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ROADRANGER/EATON CORP. Combining key clutch and transmission components into one package makes ordering replacement kits for Fuller clutches simpler and



Combining key clutch and transmission components into one package makes ordering replacement kits for Fuller clutches simpler and faster, the manufacturer affirms. Kits containing all replacement parts necessary for proper installation are available for the RT Series and FR Series of Eaton’s Easy-Pedal and Solo clutch designs.

Kits comprise OEM-grade parts, including the replacement clutch, four clutch release shaft bushings, front bearing cover gasket, outer and inner input shaft snap rings, shift lever tower gasket, front bearing cover, clutch housing gasket, input shaft bearing, pilot bearing, input shaft assembly, clutch brake, and clutch release fork. Fuller clutch replacement kits are available for virtually all heavy-duty makes and models.


Cleantechnics International Inc. has introduced a bypass filter system that is said to substantially extend oil drain and filter change intervals, as well as engine life. Due to exhaust gas recirculation devices tied to EPA emissions reduction mandates, a greater volume of smaller contaminants is flowing into new engines’ oil systems, the manufacturer observes, adding that bypass filter technology is becoming increasingly important to maintain oil performance levels.

Whereas normal spin-on or full flow filters are designed to capture 25-micron and higher particulate, Cleantechnic engineers note, the new bypass technology filters 99.5 percent effectively at the one micron level. That capability is critical to maintaining peak engine performance and fuel efficiency, they add, since the smallest contamination does maximum damage to the engine, acting like sandpaper between pistons and sleeves to cause surface scoring that, in turn, leads to reductions in engine pressure and fuel efficiency. Through the bypass filter’s virtual elimination of oil system contamination, friction in the engine reportedly is reduced by more than 2.9 percent, producing a 5 percent increase in fuel efficiency [SAE 881827]. Moreover, the resulting reduction in engine wear delivers engine life extension of up to three times the average [SAE 710813], system developers contend.

The bypass filter load reaches up to two gallons of water and 22 lb. of particulate contamination. Increased load ability allows filter change intervals of up to 90,000 miles and oil drain intervals of up to 360,000 miles. Thus, in view of oil maintenance, fuel efficiency, and life extension savings, cost reduction potentially amounts to as much as two cents per mile.


The PremierCare Connect program expands its service with a new express option offering small fleets an automated parts-ordering system. Connect Express is designed for fleets of 10 or more vehicles and small maintenance shops requiring a straightforward program to purchase parts without full fleet-management capability. Reportedly easy to use, the system streamlines parts ordering by electronically linking customers with their preferred Kenworth dealer.

Part numbers for any make of heavy- and medium-duty truck, trailer or other fleet equipment are entered into Connect, which automatically places the parts on tentative order. If a part number cannot be found, the system offers an option to request that the dealer provide that information. Digital images can be submitted to the preferred dealer to help identify a component.

Connect Express alerts the fleet’s dealer to review the proposed order to determine availability and provide competitive pricing. Subsequently, at the fleet owner’s convenience, the suggested order can be reviewed and submitted Û with two clicks of the mouse Û to complete the parts-ordering transaction.

Through Connect Express, customers have a single on-line location to order parts from all their suppliers. It also provides parts-usage tracking by vehicle, plus warranty alerts. Saving up to an hour each day using the automated system can translate to a 10 percent increase in worker productivity, the manufacturer asserts.


Company has added to its Granite series a Rawhide Edition. The new truck includes interior and exterior enhancements: polished fuel and air tanks, bright-finish heated and motorized outside mirrors, plus plush button-tuck upholstery, a leather-grip steering wheel with bright chrome spokes, Ultraleather Rawhide Edition trim (available in four colors), and a brushed nickel dash panel. Other features include cab sill plate with the Rawhide logo; full-gauge cluster; bright-finish heat shield for Mack Cap diesel particulate filter; bright-finish hood air intake grille; Co-Pilot driver display; stainless steel cab skirts; two-tone Ultraleather driver and passenger seats with Rawhide logo; bright-finish dual vertical exhaust; stainless steel 13-in.-deep exterior sun visor; and, polished aluminum battery box.

Separately, the company has unveiled the Titan, the most powerful truck in Mack’s 108-year history. Designed for heavy transport and construction applications, the manufacturer notes, Titan is equipped with the new 16-liter Mack MP10 engine, which boasts a top rating of 605 hp and 2,060 lb-ft of torque for hauling heavy loads. Besides featuring the company’s most powerful engine, the new model reportedly incorporates advanced engineering for improved visibility, productivity and driver comfort. Customers may preorder Titan trucks through dealers now, as deliveries are scheduled to begin later this year.


