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GRAPHIC SAFETY The E-2 series of Spirit of America’ full-graphic hardhats provides head protection with a lasting image, applied by a Fibre-Metal graphic


The E-2 series of ÎSpirit of America’ full-graphic hardhats provides head protection with a lasting image, applied by a Fibre-Metal graphic process to high-performance Supereight hats. The Fibre-Metal E-2 series caps are shipped factory assembled for what the manufacturer notes is top performance. North Safety Products


Adva Flex is a slump-enhancing admixture that can be used either as a traditional high range water reducer or, at higher dosage rates, to significantly increase the length of slump retention. It produces concrete with high slump and flow properties and allows mixes to be produced with low water/cement ratios while providing the degree of workability necessary for easy placement and consolidation. It is specifically intended for applications requiring extended workability, flow, and slump life with no set extension and without compromising plastic or hardened concrete properties.

Due to such properties, Adva Flex eliminates the need to retemper concrete at the job site to achieve desired workability and flow. It also affords producers and contractors an opportunity to control operational costs by adjusting slump life on an as-needed basis during initial dosage calibration; and, it can be added at the batch plant for greater efficiency. The HRWR additive is formulated to comply with ASTM C494 Type F and ASTM C1017 Type I Plasticizing admixture requirements. It does not contain chloride as a functional ingredient and is compatible with most admixtures, as long as they are added separately. The manufacturer recommends dosing Adva Flex at the end of the batch sequence. Grace Construction Products


In designing the City of Lovington wastewater treatment plant, Albuquerque-based engineers Larkin Group NM Inc. were especially concerned with increasing concrete durability, inhibiting cracking, and decreasing permeability. Accordingly, they specified 4,800-plus yd. of 4,500-psi ready mixed incorporating Type V Cement, no fly ash, and 1.5 lb. synthetic fiber per yd. for secondary reinforcement.

Wallach Concrete Manager Steve Carr, however, had successfully used Anti-Crak HP AR Glass Fiber, an alkali-resistant concrete reinforcing technology from Saint-Gobain Specialty Reinforcements Group (SRG). Since previous Anti-Crak HP applications had demonstrated what the manufacturer contends are toughness and durability, increased compressive strengths, plus denser and less permeable structures, Carr suggested to Larkin’s James Millington, P.E., that the glass fiber be used in place of the originally specified product.

After meeting with the SRG staff and reviewing technical data and test results from previous Wallach projects, Millington immediately issued a change order to Lovington City Manager Pat Wise, specifying the use of Anti-Crak HP at a 1 lb./yd. dosage. The improvement in the concrete is significant, says Elvie Murphrey, project superintendent for the Lovington contractor R.M. Wright Construction Co. We normally see ÎhoneycombingÌ in the cast-in-place walls due to all the structural rebar we use. Honeycombing would often occur when the synthetic fiber would Îhang-upÌ on the rebar, impeding concrete consolidation. We would also see some cracking, and often get ÎpockmarksÌ when the forms were stripped. But with the new fiber, we had no honeycombs, pockmarks or cracks.

No cracks appeared even where we usually get significant cracking Û on the narrow overhead walkways that have no control joints and many sharp angles, he adds. Finally, both Murphrey and Carr noted the extremely smooth finish of the concrete walls and walkways and, consequently, chose to use the glass fiber for every yard on the project. Û


The pH WatchDog automatically samples process water in concrete plants and adjusts pH levels with a nonhazardous chemical, sodium bisulfate. Record fines for NPDES [National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System] noncompliance make the system well suited to preventing illegal discharges, product developers contend. EcoDepot


A multipurpose admixture for precast or cast-in-place concrete, Sikament 686 can be used as a Type A agent at its lowest recommended dosage; a mid-range water reducer at higher dosage; or, as a high-range Type F water reducer at its highest recommended dosage. Product developers note that when used as an HRWR, the 686 product provides increased workability with no delay in normal set time. Sika Corp.


Through Inland Kenworth of Surrey, B.C., Edmonton-based Raydan Mfg. has completed a modification contract covering 50 tandem axle spring conversions on Inland Materials mixer chassis. The conversions were ordered to meet B.C. Department of Transportation inter-axle regulations, to which Inland Kenworth complied by installing a 52- and 54-in. equalizing spring suspensions on Inland Materials’ T800B mixers. Some tandem/tandem units equipped with Raydan’s factory rear Air Link have also been received for front air conversions.


Mid Atlantic Concrete Equipment, Inc., a Con-E-Co concrete plants dealer in the eastern U.S., recently expanded its territory northward into New York and New England. The expansion stems from the acquisition of exclusive rights Û formerly held by Roger Lannon and Associates Û to sell Con-E-Co plants and broadens Mid Atlantic’s territory to 13 states, from Maine to Virginia. The company has added staff and new equipment lines, while increasing parts sales and forming business alliances. Mid Atlantic President Jay Robinson also announced the recent arrival of business partner Owen Blevins.

Responding to demand for turnkey plant erection services, Mid Atlantic recently formed an alliance with Horst Construction, a management, general contracting, and site preparation service provider. In addition, expanding its range of equipment suppliers and partners, Mid Atlantic has added CIFA USA (truck-mounted boom pump, concrete recycling and other equipment), Ludell (hot water storage systems, water heaters, waste water heat recovery) and Bosch (observation and security systems) brands.