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CORNER BRICK FORMWORK The Universal Corner augments installation of corner brick in all brick-inlay applications, product developers note. The formwork


The Universal Corner augments installation of corner brick in all brick-inlay applications, product developers note. The formwork comprises a single component that fits the L-shape of corner brick and allows quick assembly of returns in either direction. In combination with the company’s Brick Snap and Rim Snap components, the Universal Corner is said to accommodate all returns for vertically cast brick, regardless of height. Scott System


According to company officials, Edg-King landscape edging is engineered to stay firmly planted in the ground when installed with pointed, nonbending steel anchoring stakes. The edging design features a round top and thick polyethylene construction combining toughness with flexibility, product developers note. Providing strength, durability and ease of installation, they add, four bottom horizontal grooves allow edging strips to overlap quickly and efficiently, so new edging lays on top of the last piece, locking firmly into place. Oly-Ola Edgings


Stow Construction Equipment’s Collomix line of portable mixers suits do-it-yourself and professional customers working with concrete and mortar. The line offers six rugged hand-held mixers, ergonomically designed to incorporate the natural position of hands and arms, enabling the operator to maintain an upright body posture. Powerful single- and dual-speed models combine durable gear systems and a practical design for premium productivity, the manufacturer notes. Single- and dual-shaft configurations suit stiff mixes, providing the torque necessary for adequate blending.

For applications requiring a more rigid unit, Collomix offers four mixing stations, i.e., hand-guided models held in place by a portable stand that allows each be moved in all directions to reach all mixing container corners. Foldable for transportation, the roller-mounted stand features a five-point base for stability and a wide working surface to hold the bucket. The mixing stations suit projects that require blending of multi-component materials. For work in apartment buildings, hospitals, schools and other multi-story structures, each unit fits in an elevator and can be moved up stairs easily.

The full line of 220/120-volt, 50/60 Hz mixers is lightweight and portable. Each model incorporates forced-action mixing technology for effective mixing from the bottom up, top down, or parallel, depending on the material. Collomix systems are available with 2- to 3-cu.-ft. bucket capacities and accessories such as paddles, bucket trolleys, and POP stands. Removable steering panels for easy cleaning, guard handles, electronic speed controls, and safety locks to prevent unintentional start-up are additional standard features. Û


The CS 1500 wet/dry dust extraction vacuum enables users to collect concrete dust, slurry, and job site debris Û with or without poly plastic, paper or paper filter bags. A Power Take Off outlet activates the vacuum from the power tool switch and accepts 15 amp tools. Maximizing air flow, dust collection, and suction power, an electromagnetic pulse system automatically cleans the filters. The vacuum provides a 13-gal. tank capacity and includes an automatic water shutoff.

The CS 1500 operates in four modes, as required for various applications:

  • Without filter bag Û dust goes directly into the tank
  • With plastic filter bag Û for concrete and masonry dust. Holding more than 20 times the amount of concrete dust collected by paper filter bags with capacity up to 10 gallons, plastic filter bags are suitable for fine concrete dust.
  • With paper filter bag Û for normal dust and soot
  • With slurry filter bag Û to capture concrete slurry from wet drilling, sawing and grinding. It captures concrete slurry and allows the water to pass through the bag’s porous wall into the tank, preventing concrete from hardening in the receptacle and facilitating concrete waste disposal.

For high mobility and dependability, the manufacturer notes, the unit features large wheels, locking front casters, 26-ft. power cord, and removable handle. C.S. Unitec