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FUEL CONTROL SYSTEM FleetLink’s new Driver I.D. feature accounts for vehicles being fueled and prohibits unauthorized fueling. With Driver I.D., FleetLink-equipped


FleetLink’s new Driver I.D. feature accounts for vehicles being fueled and prohibits unauthorized fueling. With Driver I.D., FleetLink-equipped models operate as a dual-card (driver/vehicle) system to track and report on drivers using multiple vehicles. Driver I.D. is entered at either a C/OPTTM or K800TM fuel island terminal with a card, ChipKey or keypad. Vehicle information is accessed automatically using a RFID transceiver loop antenna on the vehicle’s fuel fill tube. OPW Fuel Management Systems


Providing a comprehensive service and product library, an updated four-disk set packages 1,000-plus Dana and Eaton documents. The CD library offers sales, service, and parts literature for the entire Roadranger drivetrain, including Fuller transmissions and clutches; Spicer axles, driveshafts, and tire pressure management systems; Bendix foundation brakes; Vorad collision-warning systems; Eaton hybrid electric power systems; Roadranger Lube; and, Roadranger warranty and aftermarket literature. More than 100 service manuals are included on the set. Nearly all documents are formatted as pdf with complete manuals or individual pages available for quick printing and easy reference.

Additionally, the manufacturer announces availability of the 2007-2008 Roadranger Drivetrain Specification Guide, a resource for specifying products from Dana, Eaton, and other partners in a variety of drivetrain applications for the commercial vehicle market. The guide is organized by product line for easy reference; and, general guidelines are included for product applications at nominal ratings for Spicer, Fuller, Bendix, and Eaton items. The guide is now available for viewing as individual pages on the web site. The online version of the guide will be updated periodically. Roadranger


Newly formulated for greater tear resistance, the manufacturer notes, Flexane Fast Cure Rubber Putty enables quick and economical repair of worn conveyor belts and other equipment. The urethane compound is also suitable for coating metal splices, filling control/expansion joints in concrete or metal, and forming protective linings in machinery subject to abrasion, impact, or vibration. Curing to a tough, medium-hard rubber, it bonds to rubber, metal, concrete, fiberglass, and wood. Maximum elongation is typically 450 percent (ASTM D412), and tear resistance is typically 265 pli (ASTM D624). The putty withstands service temperatures up to 120_F wet or 180_F dry. Dielectric strength is 350 volts/mil.

Packaged in resealable 400-ml cartridges, Flexane Fast Cure Rubber Repair Putty is mixed upon application via hand-held manual or pneumatic dispensers with static mixing nozzles. Devcon


Demag Cranes & Components’ KBK Free Standing Work Station Crane offers a product- and material-handling solution to concrete production facilities where floor space is at a premium and ceiling area is too obstructed or high to accommodate overhead handling equipment. Moreover, product engineers contend, as material handling requirements change with continuous improvement of manufacturing processes, the versatility of a free-standing workstation allows an overhead material handling system to be easily dismantled, moved, and reassembled to fit new production plans.

The columns of the floor-mounted lightweight crane systems are spread to allow easy access into the production line. The system’s 13-ft. 1-in. standard overall height provides ample clearance over production equipment.

KBK models are available in a variety of standard bridge lengths up to 26 ft. and runways up to 78 ft. with capacities up to 2,200 lb. An enclosed track system employs a pendulating hanger in conjunction with an articulated crane eye on the bridge to minimize binding in the end truck at any pick location along the bridge. Additionally, trolleys promote low-maintenance operation and a long life cycle. The system comes complete with structure, enclosed track, electric festooning, and load trolleys.

To complete the material handling package, a variety of chain hoists is offered for high-performance to light-duty applications. For critically precise pick-and-place functions, a technically advanced variable speed hoist is available in capacities up to 1,000 lb. Each DC-Pro and DCS-Pro hoist is equipped with internal diagnostics that provide operational data, such as number of service hours.