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SKIN PROTECTION, GLOVES Providing on-the-job protection, company further expands its product offerings. Among these, Fibre-Metal Bugoff Kit helps prevent


Providing on-the-job protection, company further expands its product offerings. Among these, Fibre-Metal Bugoff Kit helps prevent outdoor skin injuries, the manufacturer affirms. The kit consists of nine individual products for protection from the sun, bugs, poisonous plants, and germs to prevent itching and minor pains. Product developers note that it is refillable, inexpensive, and highly portable.

Also available is the new generation Dyneema Cut Level 3 Glove, which offers twice the cut resistance of a cut level 2 glove. According to the manufacturer, workers accustomed to wearing a lighter cut level 2 glove will appreciate the dexterity, tactile sensitivity, and light weight of the NorthFlex series Light Task Plus 3 for handling sharp objects. Weight for weight, Dyneema is said to be up to 15 times stronger than steel; and, the stretchy, seamless, knit Dyneema shell reportedly offers form-fitting comfort without restricting hand movement. Polyurethane palm-coating adds abrasion resistance, while the uncoated back allows for ventilation and comfort.

Additionally, the Nitri Task C5 Cut Level 5 glove offers cut, tear and abrasion resistance, sporting a seamless shell of aramid and steel fibers. Foamed nitrile coating extends past the knuckles for added protection. While sufficiently rugged to handle sheet metal, blades, or any sharp objects, company representatives note, the glove does little to limit movement or fatigue hands. North Safety Products


Geared for applications from construction to demolition, the manufacturer notes, the V5 patented steel-handle hammer is especially useful for concrete form work. It features a deep V head design to help reduce shock and vibration, plus a Double D Magnetic Nail Holder that handles both standard and duplex nails, providing increased reach for one-handed nail starting. In addition, the Sidewinder Nail Puller provides extra leverage for removing nails without ripping up forms. For fast and easy tear downs and rip outs, the V5’s Short Stack Claws are reinforced to provide increased strength for prying. The 19-oz. hammer comes with either a milled or smooth striking face. Vaughan Manufacturing


For increased safety and reduced downtime, the manufacturer notes, the BEMF motion-monitoring device ensures that motor-driven equipment (such as mixers, hammer mills and pellet mills) has completely stopped before access is granted. Sensors in the BEMF unit measure electromotive force generated while an electric motor is rotating, whether powered or not; and, a key corresponding to the machine’s guard hatch lock will not be released until the sensors register zero speed. The BEMF thereby prevents access to the equipment while it is running. Moreover, the equipment cannot be restarted until personnel has closed and locked the guard hatch.

The BEMF unit can be connected to both AC and DC motors, including soft start engines. It is an approved alternative method to Lockout/Tagout requirements under the ANSI Z244 Standard. Castell Interlocks


Guide highlights the properties and benefits of 2k polyurea sealants featuring prepolymer and Aspartate technology for construction and housing applications. The brochure details Desmodur E10 and Desmophen NH-1521, NH-1420 and NH-1220 resins, outlining key properties of optimized polyurea formulations, including gel time, Shore A hardness, tensile strength and maximum elongation. Benefits cited for Aspartates include wide latitude in gel times; improved UV and color stability; more economical formulations; no VOCs; plasticizer-free formulations; and, low-temperature cure. Among advantages of 2k polyurea sealants noted by the manufacturer for construction and housing applications are fast reactivity, fast return to service, good adhesion to most substrates and reduced VOCs versus other sealants. Bayer MaterialScience


A heavy-duty electric vacuum lifter is designed for continuous handling of concrete, stone and granite slabs. The VPE 18L Mill-Duty Vacuum Lifter is an electric-powered device featuring an all-welded steel A frame and three large rectangular pads with foam seals for handling loads with rough surfaces up to 6,600 lb. Parking stands, gauges, warning horns, red and green safety lights, and remote controls are standard.

Equipped with an oversize pump and motor, the VPE 18L is built to position heavy loads without wobbling, the manufacturer notes. Similar models up to 19,200-lb. capacity, featuring two to six vacuum pads, are offered as well, along with a variety of special-purpose vacuum pad materials, such as silicone seals for high heat. Anver Corp.


SikaGrout 328 is a cement-based precision grout based on company’s third-generation superplasticizer technology, Viscocrete, to achieve a high degree of fluidity and 7,500- to 10,000-psi compressive strengths, depending on grout consistency. Accordingly, it suits grouting machinery base plates and anchor bolt applications. Packaged in 50-lb. bags, the product is formulated to allow extended working time for large placements without sacrificing 24-hour compressive strength targets, the manufacturer notes.

Also recently introduced, SikaFix HH Hydrophilic is a polyurethane chemical grout designed to seal cracks in continuously moist/wet concrete. The product is UL listed for drinking water system components. Sika Corp.


New addition to the company’s Rough Rider line is made entirely from top-grain cowhide and deep-oil tanned for softness. Without compromising dexterity, the manufacturer notes, the gel padding ensures a comfortable, shock-absorbing grip. Each Gel-Padded Palm Rough Rider features an inset, keystone thumb and leather binding at the cuff. Two additional options recently augmenting the Rough Rider line are the Fingerless Rough Rider that provides hand protection with fingertip control and grip; and, the fully adjustable Velcro Strap Rough Rider. Galeton


Introduced at Bauma 2007 in Munich, Elematic’s EF 5000Z zooming slipformer enables what product engineers note is fast and easy output of a wide range of hollow-core slabs of varying sizes. Slab thickness is modified by merely pressing a button, thus eliminating the need to change the casting unit. Accordingly, one slab bed (or even half a bed) can be cast to a thickness of 250-mm, while the next bed can be cast 200-mm thick. With two casting units, for instance, production of a nine-void hollow core can flow seamlessly from 200 mm to 320 mm, or seven-void slabs from 250 mm to 400 mm. Four casting units would allow production of all variations. The zooming slipformer thereby enables cost-efficient production of even small series, the manufacturer asserts.