Starting Green, Staying Green

Incorporating as much as 58 percent post-consumer waste recycled content by volume, Fabcon’s newest precast panel VersaCore+Green provides what company

Incorporating as much as 58 percent post-consumer waste recycled content by volume, Fabcon‘s newest precast panel Û VersaCore+Green Û provides what company engineers note are first-cost and life-cycle energy savings. In addition to the environmental benefits of recycling materials, the new panel offers superior insulation, increasing the wall system’s R-value by up to 43 percent.

Fabcon notes that VersaCore+Green panels test an average of three points higher in R-value than a previous product offering, VersaCore Plus. Since the U.S. Department of Energy reports that poor insulation accounts for nearly half of a building’s energy loss, the company asserts, that increase can provide owners significant savings. Moreover, the new panel can help architects and builders obtain U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification points and potential tax credits for their projects. Fabricated in sizes from eight to 12 inches thick and up to 12 feet wide, VersaCore+Green units suit a variety of climates and building applications.

Fabcon reports that the Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio, and Pennsylvania facilities producing VersaCore+Green implement sound environmental practices in their operations as well. Water used in the production process is captured for recycling; and, defective panels are crushed and recycled into more product or as bedding under new road construction, among other options. The green building movement that’s been sweeping the nation complements our commitment to customers who want to save money and protect the environment, affirms Fabcon President and CEO Mike Le Jeune. With VersaCore+Green, we provide the durable precast panel builders need, while helping reduce energy costs and the impact of waste on our environment.


Savage, Minn.-based Fabcon developed VersaCore+Green to meet the growing demand of contractors, architects and customers for building components that offer higher energy efficiency with maximum structural integrity and design flexibility. Describing the new panel’s features, the producer cites the following facts:

Energy efficiency Û Based on the 2006 International Energy Conservation Code, VersaCore+Green has an R-value of up to 13 for the 8-in. panel, 18 for the 10-in. panel, and 21 for the 12-in. panel. Accordingly, the new product can contribute significantly to energy cost savings, as the U.S. Department of Energy reports that implementing energy-efficient building solutions can reduce energy bills by 20 to 30 percent.

Building sustainability Û Satisfying present needs without compromising the welfare of future generations is the aim of sustainable architecture, which promotes construction of energy-efficient buildings that have a positive environmental impact. By virtue of superior insulation properties and recycled product content, VersaCore+Green panels meet high standards of sustainability among building materials alternatives.

Design flexibility Û Automated fabrication of VersaCore+Green panels allows for structural design modifications, including recessed connections and cast-in door and window openings, thereby saving construction time and helping control costs.Û