Exhibitor Preview

ADVANCED CONCRETE TECHNOLOGIES Engineered by Wiggert + Co, ACT’s rugged and economical DWM 4500CC 4-cu.-yd. Twin Shaft Mixer features an integral aggregate


Engineered by Wiggert + Co, ACT’s rugged and economical DWM 4500CC 4-cu.-yd. Twin Shaft Mixer features an integral aggregate weigh batcher, water and cement scales giving producers a total maximum output capability of 144 cu. yd./hour of compacted fresh concrete. Booth N-219


Manufacturer will spotlight its pneumatic tanker unloading equipment. The system offers real-time, Web-based silo level information access, which the manufacturer claims will increase deliveries per day and reduce tractor fleet size, eliminate wait times due to insufficient silo capacity, and guarantee against overfilled silos. Booth N-847


A compacting tool for insulating concrete forms is the company’s latest technology for concrete contractors, providing what product engineers note is an easy, quick and clean way to consolidate mixes. A line of 12V/24V DC vibrators can be used on applications for mobile pumps, hoppers, dump trailers, mixer and concrete pump trucks. The DC’s are comparable and interchangeable with most popular pump trucks. Also offered is a range of external electrical vibrators, and a new high-force model for dry cast applications. Booth N-1167


This company will be showing a 3-D animation illustrating the advantages of the RollMaster reversing drum mixer over a conventional tilt-mixer. BMH Systems specializes in the design and manufacturing of concrete batch plants and custom retrofit solutions. Booth N-861


CommandBatch is the latest batching product offered by this company. With this system, the batch computer is no longer an isolated piece of equipment located in the batch house. Users can monitor the batching process in real time as the on-screen layout of animated silos, chutes and valves move in and out of operation. CommandBatch is secure, network ready, available in a touch-screen configuration and even allows batching from a home computer. Booth N-736


Manufacturer’s 2007 ISL engine, with up to 365 hp, has a high power-to-weight ratio for improved performance and payload characteristics. Product engineers credit clean operation and strong fuel economy to in-house design for the total system Û air intake to exhaust aftertreatment components. In off-highway power offerings, the QSB3.3 engine (below), rated at 80-110 hp (60-82 kW), incorporates full-authority electronic controls and a High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) fuel system. At 110 hp (82 kW), the Tier 3 engine offers equivalent performance to larger 4.0-4.5-liter engines but with the fuel economy and installation advantage of a 3.3-liter size engine. Booth N-2561


The Shilstone Companies Inc. and Contek Inc., two of the construction industry’s established providers of mix design software and consulting services, have recently joined forces. The venture will usher what company officials contend is a new era in high-tech management software solutions for concrete producers and practitioners. Consulting specialties of Dallas-based Shilstone include architectural concrete, concrete mixture proportioning, quality control/quality assurance and troubleshooting problems. Contek of Montreal has provided the construction industry with specialized quality control and mixture management software for over a decade. Booth N-477


This manufacturer of bulk material handling systems offers pneumatic conveying components and complete systems that feature vacuum, pressure and vacuum/pressure technology. Users can improve supply logistics with Cyclonaire’s integrated storage-and-transport container Û Pneumatank. Booths S-20931 & O-31864


Manufacturer specializes in smaller capacity mixers for specialty concretes. Its high-intensity mixing principle yields uniform mixes for such concrete products as roof tiles, facing elements, and rail ties, and applications requiring foamed, self consolidating, high-strength, fibrous, polymeric and other performance formulations. Booth N-262


Company offers two different types of systems for ready-mixed and precast producers. The first is a 100 percent ready-mixed reclamation; the second an add-on water management system for producers who have existing reclaimers or pits and are interested in coverting to 100 percent reclamation with gray water rebatching. Both systems help manage plant processes and storm water, and offer density monitoring and batch computer interface. Booth N-653


Company’s Primaax air suspension enhances the performance of vocational and heavy haul vehicles, including front and rear discharge mixers. The robust design of Primaax delivers greater stability and handling for improved control on and off the job site, product engineers contend. Booth C-6531


