distribution and balance, the company asserts. MK Diamond


Cattron Group International’s Laser Collision Avoidance System (LCAS) employs advanced laser technology to ensure overhead cranes and hoists do not collide with end walls or other overhead equipment. The system’s retrore-flective Class I laser technology can detect either stationary or moving objects, and the field-adjustable LCAS can be programmed for alarm, reduced speed, or stop at any user-selected distance.

With a 164-ft. range, the device can sense distance changes as little as 0.12 inches. The LCAS alarm output is activated whenever a unit detects any target moving within its set warning distance, giving operators sufficient time to take corrective action before a collision occurs. Additional LCAS features include continuous fault monitoring, input voltage from 100 to 240 VAC, solid-state control outputs with optical isolation to 4000 volts, and a single standard NEMA 4X (IP66) enclosure with optional internal heater for cold temperature applications.

Moreover, the entire system is housed in one enclosure, the company notes, so set up is easy. Since most of it can be accomplished on the floor before taking it up for installation, downtime is minimized.
Û www.cattrongroup.com