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DRY MIX VENEER MORTAR Product requires only the addition of water to create what the company notes is consistency suitable for professional-grade veneer


Product requires only the addition of water to create what the company notes is consistency suitable for professional-grade veneer applications. The product allows setting and grouting faux stone on horizontal or vertical concrete or masonry substrates. Polymer-modified formulation improves adhesion, especially for vertical installations. A high level of consistency from bag to bag eliminates potential for waste and uneven proportions in mixing. Additionally, Stone Veneer Mortar meets federal specifications as well as ASTM C 270 and ASTM C 387 standards. Sakrete


By allowing fast and adjustable concrete forming, product developers note, the J-Klipz System has been shown in early testing to save more than 50 percent on labor when setting forms. Using J-Klipz eliminates the need for cutting if concrete form boards are too long or too short. Adaptable to almost any pour, the manufacturer affirms, stackable J-Klipz serve well as screedhooks and are suitable for material up to 24 inches deep.

J-Kornerz and J-Buttz are installed with screws or nails. Corners are universal, useful inside or out at any angle, and reportedly ideal for steps. J-Klipz


Manufacturer announces an extended fork lift boom with four hook positions from 12 to 15 feet. Designed specifically for use with off-road fork lift trucks, the low-profile boom has rated capacities up to 2,500 lb. and reportedly is easy to store when not in use. Construction Lifter/Caldwell Group


Hoist-based, lifter and tilter features air-powered tilting and large rectangular vacuum suction pads designed for handling stone panels. The lifter-tilter provides fully powered tilt action via a pneumatic cylinder and features three 13- _ 23-in. rectangular vacuum pads whose nonskid surfaces securely hold and support to prevent product cracking. The two outside vacuum pads Û each providing 550-lb. vertical holding power Û can be shut off for center-only load handling; and, the lifter-tilter has adjustable tilt speed.

Available with an air- or electric-operated vacuum pump, the unit’s standard features include fast attach and release, vacuum gauges, audio-visual alarms, adjustable vacuum pads for panels with openings or other obstructions, and handles at both ends of the beam. Overall capacities include 500, 1,500, and 2,000 lb. Anver Corp.


Due to nanotechnology that provides superior intercoat adhesion, the manufacturer affirms, SEI’s novel water-based UV stable Sealer Prime allows builders, contractors, and architectural firms to prepare, fill cracks and pores, and maintain color integrity in erecting new or rehabbing older structures. The product comprises a proprietary blend incorporating an active silanol group and nanoparticulate, the company emphasizes, to optimize chemical interaction and bonding for unparalleled topcoat adhesion.

Accordingly, new SCS-002SP Sealer Prime is said to produce a superior waterproof, UV-resistant and highly adhesive clear priming treatment (in one or two coats, depending upon the porosity of the material). Since a leading cause of topcoat failure is poor intercoat or primer/topcoat adhesion, product developers note, the heavy-duty, modified acrylate provides a more effective seal than block fillers or standard latex primers.

The proprietary low-VOC, nonflammable formulation can be applied using airless spray equipment that can be cleaned with water. It is blended to infuse and penetrate the capillaries and pores on porous substrates without producing a heavily coated appearance. When applied, the sealer prime has a milky white appearance to visually assist with the coverage, but quickly dries to a clear and colorless finish. SCS-002-SP Sealer Prime is available in 5-, 55-, and 275-gal. containers. SEI Chemical


Ontario-based batch plant manufacturer Inventure Systems has added BHS twin shaft mixers and Pemat planetary mixers to its equipment offerings. The high-intensity BHS mixers are available in ?-yd. to 12-yd. capacity. The Pemat models are available in _-yd. to 4.5-yd. capacity, and reportedly the only planetary mixers with a modular gearbox. That feature allows for the optional high-intensity Whirler device. BHS and Pemat, both developed in Germany, join Inventure’s signature Reversing Drum Mixer, a 12-yd. stationary model suited for central mixed plants. Û


The August 2007 Concrete Products’ Innovations Report Wash water recycle system makes Capital a zero-discharge operator (page 44), indicated that Salina, Kan.-based Scrommel Resource Management ( was affiliated with Bibko. Scrommel is an independent manufacturer with no such affiliation, and furnished a 2418 Reclaimer for Capital Concrete’s Lincoln, Neb., operation.


BASF Admixture Systems has added to its polycarboxylate-based admixture offerings high-range, water-reducing agents for precast/prestressed concrete. Glenium 7000 series products are formulated to maintain slump, workability and set time in advance of high early strength development, resulting in what product developers note is more consistent and higher quality concrete production.

Precast producers are reporting increased productivity due to accelerated placement, faster form turnover, and improved surface appearance, adds BASF Product Manager Joe Daczko. These new Glenium products are revolutionizing the high-range water-reducing admixture market by creating a versatile concrete mixture that optimizes performance, producing cost effective and durable concrete. Û