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INTERNATIONAL PACKAGES 5900i SET-BACK AXLE In advance of 2008 ConExpo-ConAgg, International Truck and Engine Corp. has announced the addition to its PayStar


In advance of 2008 ConExpo-ConAgg, International Truck and Engine Corp. has announced the addition to its PayStar line of the 5900i Set-Back Axle model, a Class 8 vocational on/off-road vehicle with custom factory options. The new axle configuration meets the demanding requirements of construction and heavy-hauling applications, company engineers note, while addressing operator needs for front load distribution and improved maneuverability. The model is also available as a tractor, suited for mainstream vocational dump vehicles.

Powered by Caterpillar and Cummins diesel engines with up to a 625 hp rating, the 5900i SBA is built on a standard 12.25-in. frame rail PayStar chassis. It offers a lightweight aluminum cab with an aggressively sloped hood for what developers note are great styling and durability.

The PayStar 5900i SBA is a signal to customers that International is committed to providing them with trucks suited to their unique vocational requirements, says Phil Christman, vice president and general manager of International Truck and Engine’s Severe Service Vehicle Center. PayStar vehicles have proven to be reliable, durable trucks over the past several decades and this tough, new heavy-duty, high horsepower truck will extend its legacy.

He cites these design features and innovations built into the new truck:

  • A sloped hood design for high visibility
  • Redesigned front grille for bold styling and improved cooling
  • Outside air cleaners for better air intake and reduced service intervals
  • Upcoming standard wide-track axles for increased maneuverability
  • Standard dual power steering gears that require less steering effort (for front axles 14,600 lb. and higher)
  • Standard Whisper Cab sound insulation package for a quiet cab environment.
  • A new heavy-duty front bumper with tow pin (to haul more than 80,000 lbs.) or tow hooks (to haul less than 80,000 lbs.)

PayStar 5900i SBA’s cooling package was created for stationary high horsepower applications. The aerodynamic grille, outside air cleaners, and cooling package can accommodate an engine of up to 625 hp in a stationary application.

More information on the 5900i SBA, including complete truck specs, will be available when the truck is officially introduced at ConExpo-Con/Agg in March 2008.


The Meyer heavy-duty dry materials injection pump designed to feed dry pulverized material into a pneumatic conveying line. It can handle highly abrasive, friable or fine powders that wear out other dilute phase feeders, the manufacturer contends. Unlike rotary airlocks that require tight clearances to seal against conveying air, the pneumatic screw pump uses the materials to form the seal. An integrated gate prevents blowback, and the pump can handle temperatures up to 450_F.

Manufacturer-cited benefits include increased conveying rates with less air; no blowback, even when running empty; increased wear resistance to abrasive materials; low profile; longer bearing life with fewer system shutdowns; and, overall reduced operating and maintenance costs. The pneumatic screw pump features a heavy steel channel frame, oversize bearings, integral check valve, low inlet hopper height, no product contact with bearings, and conveying pressures up to 15 psi. Wm. W. Meyer & Sons


The manufacturer’s engineered Class CEMA F idler line is introduced as a solution to extreme capacities and material size in the bulk material handling industry. Reportedly custom built per application for maximum wear life and reliability, the mechanism features 20-, 30-, or 45-degree troughing idlers, available in 7- and 8-in. diameters, plus 36- to 96-in. belt widths. The 3,000-lb. (2800 lb. on 96-in. belt width) load rating on troughing idlers is based on a minimum L10 life of 60,000 hours @ 500 rpm. Superior Industries


The new B2 Series of skid steer and multi-terrain loaders features an improved operator station, an advanced hydraulic system, and a range of standard features and options designed to meet various production and comfort requirements in a compact machine, the manufacturer asserts. Comprising the new B2 Series are six skid steer loaders Û 216B2, 226B2, 232B2, 242B2, 236B2 and 252B2 Û as well as two multi-terrain loaders Û 247B2 and 257B2. Quality and performance improvements in the eight machines are highlighted, the company adds, by use of the Power Edge Trade dress.

