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MINI DIAMOND DRILL The END 712 P is designed for drilling dowel, anchor, and thru-holes in concrete and natural stone. Its variable speed from 0-8,000


The END 712 P is designed for drilling dowel, anchor, and thru-holes in concrete and natural stone. Its variable speed from 0-8,000 rpm permits easy starting and fast drilling Û without shock or hammering, cracks and blow-out, the manufacturer affirms. Thus, it is said by product developers to drill precise holes, even in hard ceramic ÎgresÌ tiles and granite, making it suitable for gravestones, countertops, plumbing and other masonry applications.

Special water-cooled diamond bits have a service life, for most applications, of 50 to 100 holes ranging in diameter from 5/32 to Ê inch. The END 712 P features a built-in water swivel with hose connection and valve. A Îclick and goÌ keyless chuck reportedly makes changing the bit easy, and a depth gauge allows drilling blind holes for anchors, etc. The 6.3-amp motor has a built-in GFCI to protect the operator against electric shock.

The lightweight, 5-lb. Mini Diamond drill comes with a keyless chuck, carrying case, and depth gauge. The END 712 PC kit includes the standard equipment, plus a centering aid; ∫-in., 5/16-in. and ?-in. diamond bits; a 3-ft. slurry hose; and, a bit sharpening block. CS Unitec


Reportedly the industry’s only reusable earplug, the Com-FitAB includes an antimicrobial agent that offers protection from both noise hazards and potentially degrading microorganisms. Additionally, product developers emphasize, the antimicrobial agent will not wear out or wash off. The triple-flange earplug (with handy inserter device) is available in three color-coded sizes as well as corded or uncorded versions.

The DeciGuardAB is a disposable earplug that also provides antimicrobial protection. One size comfortably fits all, the manufacturer notes, as the product expands quickly to fill the ear canal. North Safety Products


Joining the company’s selection of just add water products, Non-Shrink Construction Grout is a nonmetallic structural hydraulic cement, specially formulated for high-strength applications. It is suitable for grouting poured, precast/prestressed and tilt-up concrete as well as heavy machinery, sole plates, anchor bolts, steel bearing plates, reinforcing steel in block cells, and dowel rods. Three different consistencies fit any project and are pumpable for easy placement. The noncorrosive grout will not attack reinforcements. Further, it meets federal specifications ASTM C 1107 and CRD-C 621, while remaining super-plasticized for improved strength. Sakrete


The 58336 automatically locks in the off position, and a slider must be actuated before the switch can be turned on. Suitable for construction applications that require an additional level of safety, the weather-resistant switch features SPST on-off configuration, plus matte-black finish housing, bezel and actuator. The bright orange actuator allows users to easily see if the switch is locked. Its rating is 25A at 12V DC. Cole Hersee Co.


According to the manufacturer, its S100 provides power and comfort in a compact package. Company-cited features include a 1,000-lb. rated operating capacity, spacious cab, easy-to-read instrument panel, and a transversely mounted engine in a frame small enough to access and maneuver in tight job sites. Moreover, the new loader’s dual tilt cylinders offer greater visibility and facilitate entering and exiting the cab.

Powered by a four-cylinder, 33.5-hp diesel engine, the S100 suits landscaping and construction applications. It provides an 8-ft. 6-in. lift height for loading and dumping debris and materials. A narrow 50-in. width (with bucket) and 4,110-lb. operating weight allow easy transport between jobsites, the manufacturer affirms.

Like all the company’s loaders, the S100 comes with the standard Bob-Tach attachment mounting system that enables operators to switch between attachments in less than a minute, requiring no additional assistance or tools. With a 6.5-mph travel speed and 13.1 hydraulic pump capacity, the manufacturer observes, operators have the speed to travel from job site to job site and the power to complete tasks with hydraulically driven attachments. Bobcat


Epo-Lux 520 is a new chemical-resistant, aliphatic polyurethane coating specifically formulated for brush, roller or low-pressure spray application. It suits both interior and exterior surfaces that have been previously coated or bare surfaces, including metal, concrete, or masonry. The coating imparts a high gloss to floors, walls, ceilings, tanks, and equipment. Once applied, Epo-Lux forms a dense, tight polyurethane film that is particularly resistant to staining by aviation fuels, inks, tires containing sulfur, and heavy wheel traffic. Chemline


Vantage series gloves feature integrated cut protection technology and engineered yarns for superior cut protection, comfort and wear, product developers contend. The new lightweight gloves also offer abrasion resistance, grip and dexterity, they add, without the bulk of heavier aramid fiber hand-protection products. Providing ANSI Level 4 cut protection with a high degree of flexibility, thereby helping to reduce hand fatigue and increase productivity, the gloves suit a variety of applications where employees handle sharp parts and materials, company officials assert.

