Concrete: Equipment & Products

FOUNDATION REPAIR Manufacturer notes that its DynaPier system allows the strength and durability of piers to be placed directly underneath a footing,


Manufacturer notes that its DynaPier system allows the strength and durability of piers to be placed directly underneath a footing, rather than outside of it. The product developer, a 12-year veteran of the foundation repair business, tackled the flawed design of most piering systems by designing an alternate that more efficiently utilizes load-carrying capacity.

The key to the system reportedly lies in its interlocking, patent-pending DynaPier segments, comprising high-strength precast in a galvanized steel sleeve. Accordingly, they resist corrosion, provide superior shear strength and compressive resistance, the company notes. The outer casing is filled with a concrete core and cured for maximum hardness.

DynaPier segments are hydraulically driven into the ground one at a time. After one segment is driven, another segment is connected to the foundation pier, and the process is repeated until the foundation pier hits bedrock or a dense strata of subsurface material. The foundation pier then is topped with a galvanized steel cap, and finally, the house is lifted and secured to the pier.

Manufacturer-cited DynaPier benefits include a system that:

  • Is centrally and directly situated beneath the load/footing and foundation
  • Entails no loose shimmed components that can allow for slippage
  • Employs a single unit formed to specific foundation needs
  • Installs without removing or breaking the footing

The DynaPier system is available through PierMagic in Alabama, Kansas, Missouri and Tennessee. PierMagic LLC


Replacing model 8515, the new CE-approved 8530 Shatterbox features an LCD display with environmentally safe, push-button membrane switch. The swing mill offers an efficient means to pulverize up to 100 mL of brittle material to analytical fineness, the manufacturer notes.

The 8530 Shatterbox especially suits grinding of cement, rocks, and slag. Its dish-shaped grinding container uses the force of a puck or puck-and-ring to crush the sample to a minimum 10 microns with the use of a grinding aid. Various aids and containers for all grinding needs are available, including containers of hardened steel, tungsten carbide, zirconia ceramic and alumina ceramic. Spex SamplePrep


The Nilfisk GWD 120 wet/dry industrial vacuum is designed for heavy-duty use and equipped with a single motor, while the more powerful GWD 220 model has two motors. Manufacturer-cited features and benefits include:

  • Float valve shuts off airflow when container is full.
  • Easy access to float basket and filters facilitates cleaning and maintenance.
  • Adjustable handle allows easy storage and use
  • 50-ft. yellow safety cord is included with package.

The GWD 120 and 220 industrial vacuum packages come standard with a set of 38-mm accessories. An upstream HEPA filter is also available for hazardous material pick-up (for wet collection, additional accessories are required). Nilfisk-Advance America


To better serve the powder and bulk industries, Solimar cites launch of a web site highlighting aeration devices for silo and trailer applications. The site,, provides product information, news, and various industry resources in six languages.

Easy to navigate, it organizes products under two distinct application headings. Silo products include a line of disc aerators engineered to enhance the flow of powders in storage devices; and, transportation products include disc aerators designed for dry bulk trailer usage. Among site-noted product benefits are superior sealing properties and optimized air volume to better unload silos or trailers. The manufacturer contends that aerators will not crack, wear prematurely, or clog like fabric pads; and, materials accommodate temperatures up to 450_F. An industry-leading warranty accompanies each offering.

Additional Solimar products displayed on the web site include control systems for multiple aerators; check valves; manhole covers, hopper cones, swing-away bottoms and filter assemblies for bulk trailers; and, easy-out access doors.

Moreover, a resource area on the site includes an application questionnaire and e-mail link to company specialists who can field specific material-handling questions. Installation instructions and templates to facilitate the process are also included. A white paper on how to save compressed air is another resource.

Additional site features include a news section highlighting industry trade shows, animated and video displays of a disc aerator in operation, and a contact form allowing comments and questions that will be answered by one of the company’s product specialists. Û