Manufacturer-cited benefits of all B2 series machines include:

  • Ergonomic operator stations that feature easy-to-use pilot-operated joystick controls for reduced operator fatigue and increased productivity
  • High-performance power trains that provide high engine horsepower and torque, allowing part-throttle operation for lower sound levels and fuel consumption
  • An advanced hydraulic system designed for maximum power and reliability (including optional high-flow hydraulics on 226B2, 242B2 and 257B2 models for applications demanding maximum work tool performance)

Rated operating capacities (50 percent tipping load) of the new skid steer loaders are 1,400 lb. for 216B2; 1,500 lb. for 226B2; 1,900 lb. for 232B2 (8.5 percent increase from 232B); 2,100 lb. for 242B2 (5 percent increase from 242B); 1,950 lb. for 236B2 (11.4 percent increase from 236B); and, 2,500 lb. for 252B2. For the new multi-terrain loaders, rated operating capacities are 2,050 lb. for 247B2 (5 percent increase from 247B) and 2,500 lb. for 257B2 (8 percent increase from the 257B). Caterpillar


Feather Edge is a rapid-setting underlayment formulated for quick repair of floor gouges, cracks and ridges prior to floor covering installation, the manufacturer notes. Only water must be added, and no priming is necessary.

Feather Edge is a cement-based, mildew-resistant underlayment that can be applied up to _-in. thickness without cracking. The result, product developers affirm, is a smooth, ultra-thin finish that accepts all major floor coverings. The product is highly polymer-modified, they add, ensuring exceptional bond to a wide range of properly prepared surfaces including ceramic tile, concrete, plywood and cutback adhesives. Available in 10-lb., sonic-sealed packing to eliminate leakage, Feather Edge suits large and small repair jobs. ProSpec


The BHE 20 IDR rotary hammer with integrated dust reduction (IDR) technology contains harmful airborne dust particles emitted when drilling holes in masonry materials. While the new dust-reduction feature works in all positions, it especially suits overhead drilling applications, such as sprinkler and hung ceiling installation, where a device is needed to protect the operator from silica-bearing dust. When drilling overhead, the manufacturer notes, the IDR feature also protects the tool’s mechanisms from negative effects of abrasive dust, resulting in a longer-lasting power tool. Additionally, the BHE 20 IDR masonry drill satisfies the OSHA regulation requiring engineering tools to capture particles at the source.

The tool’s IDR vacuum features a separate motor, allowing the tool to run at full power. The 7.7-lb. rotary hammer is reportedly the lightest in its class and features a rated input power of 450 watts. The BHE 20 IDR is rated up to Ê-in.-diameter holes and offers a maximum impact rate of 4,900 blows per minute with single impact energy of 1.6 joules. Metabo Corp.

800-CONCRETE network expands

Utah’s Staker Parson and Pennsylvania’s Essex Concrete are the latest ready mixed producers to join 1-800-CONCRETE, a network of operators who license the toll free number on a market by market basis. Network principals note licenses in 30 of the top 50 U.S. markets; seeking to ensure continuity of quality and service from one licensee to the next, they aim to perpetuate the brand for contractors or consumers buying ready mixed in multiple markets.

Principals also note that a Web site,, offers each licensee their own piece of real estate for augmenting local, regional or national branding efforts. The site also offers producers loyalty programs in which contractors and consumers can visit to obtain a ballpark estimate on what their concrete project may cost. Visitors complete a form, which is forwarded as a live lead for licensees and their customers. Information on license and market availability can be obtained by visiting


To address the variety of standards in the diesel engine industry as well as inquiries from various markets, John Deere Power Systems (JDPS) has clarified its position on the use of biodiesel in its diesel engines:

  • While 5 percent blends (B5) are preferred, biodiesel concentrations up to a 20 percent blend (B20) in petroleum diesel fuel can be used in John Deere engines through Tier 3/Stage III A models, including all non-emissions-certified engines.
  • Biodiesel blends up to B20 can be used only if the biodiesel (100 percent biodiesel or B100) meets ASTM D6751 (U.S.), EN 14214 (EU) or equivalent specification.
  • Biodiesel users are strongly encouraged to purchase biodiesel blends from a BQ-9000 Certified Marketer and to source from a BQ-9000 Accredited Producer, as certified by the National Biodiesel Board. Certified Marketers and Accredited Producers can be found at
  • John Deere-approved fuel conditioners containing detergent/dispersant additives, such as John Deere Premium Biodiesel Fuel Conditioner, are recommended when using lower biodiesel blends, but are required when using B20 blends.

We recognize the importance of biofuels to our customers and to the environment, affirms Brian Brown, manager of worldwide marketing support at John Deere Power Systems. Using biodiesel fuel reduces particulate emissions and decreases dependence on crude oil.

