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CONCRETE DRILLING AND ANCHOR KIT The Concrete Drilling and Anchor Kit is billed as the industry’s most complete collection of components specifically


The Concrete Drilling and Anchor Kit is billed as the industry’s most complete collection of components specifically designed for installation of Tapcon hex-head and Phillips flat-head anchors. The nine-piece kit comes in a Brute Tough case made to withstand demanding worksite conditions, company engineers affirm. Providing in one package everything professionals need for drilling and driving concrete screws, they add, it includes a masonry screw drill bit holder and Allen wrench, drill bit sleeve, 5/32-in. and 3/16-in. carbide drill bits featuring a flat shank to reduce slippage, two magnetic nutsetters, and two Phillips head bits.

Magnetic nutsetters eliminate dropped screws and reduce sleeve damage. Additionally, the screw drill bit sleeve allows for a quick and easy change from drilling to driving by working with both 5/32-in. and 3/16-in. bits, the company notes, thus eliminating the need for two drills. The Concrete Drilling and Anchor components can be purchased individually or as a kit. Bosch Power Tools and Accessories


Battery-powered device allows operators to load and unload brittle or thin objects from the top. The attachment is a detachable, chassis-mounted vacuum lifter that slides onto standard 26-in. forks and incorporates 16 spring-assisted vacuum pads, depending upon configuration. Designed to let one operator securely lift sensitive loads from the top without hooks, grabs, or slings, the device easily slides over the forks, includes a remote pendant control, and is powered by a low-maintenance 12V gel battery. Featuring built-in parking stands to protect the rubber suction pads when not in use, the vacuum attachment can be charged in a 115VAC outlet and doubles as a hoist-operated lifter. Capacities range to 5,000 lbs., and all-welded steel frame and adjustable vacuum pads are configured to customer requirements. Anver Corp.


Bird Jolt FlatTrack is a low-profile track system that emits a mild shock to birds as they land upon its surface. The shock will not harm birds, but conditions them to avoid the area. Bird Jolt FlatTrack can be used to deter birds from ledges, signs, I-beams, roof peaks, or any landing targets. Constructed of flexible, lightweight PVC in a variety of colors, the track carries a five-year guarantee against U.V. degradation. Bird-B-Gone


Designed for automated, conveyorized operation, the S-2500 overhead stretch wrapper combines flexibility with 80-pallet-per-hour capacity in processing unstable or heavy loads. Since the load capacity of the standard conveyor supplied with the S-2500 is 4,000 lb., the manufacturer notes, the system suits block or pavers; in fact, the company cites multiple installations in the concrete products industry. It can be used in line, end-of-line, or freestanding (fork-truck loaded) to allow load accumulation.

The machine’s patented Power Roller-Stretch Plus film delivery system prestretches film up to 300 percent for economical operation, using modular shipping techniques and accessible lag-down points. Moreover, a diagonally opposed two-column chassis makes the S-2500 both stable and quick to install, system developers affirm.

Handling loads up to 58 inches square and 80 inches tall, the system provides automatic load indexing, film attachment, cutting and wiping. The S-2500 can be extensively customized with over 100 off-the-shelf options, such as a top-sheet dispenser or the patented Pallet-Grip load locking system.

Operator-friendly touch-screen control, with Lan-Logix interface, reportedly allows easy reprogramming of key wrap parameters, while ensuring electronically precise wrap force and performance over the life of the machine. Affording multiple wrap patterns, precise wrap pattern control, password protection and extensive efficiency-data capture, the company asserts, Lan-Logix increases productivity by eliminating the need for software and hardware to make minor program changes. It also provides audible alarms and indicators for low film and a wide range of other faults, owing to easy integration with plant-wide control systems.

Standard safety features include personnel barriers and fencing with interlocked sliding gate to deter accidental entry into the wrap zone during operation. Photocells automatically monitor the wrap zone for proper load sequencing throughout the process. Additionally, reloading of the film delivery system is easily accomplished from floor level, protecting the operator from bending, twisting and reaching motions or standing on the conveyor. Lantech


Expanding its industrial power tool and accessories selection, the manufacturer announces industrial-grade, four-flute, two-cutter Rock Carbide SDS Plus drill bits [DW5400-DW5470], plus a new line of four-cutter SDS Plus drill bits [DW5471-DW5482]. The new Rock Carbide SDS Plus accessories reportedly provide end users with increased durability, bit life and speed for a variety of industrial applications, including drilling holes in concrete, block and masonry materials.