Formally introduced in March at the 2008 ConExpo-Con/Agg Show, the newest truck model in the PayStar line Û the International PayStar 5900i Set-Back Axle (SBA) Û is a Class 8 vocational on/off-highway vehicle featuring a new axle configuration engineered to meet the demands of severe-service applications, such as construction and heavy hauling. The 5900i SBA is the latest addition to International’s big-bore lineup comprising the PayStar 5500i, 5600i and 5900i set-forward axle models and WorkStar 7600 and 7700 models.

The new wide-track, set-back axle design is said by product engineers to facilitate front-axle load distribution and improve maneuverability. Powered by Caterpillar or Cummins diesel engines ranging to 15 liters and 625 horsepower, the PayStar 5900i SBA features a standard 12.25-in. frame rail chassis. It reportedly provides the highest standard strength-to-weight ratio with RBM ratings at 2.3 million, while an optional double-frame rail increases ratings to 4.7 million. Additionally, the 5900i SBA offers the industry’s widest aluminum cab, the company asserts, with a standard Whisper Cab sound-insulation package for operator comfort, plus a sloped hood for better job-site visability.


Increasing productivity and service life while cutting cost of operation, the company affirms, several performance enhancements to the Revolution composite mixer drum include more durable interior wear surfaces, new water channels, and a tougher exterior surface.

Accordingly, refined interior surfaces protect against concrete buildup, as the smoother interior facilitates concrete flow, the manufacturer notes, ultimately improving productivity. Also alleviating concrete buildup are new 2-in. water channels throughout the spiral that allow water to get behind the fin and enhance concrete mixing action. Additionally, the new R-Mor drum finish provides a tough, nonfading, UV-resistant layer on the Revolution drum for greater durability, easier cleanup, and a smoother surface for vehicle graphics; plus, the new finish contains a white pigment, so the drum no longer needs to be painted.

Two thousand pounds lighter than steel drums, Revolution composite mixer drums can carry an extra half yard of concrete, product engineers assert. Those weight savings translate into significant fuel savings on the return trip, they emphasize.


The new Mini Disk silo fluidizer provides all features of the company’s standard fluidizers that prevent bridging, rat-holing and compacting in silos, bins and hoppers. The new 2-in.-diameter Mini Disk fits in pipes, chutes and small hoppers, as well as tight curvature chambers with diameters as small as four inches. Thus, the patent-pending Mini Disk’s compact size offers material-handling engineers and designers more pneumatic conveying options.

Providing superior aeration, the manufacturer affirms, the Solimar disk fluidizer applies directional air flow along the chamber wall to loosen product and move it to the discharge point. Gentle vibration provided at the disk’s outer edges helps keep powders and bulk solids flowing. Sealing the disk tightly against the chamber wall minimizes back pressure and prevents airline plugging. The silicone material used on the standard and Mini Disk will not tear or absorb moisture; and, the disk aerators will withstand temperatures to 350_F.

Solimar Fluidizers provide the versatility to work with numerous stems and fittings, the manufacturer notes. Models are available for high-pressure/low-volume compressed-air or low-pressure/high-volume blower-air applications. Engineering assistance is available to select the correct number and placement of aerators.


The new Sigma Rocker Switch with Alarm (part number 40205) is an audible and visual warning system that indicates the status of various inputs, such as door ajar, high/low pressure, high/low temperature, on/off status, and many other applications. Offering the look and feel of a conventional rocker switch, the low-current input membrane switch is compatible with microprocessor-based electrical/electronic systems.

The Sigma Rocker includes LED backlighting and provides an alarm and override feature for the SureStart 48500 Series of low-voltage disconnect switches. Additionally, this momentary switch provides a convenient user interface, the company notes, including alarm condition override (snooze feature), remote input to system controller, and remote maintenance reset switch.

The silicone rubber actuator can be customized by the manufacturer using laser etching technology. Options include custom colors, imprint and graphics, as well as the shape and location of the LED lens; plus, the actuator shape is variable. The water-resistant Sigma switch is reportedly suitable for use in adverse conditions.


Recently established, Dodge Center, Minn., company has entered the market with an Extreme Duty Mixer model and glider kit program. The mixers are offered with drums of ∫-in. or 3/16-in.-thick AR steel; 44-in. or 48-in. hoppers; and, 125-gal. or 150-gal. water tanks, steel or aluminum. Other specs for the mixers include Bonfiglio gearbox and Eaton pump & motor; fully welded and capped chutes; solid thru shaft-mounted main chute; double-acting chute lift cylinder; hydraulic system with 18-gal. oil reservoir and ASA fan cooler; solid steel, machined drum roller track; and, a one-piece, labeled wiring harness with sealed connectors.

