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FLEX-SHAFT VIBRATORS Suited for medium- to high-slump concrete, eight models in company’s flex-shaft series supply 177- to 1,748-lb. centrifugal force


Suited for medium- to high-slump concrete, eight models in company’s flex-shaft series supply 177- to 1,748-lb. centrifugal force at 13,000 rpm. For zero-slump concrete applications, the manufacturer offers 10 models of computer-controlled, high-frequency concrete vibrators that are said to deliver a high level of consistent frequency and, owing to the Micon controller, can send more power to the head when it senses resistance. The units deliver centrifugal forces from 221 to 1,345 lb. As the Micon controller constantly monitors and regulates the motor, failure due to current surge, broken wires or short circuit is averted.

The high-cycle, 180-Hz concrete vibrators are effective in low-slump concrete where consistent power is needed to liquefy a stiff mix into corners and around rebar. Available in four models with centrifugal forces of 714 to 1,600 lb., the units incorporate a three-phase, low-introduction electric motor within the vibrating head, thereby retaining at least 95 percent of power under load.

Company officials emphasize that the concrete vibrator systems provide maximum flexibility by letting the user select from a variety of options to best suit the application, including power source (electric motors or gasoline engines), shaft length (10 options in lengths from 3 to 21 feet), and head size (eight sizes from ? though 2? inches in diameter). All three reportedly can be easily and quickly interchanged on the job site without tools. Multiquip


New machines added to the company’s equipment line include the Force 4000 bridge saw, Edge Xpress 1000 vertical polishing machine, Edge Xpress 2000 single-head polishing machine, and Streamliner water recycling unit. The Force 4000 bridge saw Û the latest from the manufacturer’s bridge saw line Û features a cast iron single-beam bridge, oil bath greasing system, 17.5-hp direct drive motor, 7_12 oversized tilting table with hydraulic brakes, Allen Bradley touch-screen controls, remote pendant with speed control, and heavy-duty steel stands. The saw is sold as a turnkey package, including installation, training, and technician expenses, plus rigging, pouring, and planing a 3-in. concrete pad on the table bed prior to installation.

The Edge Xpress 1000 vertical edge polishing machine enables fabricators to quickly achieve flat polishes on pieces ranging in thickness from 1 cm to 6 cm. The machine features nine heads, including six for polishing, two 45-degree chamfering heads, and a multispindle head that can be swapped out to route out different edge shapes. For flat polishes, beveled polishes, half bull nose and full bull nose polishes on pieces ranging in thickness from 2 cm to 8 cm, the Edge Xpress 2000 single-head polishing machine runs at speeds from 1 to 150 ft. per min. A complete turnkey package includes installation, training, rigging and technician expenses.

The manufacturer’s new line of water filtration and recycling systems can be customized to fit shops with flow needs ranging from 40-500 gal. per min. All systems come as turnkey packages including installation, training, technician expenses, rigging, clean water tanks, piping between units, and fork lift-ready base units. Superior Stone Equipment


Worknit CD is a nitrile-supported, general-purpose work glove insulated to protect hands in cold work environments. According to the manufacturer, Worknit series gloves compare favorably with leather-palm work gloves, providing more comfort, better abrasion resistance, and a flexible grip. North Safety Products


The Model END 1521 P Wet Diamond core drill is capable of precisely drilling ?-in. to 1-in.-diameter holes in granite, natural stone and concrete. The hand-held, lightweight drill has a quick-change bayonet shank bit system, allowing easy removal of the stone center core. It suits drilling dowel holes, anchor holes, and through-holes in granite and natural stone counters, and panels.

The rotary action of the END 1521 P enables drilling without blow out and micro fractures. A 13.6-amp, 6,000-rpm high-speed motor powers the drill, completing holes 50 percent faster in granite, natural stone, and even steel-reinforced concrete, the manufacturer asserts. A vacuum connection facilitates collecting slurry. The Diamond Core Drill comes with three bits (_-in., ?-in., and Ê-in.-diameter), built-in GFCI, and metal storage case. Additional diamond core bits are available in diameters from ? in. to 1∫ in. CS Unitec


Company’s 2007 Master Catalog contains over 40,000 items, including 5,000 new products in the areas of cutting implements, abrasives, raw materials, measuring and machine tools. Additionally, it offers 20 new technical introduction and selection guides in key areas. Catalog highlights include new Seco carbide indexable cutting tools and Osborn abrasive brushes, as well as an expanded offering of Dewalt power tools and raw material products, a new line of Emerson motors, and Rong-Fu computer numerically controlled (CNC) mill-drills. Enco


At its redesigned website, company officials affirm, navigation has been streamlined and new information released. An Îadvanced searchÌ function expedites research, while streaming video allows viewing of products in action. Direct links connect users to New Products, Monthly Specials, Clearance Items, Industry News and the Events Calendar. A new Installation and Education section offers Paver Installation Guides, School for Advanced Segmental Paving, and Hardscape Contractor Forum.


Recently introduced for licensed production is a universal block designed to secure a variety of posts and beams in wood deck construction. The invention features a six-sided concrete block for supporting a post and the ends of wooden or metal 4_4, 6_6 or 2_4 beams in stable position. The pier block is suitable for use by contractors and do-it-yourselfers to improve the construction of any sized wooden deck.

Inventor David Triplett developed the Universal Pier Block by designing a channeled block with adjustable bracket and drain hole to simplify deck construction. Using working prototypes, the inventor notes, the product has been fully tested and proven. Its simple and uncomplicated design, he adds, allows it to be easily produced at an affordable and competitive price. Further information can be obtained by contacting Pier Design, 201 7th S.E., Auburn, WA 98002; 253/833-5585; [email protected]