The Vantage glove series comprises four styles. Each may be laundered for extended wear and lower replacement costs.

For handling heavy, sharp-edged objects in press and welding applications, Vantage 75-781 gloves feature heavyweight terry loop-in with Kevlar fiber and a 100 percent Kevlar-reinforced thumb crotch. Vantage 70-761 gloves, medium-weight knit with Kevlar fiber, are reportedly designed to fit natural hand contours; and, a 100 percent Kevlar-reinforced thumb crotch is said to provide maximum durability and dexterity for metal finishing, press/body shop applications, automated welding, feeding and assembly. Durable, medium-weight Vantage 70-765 gloves include a leather pad double-stitched with Kevlar fiber for puncture and snag resistance, as well as intermittent heat protection. Suitable for applications requiring a smooth, thin glove with abrasion resistance, Vantage 70-860 gloves contain Dyneema fiber and are plated inside with soft yarn for day-long coolness and comfort. Ansell


Dakota Shine is a biodegradable product said by the manufacturer to restore color and luster to various surface finishes, including paint, decals and plastics. At about 20 percent of the cost of a new paint job, product developers contend, it offers economy and durability when applied properly; the machine’s luster will last as long as the original paint when a high-pressure power washing is followed by application of Dakota Prep (a concentrated cleaner) and, finally, Dakota Shine. OEM touch-up paint can also be used to cover up bare metal or trouble spots just prior to applying the product. Because of JLG’s recent partnership with Dakota Ag Innovations, Dakota Shine products can be ordered online, purchased from a JLG dealer or a JLG ServicePlus location, or applied by professionals at JLG ServicePlus. JLG


The JHD910 Heavy Duty Mini Weatherproof AM/FM/Weatherband Stereo with exclusive design features and mounting solutions utility and off-highway applications. It offers a range of audio options for vehicles that typically lack the space for a standard DIN stereo or a cab enclosure to provide protection from the elements. The Mini is equipped with a US/Euro AM/FM tuner with programmable station presets. The front panel features an audio Aux-In, which enables the user to listen to music through an iPod, an MP3 player, or any portable music device.

The 53/16-in.-wide _ 3?-in.-high _ 1?-in.-deep JHD910 functions on 12VDC power, so no batteries are required, and the stereo’s two-wire power connection allows the unit to maintain station presets. The completely waterproof unit locks out moisture, dirt, and grime, allowing the unit to withstand even the harshest weather conditions and work environments.

The stereo’s seven-channel NOAA Weatherband tuner permits users to receive latest weather reports. The NOAA feature also functions in ÎWeather AlertÌ mode and will turn on automatically with announcements of inclement weather on the horizon. The Mini features a corrosion- and UV-resistant faceplate, backlit controls, and an LCD display that is daylight readable and has a wide viewing angle. ASA Electronics


Offering expanded capacities for a wide range of applications, the company notes, Model 108 pipe tongs are available in six sizes from two to 15 inches in diameter and up to 1-ton capacity. The tongs reportedly feature sturdy construction to handle pipe, round bars, castings, and other round shapes. Additionally, their curved gripping arms are said by product developers to facilitate a firm hold on all types of material. Padded tongs can be furnished on request to protect smooth or polished surfaces. Caldwell Group


Bodas-DI3 features a dynamic high-resolution color display for use in mobile equipment. Besides the DI3 display, the company’s modular system includes robust, compact cameras with light sensitivity for use in rough work environments. The cameras can be powered directly from the display, which combines two connections for CAN 2.0B and video signals in one connector. The interface can be configured to display video images as overlay images on the Bodas-DI3.