This specialty products and support services company offers admixtures, curing and sealing compounds, epoxy adhesives and coatings, dry shake floor hardeners and toppings, cementitious and epoxy grouts, joint fillers and sealants, as well as a line of concrete repair and restorations materials. On display this year will be samples of EverClear, a breathable, acrylic curing and sealing product that protects and enhances the appearance of concrete with a clear, non-yellowing seal. Euco Diamond Hard is a silicate/siliconate densifier and sealer for concrete floors of all types. QWIKjoint 200 is a two-component floor joint and crack filler that cures rapidly to a hard, semi-rigid solid, yet remains elastic during cure. Booth S-10315


This construction materials supplier offers its rebranded line of cementitious materials. See detailed report on Page 12. Booth N-213


Manufacturer will display front discharge mixer trucks, emphasizing a deep and roomy cab design that offers two rear quarter vent windows for increased visibility and ventilation. Booth C-7876


With the same 36-volt power as its TE 6-A, the new Hilti TE 6-A Li rotary hammer drill offers cordless operation in a lighter-than-ever package by utilizing lithium-ion battery technology. With battery weight at nearly half that of nickel cadmium (NiCd) batteries of the same capacity, and two pounds lighter overall than the TE 6-A, the TE 6-A Li offers more mobility and ease of use. Rather than a single monitor for the entire battery pack, the company has built electronics into each cell to ensure optimum operation and life. Booth C-4649


The Cheng line of professional concrete countertop products are designed and engineered to produce consistent results. It includes everything needed to build a concrete countertop: Pro-Formula Mix, wax, polish, sealers and instructional DVDs featuring product developer Fu-Tung Cheng. Booths S-10907 & O-40851


This company offers engineering and sales of concrete machinery such as reversing drum mixers, twin shaft mixers, dust control system, heating system, fiber doser, unitized plants as well as complete plants and turnkey projects. The manufacturer’s imix3 is a high-intensity drum mixer that discharges by reversed rotation, thus eliminating the tilting mechanism. Booth N-1565


Manufacturer produces the Barrier Under Concrete Slab Insulation for use with radiant heated floors or for other applications such as snow melt, spas and pools, masonry walls or in any condition where heat loss is of concern. The company has announced its latest offering, the MicroLT. This reflective foil radiant barrier and vapor retarder is designed to reflect energy and retard moisture migration in a building. The core of the product is made of flexible two-ply, ?-in.-thick polypropylene foam. MicroLT is said to reflect as much as 97 percent of the radiant energy, thereby reducing heat buildup/loss, as compared to a non-insulated building. Booth N-266


Manufacturer of heavy and medium duty trucks reports 2005 J.D. Power and Associates awards for Highest in Customer Satisfaction for both Over the Road Segment and Pickup and Delivery Segment Class 8 Trucks, and for Heavy Duty Dealer Service. The company will display a number of its vocational models for mixers and dumps, including the W900 and T800, all equipped with EPA-compliant 2007 engine packages. Booth N-2337


Company and its subsidiaries McNeilus, London Machinery, Con-E-Co and IMT will feature wide selection of equipment and new technologies designed to boost productivity, reliability and safety in ready mixed and precast concrete production and delivery. Booths C-6869 & C-7289


Company’s retaining walls utilize blocks weighing more than 1 ton each. The massive scale of the system allows walls to be built much higher than other wall systems without using geogrid or tie-backs. Also, taller reinforced retaining walls can be designed with the geo-connector. Booth N-138


The new T-Form reduces material waste and labor cost in the field. Used in conjunction with the iForm insulating concrete forms, the T-Form’s configuration eases construction of interior demising walls to save time in the field. The T-Form is universal and reversible and constructed with two opposing panels of expanded polystyrene, held together with polypropylene ties. The ties are positioned every 6 inches, serve as furring strips, are present top to bottom, and recessed _ in. below the surface of the form. In addition, the tieKey is the only patented ICF masonry anchor in the market. It is a cast-in-place, adjustable masonry tie anchor embedded into the concrete wall formed by the ICF assembly. Booth N-2953


Company promotes the industry’s longest concrete placing boom available on a three-axle truck Û the S 41 SX truck-mounted concrete pump with four-section placing boom. With a horizontal reach of 120 feet, vertical reach of over 134 feet and 740-degree boom rotation, the S 41 SX features Super X stabilizers, the industry’s only telescoping curved front outriggers. The Vector Control System is standard and allows two-way communication between the pump and operator. The standard Generation III 2525H-5 pump kit is the high-performance concrete pump that provides long, slow-stroking action. Booths C-5144 & 5245


