Concrete Pavement Awards

Any uncertainty in the current building market was not evident in the uniformly high quality of decorative flatwork submitted as entries for the 2007

Any uncertainty in the current building market was not evident in the uniformly high quality of decorative flatwork submitted as entries for the 2007 Concrete Pavement Awards Û Decorative and Durable Designs program. Cosponsored by Concrete Products, Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute, and the American Society for Concrete Contractors’ Decorative Concrete Council, the competition showcases outstanding achievement in a range of applications excluding highway work. To that end, judges weigh each project’s design, craftsmanship, and site suitability to select winners in five categories: Precast and Cast-in-Place for Residential and Commercial projects, plus Specialty. Featured this month are winning and honorable mention cast-in-place projects to be followed by precast category winners in February.


Gulf Coast Town Center Fort Myers, Florida

Awarded to:
Site Technologies, Inc.
Roswell, Georgia

Concrete supplier:
Rinker Materials
Fort Myers, Florida

Exceeding 230,000 square feet, including pedestrian and vehicular pavements, the Gulf Coast Town Center hardscape showcases cast-in-place concrete versatility via an impressive range of finishes, colors, and aggregates. Proximity to the Florida Everglades and Gulf Coast prompted the use of custom glass-aggregate paving in the Market Piazza to represent submerged river grass inviting patrons to flow with the current, as well as integrally colored concrete with exposed aggregate and hand-seeded shell finishes to play off nearby beaches. The fluid motif of simulated river grass and water achieved with blue-, green-, and okra-colored glass aggregates is echoed in serpentine pavement designs. Nearly 185,000 square feet of pedestrian pavements display Mesa Beige and Shadow Slate integral color highlighted by exposed aggregate derived from the area’s native white limestone and a rock-salt texture skin finish.


Port of Kennewick Boardwalk Kennewick, Washington

Awarded to:
Meidling Concrete, Inc.
Spokane Valley, Washington

Concrete supplier:
Connell Sand & Gravel
Pasco, Washington

Adding color and visual interest to the boardwalk was a priority for designers of the Port Kennewick project, which sits on a man-made island in the Columbia River, a vital route for transportation of grain by barge to ocean ports. When the option of integrally colored concrete was rejected due to complex forming and joint-doweling requirements, sawcutting and topical dye techniques were selected to keep the project within budget.

The 6,822-sq.-ft. pavement required a six-sack mix reinforced with #4 rebar at 18 inches on center. Rebar terminated at expansion joints spaced approximately at 40-ft. intervals with slip dowels every 18 inches. Additionally, control joints to inhibit cracking were sawcut every eight to 10 feet. A sand wash finish was applied to enhance the effect of the dye and provide a nonslip surface.

After curing the pavement for seven weeks, dye was applied in a four-step process. First, a small Engrave-a-Crete electric saw Û designed for both straight and curved cutting Û was used to create 3/16-in.-deep borders to define the decorative pattern. Next, the surface was lightly acid washed, neutralized, and then thoroughly power washed. Once the pavement dried, QC Construction Products’ Cem-tint was applied color by color, i.e., two applications for each of three stains. Finally, the boardwalk was treated with QC Solvent Seal to create a colorful, durable surface.


Ithaca Improvement Project Ithaca, Michigan

Awarded to:
Eastlund Concrete
Holt, Michigan

Concrete supplier:
Alma Concrete
Alma, Michigan

The Ithaca Improvement project’s success can be attributed to the coordination of top-notch talent and materials to create a stunning 11,615-sq.-ft. decorative pavement in only two months Û at a fraction of the cost of elements expertly simulated. The general contractor and installer notes that DCR-supplied Prism Pigments integral color, Brickform release and imprinting tools, plus Vexcon Sealer were indispensable to the project’s completion. Moreover, the contractor adds, the architect’s design provided an apt form for implementation of the technique.

An Ashlar Cut Slate pattern was achieved with Slate Gray integral color and Dark Gray Release. For a Running Bond brick pattern, Brick Red pigment with Dark Gray Release was used. Center squares comprise a tile pattern with Sand Buff coloring. The 4-in.-thick sidewalks were reinforced with wire mesh and rebar for durability.


University of Arizona – Drachman Hall Tucson, Arizona

Awarded to:
Sundt Construction
Tempe, Arizona

Concrete supplier:
Rinker Materials
Tucson, Arizona

Capitalizing on the versatility of cast-in-place concrete, the Drachman Hall project encompasses a 42,000-sq.-ft. architectural sidewalk, planter walls, seat benches, and curbs integrated by means of a river theme to create a cohesive setting. The sidewalk Û a 4-in.-thick concrete layer over four inches of base material Û displays a variety of integral colors forming bands and blocks, as well as multiple finishes, including light broom, sandblast, exposed aggregate, and hand-broadcast glass marble. A 10-ft.-wide, blue- and green-tinted swath of pavement featuring the marble finish denotes a river flowing between the two buildings. Reinforcing the fluvial theme, seat benches were constructed to resemble fish: circular reveals are the eyes, and vertical stripes represent the gills. Independently formed imprints in the 10-ft.-wide strip, finished to match the bench tops, suggest underwater fish, while the benches look like fish jumping out of the water.

Painstaking effort was involved in implementing the glass marble finish. After trowel finishing the concrete, marbles were hand placed with their flat side down and domed side facing up. Since the 10-ft.-wide band continued up a set of stairs, the marbles had to be installed as well on step tops and faces. Additionally, bands and blocks of varying configurations, colors and finishes presented placement challenges, further exacerbated by limited access due to the site’s location between two buildings. Headroom issues on occasion necessitated buggying concrete when pumps could not be used.


