Pci Completes New Edition Of Architectural Precast Concrete Manual

The Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute has announced a major revision of its design handbook for architects, engineers, and producers with the release

The Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute has announced a major revision of its design handbook for architects, engineers, and producers with the release of a third edition of its Architectural Precast Concrete manual. The new version updates the volume that has been used by architects and engineers in two previous editions since its introduction in 1973.

The hardbound, 600-page publication includes new sections on energy conservation, condensation control, sustainability, and designing for blast resistance. Extensive revisions were made to sections on color, texture, and finishes; weathering; tolerances; connections; and windows. The manual also features detailed specifications to meet today’s construction standards.

The 8.5- _ 11-in. book includes 400-plus color photographs, detailed illustrations, and informative text. It includes a bonus DVD of the complete manual for easy electronic searches and reference needs.

The manual was produced with the goal of allowing designers to achieve every design objective quickly and economically, notes Sidney Freedman, director of Architectural Systems and editor of the publication.It shows how architectural precast fits into a wide range of projects, encouraging designers to express their imagination and creative expression.

The manual costs $90 for PCI members and $180 for nonmembers. (Shipping and handling is an additional $12 per book.) It can be ordered online at www.pci.org or by contacting the Institute at 312/386-0300.

Concurrent with the new manual, PCI has developed a loose-leaf binder providing an overview of key architectural and structural precast concepts and techniques. The Designing with Precast and Prestressed Concrete binder is divided into chapters that cover all aspects of the building process wherein precast may be incorporated. In addition to key design considerations, it features a listing of major components and their capabilities, systems integration, connection options, guide specifications, and examples of projects using precast in all building types.

This all-encompassing manual is designed to serve as both an introduction for designers unfamiliar with precast concrete and an all-in-one reference source for experienced designers who want to review a specific topic or consider new ideas, explains PCI Managing Director of Marketing and Communications Chuck Merydith. The book collects information previously available in various PCI publications, including specification sheets, guidebooks, magazine and journal articles, and brochures.

The loose-leaf format allows the manual to be updated and expanded as new material is introduced and new technologies and documentation are created, Merydith adds. Updates will be provided to existing manual users through an e-mail alert system as well as through announcements at the web site. The 250-page manual is available to qualified architects for $20 per copy via www.pci.org or by contacting the Institute at [email protected] or 312/786-0353, ext. 3206.