We still get questions about higher biodiesel blends and warranty, but our position on warranty for customers that use B20 has not changed, reports Grant Suhre, manager of field service for JDPS. While we prefer the use of B5 biodiesel blends, we also know that when high quality B20 blends are available, they work well in John Deere engines. If customers make sure the biodiesel meets the ASTM D6751 standard, is stored and mixed properly, and is used shortly after manufacture, they can continue to rely on John Deere engines while using B20. Û


Reflecting the growing trend among builders to parlay concrete’s architectural properties by effecting a high-end finish, a mixed-use student housing project under construction on the University of Pennsylvania campus in Philadelphia features impeccable exposed-concrete surfaces. While terms such as architectural concrete or fair-faced concrete have been coined to describe the pristine finish, project officials note, the best means to achieve it remain under discussion. However, most concur that success is tied to three primary factors: the formwork system, a suitable concrete mix, and proper pouring of concrete and stripping of forms.

Addressing the first of these concerns, concrete contractor B. Pietrini & Sons turned to Doka USA to provide a formwork solution for the 14-story, 350,000-sq.-ft. structure. As exposed concrete will comprise the building’s exterior, formwork ensuring a high quality of finish was selected. All Doka formwork systems allow selection of the type of form facing and tie-hole pattern, thus enabling the contractor to choose an option that provides the best finish.

Architectural concrete is employed also on the building’s interior, as the architect designed 36-ft. diagonal beams of exposed concrete. Although the project’s main floor reaches 36 feet high, not all of the building’s levels will be of equal height Û four of the 14 floors vary in height up to 36 feet. Framax Xlife was used to form all of the columns on these floors.

Doka’s Framax Xlife panels feature a pattern of holes especially suitable for economical forming of outside corners, wall connections, bulkheads and columns. Doka Account Manager John Podkrajac notes that the Framax Xlife provided an exceptional finish, and the strong clamping system proved indispensable for the 39-ft.-plus pours.

Columns for the remaining 10-ft. floors were formed using the lightweight Frami system. Shear and core walls required Top 50 large-area formwork, along with MF-240 climbing platforms, mounted on all exterior walls to ensure safe working conditions. The main entrance of the building is set off by two V-shaped columns, which were also formed using the Top 50 system. Constructed out of standard parts that can be assembled in any configuration, the versatile Top 50 modular gang form system suits a wide range of applications. Shape, size, tie pattern, and plywood can be adapted to jobsite requirements.

Work began on the project in February 2007. Using the Doka formwork has helped meet a relatively tight construction schedule: Top 50 forms were preassembled and delivered to the site; and, Framax and Frami formwork (both can be assembled using a hammer and two lightweight clamps) provide ease of erection for quick cycling results on columns. Upon completion in 2008, the building will house ground-level retail space, a mixed-use mezzanine level, and 11 floors of student apartments for Penn students.


A resource for lift truck manufacturers, buyers, operators and dealers, integrates the latest lift-truck news, tips, and in-depth comparison data to help visitors make informed purchasing decisions and learn about lift truck safety, operation and maintenance. Hyster Co.-sponsored provides a single-source reference featuring articles, white papers, and extensive data for anyone looking to optimize lift truck investment. Site visitors obtain the facts on serviceability, dependability, cost of operation, productivity and ergonomics; and, a multimedia section features short training videos, information on various lift truck features, safety tips, and test footage.

To maximize fleet efficiency, the ÎBefore You BuyÌ module contains articles, maintenance information and in-depth comparison data to help visitors choose the right lift truck for their specific application. Through an OEM-to-OEM parts comparison of select trucks, plus information on outsourced maintenance, the site enables customers to assess the equipment’s overall lifetime cost.

ÎOptimizing Your InvestmentÌ features information on how to maximize safety and efficiency when operating and maintaining a lift truck. The section highlights the advantages of thorough operator training, periodic maintenance, and lift truck inspection. Additionally, an accident prevention brochure contains comprehensive lift-truck and pedestrian accident information.

The ÎHot TopicsÌ section focuses on trends and important issues in the lift-truck industry. A Lift Trucks and the Environment feature, for example, takes an in-depth look at the impact of lift trucks on the environment. Visitors can download lift truck emissions data for various brands and types of trucks for comparison with current California Air Resource Board (CARB) standards. Ways that lift truck manufacturers, buyers and end-users can reduce the environmental impact of their operations are also provided.

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