Surface Treatment

BESSER The stone-aging machine (SAM) operates in line and keeps pace with the output of the highest-capacity machines, the manufacturer affirms. Paving


The stone-aging machine (SAM) operates in line and keeps pace with the output of the highest-capacity machines, the manufacturer affirms. Paving stones are cost-effectively given an aesthetically pleasing, antiqued appearance while eliminating manual labor and product breakage associated with traditional tumbling. Antiquing is totally random and is adjustable so that the appearance of paving stone meets individual market preferences.


Company has added two efficient aging systems Û one for pavers and one for segmental retaining wall (SRW) block. The Tumboro system crushes, grinds and crumbles paver edges like a real tumbler. It is an in-line chain system working on pavers held in place on the production board. Tumboro requires what company engineers note is the smallest floor space of all aging systems with two dry-line board positions. The Hammer Ager platform suits SRW in-line or off-line aging systems, and features a totally enclosed vibrator and mounted hammer tool on a spring bar. The device hits the block edges at a 45-degree angle and the face full front.


The Tumblemaster product-aging system combines high level of automation with an enhanced range of architectural finish treatments. Selected finishes are programmable for automatic recall. Both in-line and off-line operations are possible. The system allows for increased output, improved product finishes, waste elimination, and lower unit cost.


Surface-distressing equipment for the North American market was unveiled by this German landscape unit producer and machinery manufacturer at this year’s MCPX event. Named ÎDancing WeightÌ System, the latest model of the surface-distressing machine creates a tumbled/aged look on a variety of concrete products, including slabs, pavers, curbstones and retaining wall elements, with virtually zero cull rate. The systems can be integrated, as well as retrofitted, in paver/block line operations, regardless of plant supplier. Output easily matches paver/block machine cycle times, the manufacturer affirms. And, labor-intensive manual sorting and cubing are no longer required.
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The Rusticator E.D.S. is the latest version of in-line or off-line distressing machines that the manufacturer has been designing and manufacturing since 2000. A patented three-stage system has evolved into a combination of two distressing technologies that produce the rival appearances that are only possible when distressing with the Rusticator. Completely adjustable and versatile enough to process single- or double-sided units from heights ranging from three to 24 inches-plus, Rusticator offer producers the ability to distress virtually any segmental retaining wall unit or concrete masonry unit. The system can process as many as 30 units/minute while achieving a high-end tumbled-like appearance.


The Tiger Distressing System (TDS) adds value to both split-faced and normal architectural masonry units, split or unsplit segmental retaining wall units, and caps. It can be installed off line or in line, where it is designed to process at a speed slightly faster than the cycle speed of the production machine using existing cubing equipment. Tiger and Pathfinder also have reintroduced the an improved Tiger Rumbling System for in-line processing of pavers for the tumbled look of natural stone. Both systems cut production costs by cutting labor, reducing culls caused by breakage in the drum, controlling dust and noise, and utilizing existing cubing and packaging equipment.