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TIME FLIES LESS RAPIDLY FOR SLC AIRPORT UPGRADE Installation of taxiway lighting last summer at the Salt Lake City International Airport required placing


Installation of taxiway lighting last summer at the Salt Lake City International Airport required placing concrete in peak temperatures of more than 100 degrees. Accordingly, Allstate Construction Inc. used 150 yd. of a pre-extended mix to fill 1,200 linear feet of taxiway and runway conduit trenches. The set time of the project’s Quikrete FastSet DOT Mix was modified to provide an additional 45- to 60-minute workability window, while achieving a compressive strength of 3,000 psi an hour after setting and 10,000 psi after 28 days.

Beginning in July, the project utilized a low-profile Mason Mix dispensing silo mounted on a trailer and a portable hydraulic mixer on a forklift. Facing record-breaking temperatures and the need to prevent airport slowdown caused by construction, we found a solution in FastSet DOT Mix, which provided a smooth transition between repairs and actual reopening of taxiways, says Allstate Construction President Mark Ebert.

FastSet DOT Mix is a rapid-setting repair material specifically designed to meet ASTM C928 Category R3 specifications for a high-performance repair material, as well as DOT Region 3 requirements. Used as a patching material for commercial applications, it is available in pre-extended and non-extended versions.


A durable, pressurized polyurethane foam construction adhesive, Handi-Stick was developed for strength and compatibility with all polystyrene substrates, the manufacturer notes. Besides bonding without having any adverse effect on the polystyrene, product developers add, the fast-curing adhesive is free from VOCs and solvents. Additionally, Handi-Stick provides an airtight seal that meets American Air Barrier Association (AABA) standards for air barrier construction materials.

Pressurized cans deliver the foam adhesive cost-effectively, as a single can of Handi-Stick yields more than 10 times the output of a tube of caulk-type adhesive, product developers affirm. Mounted onto a professional dispensing gun, or mated with the plastic dispensing straw, it supplies 1,000-plus lineal feet of adhesive bead without changing cans. Fomo Products


During a laboratory test, the company’s electric square-head vibrator compacted a concrete specimen in 15 seconds, or 20 to 50 percent faster than a round-head model. For longer square-head vibrator operation, a radial fan maintains a cooler motor. Additionally, an end cap protects the switch; a heavy-duty frame and aluminum housing shield the motor; and, a resilient, rubber-frame support absorbs impact. According to the manufacturer, the square head model’s design and materials result in longer brush life. Wyco Tool Co.


The 2006/07 Edition Deere Performance Handbook and CD-ROM package features specifications, owning and operating cost formulas, and production estimators covering the company’s wheel loaders and full range of material handling and earth-moving equipment. An electronic version provides interactive estimators and calculators. John Deere


The BDC-1216 industrial grade dust collector is a compact, low-profile dry vacuum that can be used to reduce airborne dust with a wide range of equipment. Its resin-reinforced, pressure-molded plastic body will not rust or dent, protecting the motor and filter for longer life. At 88 lb. with a dust pan capacity of 10.5 gallons, the 110V dust collector has a combined power of 1.6 kW, delivering professional grade results through a standard residential power source. The unit’s filter material and construction are specifically designed to handle concrete dust, the manufacturer notes, preventing premature filter saturation. An easy-to-use, spring-loaded plunger mechanism allows filter clearance without exposure to dust. A silencer reduces motor noise to 76 dBA. Blastrac


Flexphalt TWF is said by the manufacturer to provide moisture protection in diverse wall flashing applications, especially masonry through-wall flashing. Available in four widths for job-specific sizing, the membrane product consists of a strong, 8-mil multi-layered polymeric film over 32 mils of rubberized asphalt adhesive. Its factory-controlled composition provides a consistently durable and effective water shield, the company affirms, suitable for cavity wall construction, corners, transitions, window and storefront openings, plus building enclosure penetrations.

Flexphalt TWF’s self-adhesive nature reportedly offers ease of application, inspection and repair, while the rubberized asphalt seals around fasteners and penetrations. The product is available with a low-temperature adhesive formula, enabling installation throughout the winter. Offered with a limited warranty, Flexphalt TWF is part of a system that includes primer, termination bar, mastic and corner accessories. Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing


With a full hollow core plank order book during the most recent construction season peak, Lafarge North America/Alberta Precast General Manager Peter Yurkiw turned to Weiler GmbH for a heavy-duty extruder capable of multiple slab sizes and a precision, multi-angle universal saw. The Calgary-based operation increased its hollow-core capacity with the equipment after Alberta Precast personnel observed the setup at an Irish factory.

Seeking quality and productivity gains as it faces tight cement supplies, rising steel and labor costs, plus accelerated building schedules in a booming, energy-driven market, Alberta Precast joins the trend toward long-bed precast production. Using dry-mix (zero-slump) concrete technology on railed beds up to 600 ft. long, the Weiler extruder produces precast components for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Manufacturer-cited benefits and features include:

  • Compressive slab strength up to 12,500 psi after 28 days
  • Cement consumption as low as 530 lb./yd. (320 kg/cu. meter)
  • Auger speeds adjustable during production to compensate for wear and ensure a uniform compaction across the slab profile
  • 30-min. slab mold cassette changeover time
  • Full range of slabs sizes produced with one machine, up to 20 in.
  • Single-point lift system