Glider kits are offered with new or rebuilt pumps, motors and gearbox. A full service shop offers blasting, painting, repairing and rebuilding on components and surfaces from the tires on up. 507/374-2239


To familiarize customers with the manufacturer’s on-highway engines, a driver-training audio CD addresses key topics, such as fuel economy and the company’s aftertreatment system, as well as engine features, including Load-Based Speed Control and Gear-Down Protection. Additionally, a Driver Training 2008 DVD Û specially designed to permit viewing in segments to fit any schedule Û offers in-depth training, covering such topics as driving for fuel economy, benefits of electronic features, trip information, and the Cummins aftertreatment system. The manufacturer’s suite of training tools also includes an easy-to-read driver tip card, highlighting fuel-saving techniques, as well as an overview of dash lamps and switches found in vehicles with Cummins EPA Î07 engines. The radio audio CD, Driver Training 2008 DVD, or the driver tip card can be obtained by contacting a local Cummins distributor.

Separately, the company announces its continued offering of the latest technology in ReCon remanufactured products that reportedly conserve natural resources and provide quality and performance. Accordingly, to ensure customers have the latest emissions-capable products, the manufacturer continues to make components and engines available as remanufactured units, ranging from pistons, heads and blocks to entire engines. Recent additions to the ReCon product lineup include cooled-EGR ISX and ISM engines and components; High Pressure Common Rail fuel system components for ISL, ISC and ISB engines; and, aftertreatment components for the company’s current production engines. As the latest advancements in materials, design and testing are incorporated, the manufacturer notes, a ReCon product may be more fuel-efficient and have lower emissions than the original product it replaces.

In addition to direct customer benefits, company officials contend, the remanufacturing of ReCon parts minimizes the need to mine and process iron ore and other natural resources. It also reduces the amount of energy needed to transport raw materials to a facility, melt iron, cast cylinder blocks, and machine cylinders and heads. Overall, company engineers estimate, remanufacturing reduces consumption of energy and resources by up to 85 percent versus manufacturing a new part.


Introduced to better match the varying requirements of today’s haulers, the manufacturer affirms, Tiremaax CP (Constant Pressure) is a new configuration of its automatic tire inflation system. Accordingly, the original product, which provides full system programming and monitoring, becomes Tiremaax EC (Electronic Control), while Tiremaax CP features a simple mechanical design. The Tiremaax systems draw from the trailer air supply to help keep tires properly inflated and rolling smoothly, product developers note.

Tiremaax CP continually monitors tire pressure without pressurizing the axle or wheel ends and employs a pneumatic controller to direct air to tires that fall below a preset pressure level. A signal light illuminates only when attention is required to alert the operator of tire or system leaks.

Featuring robust components and no electronics, transducers or pressure switches, the manufacturer asserts, Tiremaax CP is easy to maintain. It requires no special tools to adjust tire pressure settings and operates on either 12- or 24-volt electrical systems.

Company officials note government studies confirming that properly inflated tires increase fuel economy and decrease tire-related costs approximately $800 annually per tractor-trailer combination. Tiremaax can extend tire casing life, they add, and prevent downtime and costly road service.

Separately, design enhancements to the Primaax heavy-duty air-ride rear suspension will be released in mid-2008. Among manufacturer-cited advancements in rear suspension technology to be incorporated in Primaax are 1) a highly engineered, new main suspension beam to counter the increased weight of new engines and improve reliability for severe vocational applications; 2) optimized suspension geometry to deliver improved roll stiffness and handling for applications such as rear discharge mixers; 3) reduced air spring fill rate, minimizing air pressure requirements to lift and support the rated load in applications that otherwise might exhaust the suspension; and, 4) expanded brake compatibility to include most drum and disc brake configurations.

Additionally, the company has unveiled the upgraded 20,000-lb.-capacity Paralift steerable truck lift axle system, which now is available with adjustable ride height and frame width capabilities. Combining unique frame width and ride height spacers with a slotted cross member, Paralift’s adjustability enables aftermarket installers and body builders to stock one unit to meet a wide variety of truck configurations, the manufacturer notes.

Trailing arm beams evolved from a dual-paddle, triangular cross-section design to a more efficient single-paddle, z-beam configuration; and, zero-torsion, trailing-arm bushings help eliminate bushing wind-up and permit a single air spring mechanism. Moreover, repositioning the stabilizer Û in combination with the new lift springs design Û reportedly helps increase wheel cut from 18 to more than 25 degrees to help improve maneuverability and tire wear.