Ranging from 5/32 to 1? inches, the four-flute, two-cutter Rock Carbide SDS Plus bits achieve extended service life by virtue of a carbide tip. Additionally, an elongated four-flute helix was designed to pull debris out of the drilled hole and increase drilling speed.

The new four-cutter Rock Carbide SDS Plus bits range from ? to 1? inches. Design features include broader shoulders at the head of the bit for increased life. The open head design reportedly allows debris to flow into the flute and out of the hole. For increased speed, the bits have also been equipped with an elongated four flute helix. DeWalt


Deck-O-Shield is a ready-to-use sealer/water repellent for natural stone, concrete and masonry surfaces. Designed for use on water features in or around swimming pools, the product will limit penetration of water and salts into structurally sound, crack-free surfaces, thus reducing whitening or staining. The product suits natural stone decks, walkways, porches or patios, including mortar joint, concrete, brick, concrete block, and stucco. Moreover, the sealer will not alter the color or tint of the surface after application. Water-based with low VOC content, Deck-O-Shield is listed by GreenSpec, a directory of environmentally friendly, green building technology. W. R. Meadows Inc.


T2300 Series Boomer 40-50-hp compact tractors are said by product engineers to provide power, maneuverability and operating ease in a compact package. Transmission options include a hydrostatic design (available on T2310 and T2320 models) that allows changing speed and direction from forward to reverse using dual foot pedals, without the need to clutch. The 12_12 Synchronized Shuttle Shift (SSS) manual gear transmission Û reportedly highly effective for loader work Û is available on all models, providing a range of speed choices.

A Boomer compact tractor equipped with SuperSteer front axle provides the tightest turnaround diameter on the market, the manufacturer contends. SuperSteer-equipped tractors also feature the Sensitrak clutch, which senses tractive conditions and automatically shifts into four-wheel-drive when extra traction is required, shifting back to two-wheel drive when front-wheel drive is no longer needed.

The SuperSuite cab, available on T2310 and the T2320 models, offers 60 cu. ft. of interior space, as well as large, tall windows for all-direction visibility. In addition, a high-visibility roof panel allows the operator to watch the loader through its full range of operation. New Holland


Using baseline information seamlessly transferred from BID2WIN Estimating and Bidding, BUILD2WIN is new field management software that allows tracking of actual production quantities, labor hours, equipment usage, material quantities, subcontractor work, and trucking against estimated values. The system reportedly offers the only available browser-based solution requiring no software installation or maintenance for laptops in the field or computers in the office. It also does not require users to synchronize information between the field and office network; hence, foremen and managers can instantly enter, view and track real-time status information about projects in the office, in the field, or anywhere an Internet connection is available. BID2WIN Software


Joining the manufacturer’s line of building and repair products, Paver Set Polymeric Sand is a high-performance gradation for use with pavers in patios, walkways, and drives. To lock out weeds and bugs, as well as resist washout, users can simply pour Paver Set from the bag, sweep it into paver joints, and mist with a fine hose spray to achieve hardening.

Sakrete Paver Set comprises special polymers that adhere to joints as the material cures. Once curing is complete, the manufacturer notes, the polymeric sand will resist environmental forces that lead to the erosion of typical joint sands. Developed in conjunction with Oldcastle Architectural Products Û a leader in paver and retaining wall development and production Û the product is available in 25-lb. pails as well as 50- and 60-lb. bags from leading building material retailers. Sakrete North America


Among protective coatings offered by the manufacturer for the construction industry, Acrysheen is a water-based epoxy, deep-penetrating industrial sealer that reportedly provides long-term protection against graffiti, airborne chemicals, and dirt. Produced from nonyellowing, 100 percent acrylic resins, the coating forms a clear, semi-gloss sheen on vertical and horizontal surfaces Û such as smooth or textured concrete, exposed aggregate concrete, brick, stone or stucco Û that allows removal of graffiti without resealing the cleaned surface. In addition, it offers UV resistance, is nonflammable, and meets all nationally recognized VOC regulations.

