Equipment & Products, Part One

POSITIVE LOCKING PINS For a variety of construction equipment including cranes, scaffolding, mining machinery, drills, hoists, slings, cables, and trailer


For a variety of construction equipment Û including cranes, scaffolding, mining machinery, drills, hoists, slings, cables, and trailer beds Û Kwik-Lok Pins (KLPs) facilitate connecting and disconnecting, lifting, changing, or securing of objects without using tools. According to the manufacturer, the positive locking pins offer superior performance as compared to detent, clevis, and cotter pins. Moreover, the company notes, its manufacturing process ensures quick turnaround on special sizes and configurations.

In addition to standard KLP sizes for 6,000-plus items in stock Û including MS and NAS with lot number traceability Û special size, handle, material, and ball configuration requirements are accommodated. Five handle styles include T, L, button, recessed button, and ring. Standard sizes range from 3/16- to 1-in. outside pin diameters in _- to 6-in. grip lengths. While stainless steel or carbon steel construction is available, most KLPs are available in 17-4 PH stainless steel for reportedly improved corrosion resistance in damp or humid environments. Jergens


ADVA Cast 575 Û a high-efficiency, low-addition-rate, polycarboxylate-based high range water-reducing admixture for precast/prestressed concrete Û is formulated to impart what the manufacturer notes is extreme workability without mix segregation. It reportedly suits a wide range of mixes Û from conventional to self-consolidating concrete Û for precast/prestressed products. The admixture can also be used in low water/cement ratio applications requiring concrete stability and improved tolerance to concrete material variability. Additional manufacturer-cited benefits include:

  • Higher strengths and normal set time, achieving high early compressive strength
  • Exceptional concrete rheology and handling properties
  • Superior finishability and surface finishes
  • Air-entrainment control

ADVA Cast 575 provides standard water reduction at normal addition rate and significant water reduction at higher addition rates. Supplied as a ready-to-use liquid, it is compatible in a concrete mix with all of the company’s admixtures, including air-entraining agents, as long as they are added separately during batching. ADVA Cast 575 meets ASTM C494 requirements as a Type F high-range water reducer. Grace Construction Products


The JLG G5-18A super-compact telehandler for construction and landscape markets features 5,500-lb. maximum lifting capacity and 1,850-lb. capacity at its full 11-ft. extended reach. The machine comes standard with three operator-selectable steering modes including four-wheel circle, four-wheel crab and two-wheel steering. The 126-in. turning radius suits confined or congested work areas.

According to product engineers, the G5-18A’s 18-ft. maximum boom height and reach exceeding 10 feet allow the operator to access hard-to-reach areas, e.g., over retaining walls and deep into enclosed trucks and flat beds. Compact dimensions Û 146 inches long by 71 inches wide by 77-inches high Û permit maneuvering in constrained work sites, including parking garages and multistory construction. At a gross vehicle weight under 11,000 lb., the G5-18A can be lifted by crane at most job sites for use on higher-level floors.

Several attachments available with the G5-18A are a general purpose bucket, light material bucket, grapple bucket, various carriages, and a crane hook. The telehandler also can be configured to accommodate skid steer attachments. JLG Industries