The unit features a jog dial, as well as six large, illuminated and configurable function keys for simple and ergonomic control. The 640- _ 480-pixel color display, featuring low-reflective glass and an integrated sun visor, provides high resolution. Dual backlighting ensures visual contrast to facilitate reading in all operating conditions. Further, an integrated graphics chip makes the 6.5-in. display particularly effective for dynamic images, such as a tachometer. Accordingly, product developers note, the DI3 is a suitable replacement for the dashboard, as well as a stand-alone unit in the driver’s cab.

For flexibility in designing individual displays and menus, a Windows-based configuration software package Bodas-DCT (Display Configuration Tool) allows manufacturers of mobile equipment to use a PC to design screens, context menus, and graphical elements for DI3 display without any programming knowledge. User-defined bitmaps, such as company logos or vehicle images, can be easily integrated, the company affirms, to create manufacturer, application and even vehicle-specific display designs.

Additionally, the DI3 when used with control units from the Bodas modular system serves as a diagnostic and parameterization tool, since it communicates via CAN bus. Available functions are the same as those provided by the software Bodas-Service. In many cases, therefore, connecting a PC-based service tool for maintenance and service is no longer necessary. Password protection prevents unauthorized use of the diagnosis and parameter functions. Bosch Rexroth


Dexter + Chaney’s Forefront Construction Suite has been renamed Spectrum Construction Software to better describe the product’s evolving features and benefits, company officials affirm. Notes Dexter + Chaney President and Cofounder John Chaney, We want the product’s name to more accurately reflect what our software does for our customers. Spectrum encompasses the wide range of activities, roles, processes and tasks that the software coordinates and unifies. It allows the entire team Û executive, operations and financial personnel Û to work together smoothly, efficiently and effectively.

According to Chaney, the name ÎSpectrumÌ highlights the software’s key attributes, as follows:

  • It provides greater transparency for construction operations, enhancing visibility for key performance indicators that facilitate a company’s decision making.
  • A wide range of modules and functions (including Document Imaging, Dashboards, Project Management, and Human Resources) allows operations personnel, executives, and financial officers to manage their respective functions while sharing a consistent, up-to-date body of information.
  • It coordinates employee efforts companywide, thereby facilitating and streamlining a wide range of tasks.

Chaney notes that Spectrum’s new Query and Dashboards module offers visibility and real-time access to a construction company’s key performance indicators, such as project, schedule and cost information. The module’s graphic displays Û or dashboards Û provide data in a concise, easily understandable format, he adds. Dashboards are tailored to the specific needs of executive, operations and financial personnel.

In late 2007, Dexter + Chaney will launch Spectrum’s Resource Scheduling module that will enable companies to use an integrated solution Û rather than manual processes and spreadsheets Û to schedule employees and equipment. It will also overhaul Spectrum’s Equipment Management system, including critical tracking, repair and maintenance capabilities. Further, major upgrades to the Work Order and Service Contract modules will enhance their ease of use and flexibility. Û


Installed in less than a day, product developers note, Superior Walls’ instant whole-home foundation speeds placement, allowing builders to begin home construction on the same day. The advanced foundation system, available nationwide through Superior Wall licensees, is built in a factory-controlled setting and delivered to the job site. It comprises precast insulated panels custom-designed and constructed to complement any architectural style, the company affirms.

Superior Walls panels are fabricated using high-strength, low water-cement mixes for solid structural integrity; rebar and polypropylene fibers provide reinforcement. Each Xi Wall panel also includes horizontal steel rebar inside top and bottom beams, as well as vertical steel rebar inside each stud. Protection against freeze/thaw cycles and water vapor transmission is provided by the 5,000-psi concrete, while urethane sealant between panels further prevents water penetration. No additional damp proofing materials are required.

According to Aaron Schoeneberger, director of marketing for Ephrata, Pa.-based Superior Walls of America, Steel-reinforced concrete wall panels comprising the Xi Wall system create a permanent barrier against sidewall water penetration. Facing the elements is a concrete face shell backed by 212 inches of Dow extruded polystyrene insulation; and, nearly every wall component is insulated, including the corners, studs, and bond beams. Dow is a certified Energy Star partner, so we can assure builders that the panels are rated for superior warmth and energy efficiency in the home.

Adds Kevin Murphy of Anchorage Building Corp., We’ve constructed many homes in the Pittsboro/Hillsborough area of North Carolina during the last several years using Superior Walls foundation systems. The product provides a warm, dry basement for our customers and saves us labor.
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