Manufacturer of systems to provide continuous hot water and steam generators for curing concrete recently introduced new heater models for cold weather concrete operations. With a 12 to 15 percent increase in BTU output, the overall operating costs can be reduced. Heaters are portable and modular and can be easily integrated into an existing set-up. Booth N-337


Company designs, manufactures and distributes medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles to a wide range of customers. Used for everything from freight distribution to heavy vocational applications, Sterling’s L-Line, Acterra, and Sterling 360 are available with extensive custom-engineered options and configurations for a variety of construction applications. Booth C-7031


This family of bulk carriers, silos, weigh bin and dust collector products use vibration and aeration to loosen and discharge dry materials by applying pressure from inside the vessel. The design forces air to move along the bin wall to assure product movement and clean-out. Gentle vibration applied to the container wall keeps product flowing without compaction and bridging. The patented disk design seals tightly against the wall to prevent air plugging. Booth N-570


Fiber-dispensing system for concrete plants offers what product developers note are full automation, increased worker safety, batching print-out verification, fast-dosing technology, quick installation and virtually maintenance-free life cycle. The system is compact and yet doses 2,000 lbs. of fibers without any human intervention. Company also offers Anti-Crak AR glass fibers, FibraSHIELD synthetic fibers and SteelPLUS steel fibers for secondary reinforcement of concrete and mortars. Booth N-747


Integra Batch is billed as the next generation of batch control. Easy to set up and adjust, product engineers note, it eliminates costly wiring, reduces operating expenses, improves speed and accuracy and enables true remote batching from anywhere on the network. The company’s new discharge setup tool uses a single screen to control and sequence scales, water meters and admixture equipment. A user can set up different discharge sequences, then assign them by mix design or change them in pre-batch. The KPI Location Statistics feature allows users to get daily reports on key performance indicators, such as average load size, cubic yards/pay hour, selling price and fleet utilization. Booth N-1249


Company’s internal vibration heads combine properties of the proven round head with the square-head technology to create what product engineers contend are the best results in concrete consolidation and high-speed concrete liquification. The design has a greater surface area that leads to the maximum transfer of energy to the concrete. With the geometry of the hybrid head being round at the top and square at the bottom, this gives the advantage of placing the weight at the bottom of the head. The eccentric weight has also been optimized to maximize the performance of the hybrid shape. The high amplitude, hybrid head series includes the H 25HA (1-in. diameter), H 35HA (1?-in. diameter); H 45HA (1Ê-in. diameter’ and the H 50HA (2-in. diameter). Booths C-4315, O-30331 & O-30344


Polishing system provides a high-gloss mechanical shine on concrete without the use of epoxies, polyurethanes or other treatments that require chemicals or additives. WerkMaster grinding/polishing machines feature patent-pending Octi-Disc technology said to produce results similar to highly polished granite or marble, providing a finish and luster that will last for years without refinishing. While WerkMaster removes concrete surface variations and imparts a smoother finish, it offers what product developers note is the added benefit of grinding, edging and polishing to within ?-in. of walls-eliminating the need for hand grinding and feathering in edges with the rest of the floor. Also suited for concrete countertops, the system enables new design capabilities for tilt-up wall construction. Booth S12604


Company cites its position as a driving force in the mobile concrete industry for more than 40 years. Product engineers emphasize a dual chain material feed system, whose performance translates to low maintenance operation. Booths N-1037 & O-31839


The Cartridge Pulse Modular Dust Collector features what product engineers note are improved cartridge and cleaning systems in a economical package, with such additional benefits as:

  • Multiple CFMs Û from 5,000 to 20,000 CFM
  • Space-saving footprint with lower profile
  • All maintenance/service points at ground level, except for filter media and solenoids
  • Ships preassembled Û fan, ladders, and electrical components mounted and factory tested
  • No confined space entry
  • Combinations of 5,000- and 7,500-cfm modules that bolt together to create multiple CFM’s up to 20,000.
  • No work decks required
  • Tool-less filter media exchange (blow pipes are not removed)
  • Easy-open top entry door with air shocks
  • Units bolted together for multiple CFMs and hopper/legs attached at C&W’s factory
  • Air tank designed to prevent inside moisture buildup
  • Potential freight savings with small, more compact units, e.g., 7,500-cfm units can ship on half a 48-ft. standard truck. No permits required.
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