A low-viscosity sealer that locks into the covered substrate, Acrysheen provides damp-proofing on exteriors, yet allows moisture vapor to escape from a building’s interior. Even after years of service, the manufacturer notes, its appearance remains uniform, eliminating blotchiness due to water staining.

The product can be applied with a paintbrush, roller, pump garden sprayer, or airless spray equipment. The manufacturer recommends application in two separate coats, except where a single application gives the desired surface finish.

Elastuff 310 is a highly elastomeric, 100 percent aromatic polyurea coating that provides a durable, waterproofing membrane over vertical and horizontal concrete and masonry substrates. It is said by product developers to offer excellent thermal stability and UV resistance, suiting bridge-deck encapsulation and other projects that require a resilient, abrasion-resistant membrane. Additionally, the coating offers corrosion protection, plus chemical and impact resistance.

According to the manufacturer, Elastuff 310 offers a balance of physical properties, including outstanding elongation, tensile strength, and tear strength. Reportedly exhibiting excellent hydrolytic stability, the coating is able to withstand a wide range of temperature extremes in both dry and aqueous environments.

Due to its rapid gel time, Elastuff 310 can be applied in high-humidity conditions or on substrates with relatively high moisture content, without blistering or film cellularity. It is effective over primed metal, concrete, wood, fiberglass, geotextile fabric, and foam substrates such as expanded polystyrene (EPS), isocyanurate and polyurethane. The coating is applied using heated plural component equipment, enabling a fast, high-film build without solvent entrapment. United Coatings


Nine models comprise the company’s new compact tractor line. The CT120, CT122, CT225, CT230 and CT235 are available now at select U.S. and Canadian dealerships, and the four remaining models will be introduced throughout 2008.

The compact tractors feature four-wheel drive for rough-terrain applications, plus hydrostatic transmissions for easy operation. They can be used with Bobcat implements, including an angle blade, auger, backhoe, box blade, finish mower, seeder and tine rake, as well as a front-end loader and attachments.

The models feature steel hoods and side panels and, for comfort and improved safety, a spark arrestor muffler, horn, brake lights, optional suspension seat, and fully retractable seat belt. A roll-over protective structure can be folded down to make transportation and storage of the tractor more convenient, product engineers assert.

The CT120 compact tractor features a 20-hp diesel engine, while the CT122 has a 22-hp engine. Both machines provide two-speed travel, weigh 2,055 lb., and measure 46.5 inches wide with agriculture tires, 106 inches long, and 81.8 inches high with ROPS deployed.

The 3,021-lb. CT225 has a 27-hp diesel engine; the CT230 features a 30-hp engine; and, the CT235 has a 34-hp engine. All three models offer three-speed travel and are 56 inches wide with agricultural tires, 118 inches long, and 96 inches high with ROPS deployed. The CT230 and CT235 weigh 3, 055 lb. Bobcat Co.


Providing dependable power and versatility at the jobsite, the manufacturer affirms, Big Red TA Series heavy-duty, air-powered winches deliver large load ratings up to seven tons, plus fast line speeds and lift distance capacity exceeding 300 feet. Durable construction is said by product engineers to enable workers to lift and pull materials in a wide variety of applications. The company notes that its air winches feature reliable radial piston air motors, welded steel drum and frame construction, and an extra-wide brake to provide precise movement of extremely heavy loads. Additionally, Big Red TA Series air winches feature compact design with a planetary reducer inside the drum that allows use in tight locations, whether bridge or multi-story building construction.

Standard options for the TA Series include automatic disc brakes, drum guards, and control pendants. Filters, lubricators, regulators, and mufflers are also available. Thern Inc.


Illinois manufacturer Vaughan & Bushnell promotes the S2 as a reinvention of the ordinary framing hammer. A Îsplit-headÌ hammer, the S2 interrupts and dissipates shock generated during use, thereby reducing stress to the user’s hand, wrist and arm. According to company representatives, the S2 offers such innovative features as overstrike plate handle protection; modular head design with independent face claw and handle; and, anti-vibration pads for shock absorption. Additional benefits include precision balance for a zero-gravity center line and a Headstart Magnetic Nail Holder for both standard and duplex nails. At 18 oz., the manufacturer notes, S2 has the feel of titanium with the strength of steel. Û