Gratiot County Residence Wheeler, Michigan

Awarded to:
Butcher Concrete &
Wheeler, Michigan

Concrete supplier:
Central Concrete Products
Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

An effective contrast with surrounding garden and pool areas was achieved using Brickform’s Garden Stone and Roman Slate stamps on a six-bag, fiber-reinforced mix to create a 4-in.-thick pavement. Prism Sandy Buff integral pigment with Smokey Beige release colors the seamless Roman Slate pattern. Highlighting the compass are Brickform acid stains, including Walnut for the letters and star center as well as Amber and Mission Brown for the small points of the star, plus Turquoise and Jade for the larger star points.


Byrd Residence Bonaire, Georgia

Awarded to:
Middle Georgia Concrete
Constructors, Inc.

Concrete supplier:
Ready Mix USA
Macon, Georgia

To simulate an antique patina requested by the owner, stained concrete was selected for its versatility in color and effect. L.M. Scofield’s Lithochrome Ash White color hardener provided an overall tint, while multiple colors were achieved using L.M. Scofield Tintura Stain and Select Seal-W protective coat. The 1,200-sq.-ft. pavement displays a 26-in. diagonal grid pattern with 6-in. diamonds scored by hand using a 4-in. diamond grinder.


Rajoulh Residence Saginaw, Michigan

Awarded to:
Decorative Concrete Resources

Concrete supplier:
Saginaw Rock

A bordered and banded pool proved to be a winning solution to the owner’s request for an attractive, low-maintenance backyard incorporating a previously installed gazebo and no grass to be cut. Suitable texture and tint were achieved with Ashlar Slate mats and Prism Pigments 3210 Medium Buff integral color. Brickform Terra Cotta color hardener was applied to highlight the base tint, and Brickform Nutmeg release added further richness. For the borders, contrast was provided by texture skins used for stamping as well as Prism Pigments P2710 Aspen Tan integral color and Brickform Medium Gray release.


Fletcher Cove Park Solana Beach, California

Awarded to:
T.B. Penick & Sons, Inc.
San Diego, California

Concrete supplier:
Hanson Aggregates
San Diego

A collaboration between Mike Peltz of M.W. Peltz & Associates, artist Betsy Schulz, and T.B. Penick & Sons transformed a two-acre asphalt parking lot into a lively, ocean-themed park that now greets visitors to the cove. Gracing the entrance are elements achieved with Lithocrete Glass and Lithocrete Mosaics: a deep yellow and red sun, offset by gray and mauve glass, plus a compass accentuated by beach glass aggregates and mosaic tile.

The 25,000-sq.-ft. project features a marine motif effected by wave-like sawcuts and Lithocrete, providing contrasting sand and shell textures to resemble the ocean shore. Rich surfaces were created as Lithocrete shell aggregates, including mother of pearl, coarse puka, coquina shells, and silver Mexican abalone shells, were hand seeded over shell-imprinted Lithocrete Quarry Stone.

For wall seats throughout the park, designed to both integrate and distinguish diverse areas serving as playground, basketball court, and amphitheater, Quarry Stone Lithocrete again produced a sand-like effect. Wave cutouts in seat walls that line the amphitheater allow filling in with shells and handcrafted art pieces over time to reinforce the impression of forms created by waves washing upon the shore. Continuing the ocean theme, a boardwalk leading visitors from the entrance to the park’s edge was installed using a wood-plank texture mat and natural brown color.


Fremont Marketplace Fremont, Michigan

Awarded to:
Decorative Concrete
Byron Center, Michigan

Concrete supplier:
Grand Rapids Gravel
Grand Rapids, Michigan

A new permanent home for the Fremont Farmers’ Market highlights vertical decorative concrete applications. Providing the basis for an open-air structure and wall framing the marketplace is the Custom Rocks Rustic Ashlar system. Light Adobe, Dark Adobe and additional Color Wall accent tints applied over a Smith Sandstone Color Wall basecoat produce a rustic effect.

The 6- and 8-in. reinforced, stamped concrete installation exhibits Prism Pigments Brick Red with Brickform Terra Cotta Color Hardener accents. Additionally, Prism Pigments Light Gold integral color used along storefronts adjacent to the marketplace harmonizes the project with its setting. Adapting Brickform’s London Cobblestone pattern as a gang form, a 10,000-sq.-ft. pour was completed overnight. Vexcon AC1315 sealer applied throughout the project protects the stamped and colored concrete.


Casino Queen Black Jack Bar St. Louis, Missouri

Awarded to:
Ahal Contracting Co.
St. Louis

For an open-air bar at the new Busch Stadium Û a joint venture of the St. Louis Cardinals and the Casino Queen Û creating a casino atmosphere complementary to the venue’s architecture was a chief priority. Accordingly, Micro-Top was selected for the 5,300-plus-sq.-ft. project, since it withstands extreme weather fluctuations and readily accommodates the addition of colors and logos to the slab. Using custom-blended tints and stencils, Casino Queen Ace and Jack playing-card images were produced on a two-tone reddish-brown background echoing tones of the stadium brick.

Because the facility was in use, scheduling was a challenge. Eight days in August, the only time the Cardinals were out of town, comprised a narrow window for job completion. Moreover, weather was a concern, as the area is open to the outside. Yet, hasty execution was precluded by the need to observe control joints on the existing slab Û a challenge to symmetrical layout Û and meticulously position stencils as well as apply Micro-Top to maintain color separation. The job was completed as required during the available eight-day period.