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SLAB-ANCHORING TOOL The C4-LT Trak-It is reportedly the first gas-actuated tool with sufficient power to fasten 24s into concrete. Because it has a larger


The C4-LT Trak-It is reportedly the first gas-actuated tool with sufficient power to fasten 2_4s into concrete. Because it has a larger combustion chamber and a modified valve design, the tool provides a slightly more powerful charge for firing 29/16 pins through 2_4s into concrete and steel base materials.

Company representatives note that the C4-LT offers the same reliability, speed, and convenience of other Trak-It tools, including a 42-pin magazine capacity to reduce loading time on the job. It also uses a pezio to fire the tool without creating a spark, which preserves the life of the fast-charging nickel hydride cordless battery that clicks onto the back handle for better balance. Additionally, the TI-C battery averages 5,700 shots, said to double the battery life of competitive systems. Power Fasteners


The company’s Construction Safety Kits help users maintain basic levels of safety and compliance for a transient workforce on their jobsites. The Laborer, Basic and Deluxe Tradesmans Kits each offer hard hats, leather palm work gloves, and protective eyewear. The Tradesmans Kits also include reusable hearing protection. North Safety Products


Company’s third-generation anti-graffiti products suit industrial, DOT, municipal, building and construction applications. According to the manufacturer, benefits include fast cure times; durability; ease of application; and, resistance to bonding by paint, permanent markers, stickers, or graffiti to the dry film. Further, if the coating is damaged, GPA-300 Graffiti Proofer can be repaired by respraying the surface with minimal preparation. The nonstick, chemical-resistant coating is water-clear, UV stable, and heat stable to over 500_F, and exceeds performance requirements for the ASTM 6578 Graffiti Resistance Test. It is reportedly nonreactive, environmentally friendly, VOC, AQMD and CARB-compliant. Available as an aerosol for consumer applications, the coating also can be used in a bulk format and applied by brush or roller. SEI Chemical


Developed specifically for the construction industry, the manufacturer notes, the ProDry desiccant dehumidifier significantly reduces humidity levels and improves indoor air quality in commercial work. The unit features high-capacity blowers for faster drying times and improved indoor air quality in even the toughest of environments, product engineers affirm, thus reducing moisture to acceptable tolerances inside buildings under construction and avoiding schedule delays.

Installation entails placement of the humidifier close to a wall and minimal ducting around the unit. The system operates by taking reactivation air from the room and venting it outside. ProDry is configured to use 30 amps of single-phase power and can operate off a residential dryer outlet or range plug, as well as temporary power or electrical spider boxes typically found on construction sites. Additional manufacturer-cited features include:

  • Small footprint for portability and easy fit through a standard 30-in. door
  • Purge design for high performance
  • Process air with 2.5-in. ESP and 80_F entering air
  • Reactivation air with 2.5-in. and 110_F leaving air
  • Fully-welded construction
    Munters Moisture Control Services


Manufacturer describes new work station systems as portable, fully functional, and expandable Û providing complete and practical working spaces at any project site. Set up and take down require simply inserting or removing two 2-in. _ 4-in. _ 12-ft. surface boards into the frames, designed for tighter grip and greater sturdiness as more weight is placed on them. Weighing under 20 lb. and laying flat for easy storage, the work station systems are available in three designs. Primate provides an assembled table 32 to 34 in. high by 24 in. deep and as long as the surface boards used. The lightweight, 16-gauge steel Mightymate offers a tradesman’s worktable as well as a pair of commercial-quality sawhorses. Handymate serves as a stool to install sheetrock, paint walls, or use as seating.

Expanding Primate and Mightymate capabilities are roller supports that turn either system into precision woodworking tables. Since the Primate features rungs welded between the uprights, it can be inverted to function as a baker’s scaffold, the rungs serving as an access ladder. Additionally, the rungs can be used to store lumber when the unit is used as a chop table. Board supports transform either system into sawhorses. Six-inch leveling feet are also available. Bossmate


For an expanding market tied to the increasing popularity of concrete countertops, the Cheng Sealer is said by its developers to provide an easy-to-apply, durable coating formulated specifically for countertop requirements. It reportedly meets the rigors of everyday household use, maintaining the natural look and feel of concrete with a translucent barrier that produces a satin-like finish as it protects the surface from stains, scratches, etching from acidic foods (including lemon juice, wine vinegar, Tabasco sauce and red wine), and damage from other household products. A nontoxic (food-safe), no-VOC, water-based acrylic, hybrid topical sealer, it is also UV light resistant. Interstar Pigments


Designed for sealing cracks above and below grade, SikaFix HH LV is a new low-viscosity, hydrophobic grout (replacing SikaFix HH) that offers low shrinkage and will not dilute in water. The grout, especially suited to sealing leaks occurring through concrete cracks and joints, is UL listed for drinking water system components. Sika Corp.


Company presents Ashbrook, a two-color blend that incorporates gray and khaki earth tones. To be introduced later this year are Sahara, another earth-tone blend that combines khaki and brown; and Richmond, a darker blend of cinnamon, khaki and black. All three colors are said by the producer to complement popular architectural design features using stone and stucco.

The new colors are Bilco’s most recent additions to a selection of colors and finishes ranging from classic earth tones to rich reds to contemporary whites. According to Bilco Brick Sales and Marketing Manager Gary Freels, the single most common request from clients is more colors. They’re always looking for variety and new options to offer their homebuyers, he emphasizes.

Based on architectural and building design trends, we introduce new color blends each year, but it isn’t always easy, Freels asserts. Adding a new color takes anywhere from six weeks to six months depending on the process, manufacturing guidelines, and approvals.

Unlike other brick manufacturing processes that are more limited in their abilities to alter color, our process allows us the flexibility to create colors to satisfy almost any taste, Freels explains. For added durability, we apply permanent antiqued finishes to each brick. These finishes not only provide protection against water absorption, but also assure our customers years of long-lasting durability. Û