At a 1,465-lb. system weight, furthermore, the Paralift offers a 160-lb. weight savings compared to the previous model. It features 12 inches of total travel with lift of nine inches in ride heights from nine to 13.5 inches Û all in a 28-in. package.


Fleet maintenance management software and related technology solutions provider reports that its business within the construction sector has increased more than 20 percent over the past three years, attributing the spike to a sharp rise in fuel costs and concern about construction-equipment emissions regulations. Equipment fleets constitute one of the largest and fastest-growing market segments for the company’s Dossier software Û a departure from previous trends showing the construction industry to be a relatively small market for the fleet maintenance program.

The software provider references one ConExpo-Con/Agg presenter who claimed that fuel, which represented 25 percent of job site costs in 2005, now accounts for 50 percent and is expected to rise to 60 percent this year. That cost increase parallels the growth of a construction customer base for Dossier fleet maintenance software, product developers contend.

In addition, they note, federal regulations call for a major reduction in diesel emissions from off-road sources by 2010. Environmental Protection Agency regulations target 1 million off-road engines, many of them used by construction companies. In view of a trend that promises to continue and even accelerate, the company emphasizes, maintenance management is becoming indispensable.


The latest member of its product family, Delo Heavy Duty EP is formulated with Chevron ISOSYN base stocks for on- and off-highway construction and maintenance vehicles, including tri-axle dump trucks and concrete mixers, plus a wide variety of off-road applications spanning construction and mining. The manufacturer notes that Delo Heavy Duty lubricants display outstanding water washout and spray-off resistance properties in wet, off-road environments and offer excellent shock load extreme pressure (EP) protection. Accordingly, the product is suitable for use with pins and bushings on buckets, loaders, shovels and continuous miners, shaker screens, crushers, and conveyors.

Two versions of the new lubricant Û Delo Heavy Duty Moly 3% EP and Delo Heavy Duty Moly 5% EP Û are available. They will work in a wide range of applications where 3 percent and 5 percent molybdenum content is required to meet OEM warranty specification requirements. The additive technology of the products makes them tenacious in adhering to metal surfaces found in demanding, heavy-duty environments, the company affirms, while helping to protect the machine’s vital components from wear, rust and corrosion.

Delo Heavy Duty EP greases come in multiple grades: NLGI 1 for better pumpability at lower ambient temperatures; and, NLGI 2 for use in normal ambient temperatures. The lubricants meet requirements of the Mack MG-C grease specification, and Caterpillar recommendations for greases containing 3 percent and 5 percent molybdenum disulfide.


Kenworth Truck’s Chillicothe, Ohio, plant expansion has significantly increased production capacity, company officials report. The project added 105,000 square feet to the company’s largest facility, which has produced 300,000-plus trucks since it opened in 1974.

The expansion and upgrade introduced new manufacturing technologies and processes; extended Chillicothe’s main line; added new cab, sleeper, trim lines; enhanced ergonomics; and, improved plant logistics. Notes Kenworth Assistant General Manager for Operations Marilyn Santangelo, The major expansion further advances quality and increased Chillicothe’s build capacity by 50 percent.


The rugged, new SV-622 camera increases driver safety, prevents accidents, and facilitates maneuvering, the manufacturer notes, by providing improved visibility along a vehicle’s right or left side. The camera features a compact, unobtrusive design whose flush mount is said by product developers to make it more secure and aerodynamic.

Adjustable pan/tilt installation allows manual positioning to the desired angle. Weather-resistant housing and sturdy construction enable the camera to withstand extreme driving conditions. Among other manufacturer-cited features are infrared technology, a built-in microphone, automatic sensors, and an integrated auto iris. Moreover, the SV-622 Series has a 120-degree field of view that allows the driver to see multiple lanes without losing sight of the vehicle body, company representatives affirm.


A redesigned web site,, is said by the manufacturer to provide a more user-friendly resource for concrete producers, as it introduces new services. Added features and updates to existing elements include:

  • A dealer locator map that provides contact information for branch locations and individual salespeople
  • Safety initiatives, e.g., Safety at 360
  • Up-to-date electronic specifications for each product, plus downloadable product brochures and catalogs
  • A stock ticker for companies in the concrete industry
  • Used truck listings
  • A McNeilus event calendar
  • McNeilus job postings, plus postings for other companies within Oshkosh Truck Corp.

Visitors will find most information in less than three clicks, since the site is designed for what McNeilus officials note is intuitive and fast, logical access to information.